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Dishing Out Great With Excel

Many bosses believe that productivity increase can only be achieved through big scale automation and replacing x number of workers. They see training as staff personal development and enrichment and not as a form of investment for the company. Some even view training as a form of reward for the staff to take a break from their work. Our clients who are firm believers in training, have witnessed how motivated staff after returning from our courses could not wait to implement their new found solutions that would save them a significant amount of time in working with Excel. On average, they reported a saving of 40% of their staff's time working on Excel. 

This is great news for our clients as the labour market continues to tighten with the newly announced Singapore budget 2013. With an estimate increase of productivity by 40%, companies can look forward to keeping the headcount constant. This means better profitability than other companies and hopefully more salary increment for the existing employees. 

In fact, now there are even more compelling reasons to send your staff for our training. Previously, you can claim back only 60% of the course fees. With the new Singapore budget 2013, you can claim back dollar for dollar if you spend at least $5000 in one year on training. This means that you can claim 160% of the course fees, 60% from the existing PIC program and 100% for spending more than $5000 on training. For more details, please refer to the following website from IRAS https://www.iras.gov.sg/irasHome/page04.aspx?id=14566#computing_pic_bonus.

Enrolling yourself or sending your staff to the right Excel training can become a key way to increase productivity. It is like dishing out a recipe. Knowing the ingredients for a dish is like knowing the features of Excel. It does not mean much until you know how to prepare the ingredients (slice, chop, minced, etc) and mix the correct amount of ingredients together. And whether the dish turns out successful also depends on whether you know which ingredient to put in first, second, and so on. Similarly, with Excel, you also need to know which functions or formulas are required and how to set them up to make it work in real work situations. Unlike most Excel courses which show you how to use the formulas in isolation, we design our Excel courses with a holistic approach, using real life case studies for our course content. Just like this speed test, if you only know how to use the cut and paste function in Excel, you will probably complete the test in 5 minutes time or even longer. But if you know how to make use of the function and formula in Excel and apply them in the right sequence, the task can be completed in less than 30 seconds.

Don't wait any longer to ramp up your productivity. Take a look at our course outlines and participants’ testimonies. You too can learn how to dish out great with Excel.

Maintain a master list in Excel

The original master list template was built with the intention to manage the bookings of seats for bus/coach services to a church. For each booking, the administrator must enter the name, contact number, pick-up point, number of seats booked and amount due in the master worksheet. The list is intended to captured the bookings and also to generate reports that can be given to the bus drivers and also to make sure that there is no over-booking of seats. To manage the data entry, the data are organised with each customer booking for multiple days all presented in the same row. A common layout... continue reading...

Ask us an Excel question and get your question answered by our team of Excel experts


I am trying to figure out how to get 100% to spread out over 3 columns and also to have those percentages play off a total column and populate three other columns. For example: Column A=Total Project Budget $$’s
Column B= cost of project 1
Column C=cost of project 2
Column D=cost of project 3
Column E=% project 1 is of A
Column F=% project 2 is of A
Column G=% project 3 is of A
I need the sheet to be interactive so when I change %’s it changes the project dollars in B, C & D columns 

Click on this link for the answer.

Question: I am building a workbook for small group of people in my office to use. I have 7 tabs, the first one is called Main Sheet and the other tabs are the names of each person using the excel workbook. Every tab looks the same, I have the columns labeled: date, job number, job name, contact no, comments.  My desire is that each person will be able to input their data on their tab as they receive new jobs, and the main sheet will be a compilation of everyone’s sheet. So to clarify, as new information is added to one tab this entire row of information will automatically be added to the next available spot on the main sheet. We are all on the same server so we can all work off the same file. Is this possible to accomplish? 

Click on this link for the answer.

 Upcoming Courses

With the newly introduced PIC bonus, you are now paid (not paying) 60% of the course fees for sending your staff to our courses. Check out now in this IRAS PIC Link.

Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel 2007/2010 - 18 & 19 Apr 2013 

Dynamic Real-Time Forecasting with Excel 2007/2010 - 27 & 28 May 2013 

Learning the Magic of Macros 2007 (Excel VBA) - 16 & 17 May 2013 

Breakthrough Performance for HR in Excel 2007/2010 - 25 & 26 Mar 2013 

Interactive Dashboard Reporting with Excel 2007/2010 - 6 & 7 May 2013

For the details of the courses, please refer to our Excel courses page.

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