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New Year, New Identify Emphasis, New Services

2012 saw a big surge in the number of people discovering what EverydayExcel does. We would like to thank you for your continued support to our courses, subscription to our newsletter, recommendations and referrals. It was also an exciting year in which a new Excel course for HR was rolled out, a web portal where your questions could be answered promptly was launched, granting access to video recordings for our participants to revise the case examples we have done through in our courses. Although our customers, friends and partners know that we conduct a different type of Excel training from our competitors, we hope this year even more would come to appreciate the uniqueness of our courses. More would learn that we do not belong to the same league as the "application-based" training providers who claim they are providing hands-on Excel training. Yes, we also do that, but we go way beyond that and enable our participants to apply those functions and formula using real-life case studies. So to better set ourselves apart from others, we will henceforth emphasize our identity as "The Specialist in Applied Excel". 

This year, we are also launching a new training service called Excel Clinic. This is in response to our clients' requests for a more personalized training and help on their own Excel files they are currently working on in their jobs. This is an onsite training that will offer dedicated attention to our clients' needs on the spot and solve immediate problems directly related to their templates. You don't have to fear that your data are compromised. While we are at your work premise, you and your colleagues can ask all the questions you want and get quick fix for your Excel problems. We can also help review your templates and customize a training course that will meet 100% of your needs. With Excel Clinic, you don't need to sanitize your templates for confidentiality reasons or show just a small scale version of what you are doing and get a less-than-perfect solution in the end. We will avail for engagement on a half day or full day basis and be present onsite to address all the Excel questions prepared for us. For our existing clients who have sent more than 10 participants to our courses before, we will be extending a favorable discount. If you think that you may have a need for such a service, please drop us immediately using this email address which we use to send this newsletter to you.

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Question and Answer:

I have a problem where I need to hide confidential information to my company’s employees but need to present data that they require. I need to create a search engine which retrieves details from a excel sheet and only presents the columns i want to show them. 

Click on this Excel solution link for the answer.

For Sharing:

Freddy, our good friend and an Expert in Excel shared how he replicated a property trend Dashboard he found in the newspaper in Excel. 

Click on this Dashboard link to download it.

Upcoming Courses

Our courses are eligible for PIC. After claiming back 60% of the course fees, the net course fees is between $240 to $280 per pax.

Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel 2007/2010 - 17 & 18 Jan 2013 

Learning the Magic of Macros 2007 (Excel VBA) - 14 & 15 Mar 2013 

Breakthrough Performance for HR in Excel 2007/2010 - 25 & 26 Mar 2013 

Interactive Dashboard Reporting with Excel 2007/2010 - 21 & 22 Jan 2013

Please refer to our Excel courses schedule for more training dates in 2013.

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