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Breakthroughs in Dashboard Speedometer

We can't wait to share this with you. There have been exciting improvements made to our speedometer chart which was first revealed in our "Interactive Dashboard Reporting with Excel" course. Previously we were able to create a speedometer chart (without the use of macros) that helps to visualize spending against budget, with the percentage changing automatically as the selected month changes. It looked like this:


Although it achieved what we had intended, we felt that it could be further improved with an additional scale to make it more like a car speedometer. However, then we were not able to do it without the use of macros, which we did not want to introduce into this course. When no other solution could be sourced from the web, we decided to venture into areas that have not been explored by other Excel experts and tried to experiment with the various features we could lay our hands on. In this issue of our newsletter, we are glad to announce that we have got a breakthrough. The following speedometer is finally created, without any use of macros.


So if you are coming for the next Interactive Dashboard Course, you can expect to create this better and more professional looking speedometer. For those who have attended the course before, you don't have to attend the course again. We will record the steps to do this in our next course and share it with you on our membership portal www.excel-course.com.

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