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Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis with Excel

There is a vast array of Excel books in the market screaming for our attention, but have you ever come across one that effectively... continue

Swop the Columns and Rows

Stop retyping your table! Change your table layout in a few clicks.

Note: all the screen shots are done using Excel 2010.

From time to time, we receive documents prepared by other people or exported by different systems. If the document is well prepared, good for you; however, there is a good chance that you may get a document like this:

But you really need is this:

Presentation after using transpose

What many people do next is what I really admire:continue

What has Lottery/Toto got to do with Excel?

I have an interesting Excel based lottery template from my friend, Chua. I am sharing it with all here not because I support gambling, but because... continue

Question and Answer

Question: When you type in an emil address or web address into a cell, it is automatically converted to a hyperlink. While this works for most people, you may not want the hyperlink. So what is the easiest way to remove the hyperlink?

Answer: Immediately after you type in the email or web address, click on the undo button, Alt + backspace, or Ctrl + Z. This will remove hyperlink from the entry.

Question: How to know weekday name (example:date of birth is 04/06/73, 4th is Monday) in excel farmula?

Answer: If you are sure that the date is a proper Excel date, just format the cell using custom format and input the code "ddd" or "dddd" into the Type box.

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