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Everyone would agree that creating a hyperlink in Excel is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is to copy the url (web address) from your web browser and paste the link into one of the cells in Excel. Using the same method, you can also create a hyperlink that allows you to jump to another worksheet, another cell in the same file. But that is not what we are going to share with you here. We would like to share with you the hyperlink worksheet function that can do more than just jumping to another cell in another worksheet or to link to a website. It can help you search for text located in another worksheet... more

Question and Answer

Question: What causes the error message "Too Many Cell Formats" and how do I correct?

Answer: It means that you have exceeded the limit for formatting cells (colour, border, font, etc). Unless you remove some using clear all, you are unable to format new cells. This usually happens when you format the entire row or column of cells instead of the specific range.

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New Course! Breakthrough Performance for HR in Excel

Over the years, we have met many personnel in the Human Resources function who have only very basic Excel skills for data entry and simple reporting tasks. For instance, when there is a need to calculate overtime hours (e.g. from 5.30pm to 9.00pm), they have no idea how to make use of Excel do the calculation. They compute the duration mentally and then enter the overtime hours into the spreadsheet. As a result, many days are taken to prepare their reports instead of just minutes, if they know how to deploy Excel to save their time.

For others, they may have a HR system for capturing data. When there is a need to prepare reports using the data downloaded from the system, they tend to run through the data line by line or use simple sorting and auto-filtering to prepare the reports. Without a good appreciation of Excel, they are not aware that the reports can actually be completed much more easily in double quick time.

If you or your HR staff is facing challenges in using Excel efficiently, I have good news for you! We have recently launched a new course called Breakthrough Performance in Human Resource with Excel which is specially designed to benefit those in the Human resource function. If you are currently facing Excel problems in carrying out time-consuming HR tasks or taking up more than 15 mins to solve the problem, consider signing up for this course. Send us a sample of the problem with explanation, and even if it is not part of the course curriculum, we may be able to provide you with a much quicker solution during the course.

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