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New Course - Gaining Stunning Business Insights with Excel Power Pivot

In this course, you will be using Power Pivot and Pivot table as the primary functions to create a dashboard. Starting with a single source of downloaded data, the course will make use of the capability of Power Pivot to add on data created with other sources, for instance, CSV, Excel worksheet, Excel Tables, etc. These add-on data, such as budgets, customer categories, etc could be self-generated or downloaded from other systems.

Participants will also learn how to use DAX (Data Analysis Expression) formulas which work hand in hand with PowerPivot. The formulas allow users to include calculations into Pivot Tables that were not available in previous versions of Excel. These include calculations that cross over time periods such as MTD, QTD and YTD.

Participants will also master the use of slicers, a new feature in Excel 2010 and learn how to make the slicers control all the Power Pivot Tables at one go and also individual Power Pivot Tables. The ability to format the Slicers makes it easy for participants to create professional looking dashboard without using Excel's ActiveX controls.

Working around the limitations of PowerPivot and Power Pivot Table, we will share with participants how the trend line which corresponds with the user's selection can be presented. The course also incorporates advanced, powerful and yet relatively unknown formulas that will enhance the interactivity of the dashboard.

Last but not least, besides the typical chart functions in Excel, participants will also learn how to design dashboards that are easy to maintain, simple to read and how to make use of the limited space in a dashboard to create insightful and interactive reports that will be valuable to the management for tracking and/or decision making purposes.

If you are currently using Excel 2010 and have been put in charge of developing a dashboard, Power Pivot may be the answer. Sign up for this new Excel course now and enjoy this time-limit offer!

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Upcoming Courses

With the newly introduced PIC bonus, you are now paid (not paying) 60% of the course fees for sending your staff to our courses. Check out now in this IRAS PIC Link.

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