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SUBTOTAL Formula Does Much More Than Summing!

Most people know that the SUBTOTAL formula in Excel is used for summation but it has never occurred to them how additionally this formula can be used or how powerful it can become. Here's the new discovery, summation is actually only one of the 11 calculations you can do with the formula. You will be so surprised that when combined with the auto filter function, the Subtotal formula is capable of ... read on.

Post-Course Support: One-to-One Coaching Program

One of the things we do differently in course from others is the continual engagement we have with our participants via email after the completion of the course. We want to make sure that they can apply the formulas and functions that they have learnt in the course effectively back in their office. Through email, we help them overcome problems in using the formula in their spreadsheets. But some problems are not that easy to explain over email and sometimes their templates may contain confidential information that they cannot freely sent through emails. As such, we've launched a post-course coaching program where we meet with the participants in our training room to work on their problem encountered at their work place. They could choose hourly sessions for simpler problems or 4 hourly sessions for more complicated problems. In the coaching program, guidance would be provided to create the required Excel template/formula. In this way, participants will be equipped with the ability to maintain and modify the template on their own. To know more about this program, just reply this email with your questions.

The secret of listing your website at the top of the search engine

Assuming that you don't know who is everydayExcel and are looking for an Excel course, without any recommendation, you would probably go to Google and do a search for Excel course. The results listed everydayExcel right on top, beating 102 million websites... read on

The Secret of Self-Publishing

Have you ever thought of publishing your own book but do not know where to start?

Or are you told that you need to first find a publisher and be prepared to write a super convincing proposal so that they will publish your book?

Or you are told that you need to spend thousands of dollars to publish your book and run the risk of not being able to recover your publication cost if it doesn't sell?

What if I told you that you don't have to spend more than... read on

Question and Answer

Question: I copy the macro into an Excel file, but was not able to save. The below message appear. I would appreciate your advise.

Answer: When you save a macro file in Excel 2007 or 2010 format (extension is xlsx), the macros are removed. The extension (.xlsx) does not allow macros in the workbook. To save the macros and the worksheet, you must choose the file type Macro enabled workbook which comes with the xlsm extension.

Question: hi I am using sumifs function in excel and my syntax is
=SUMIFS(A:A,C:C,"North",D:D,"NCR")but in column "C" I also wanted to trim the values also.For ex : if in column C for the particular row if value is stored as "North " my formula will not consider that value.

Answer: SUMIFs is a new addition to the SUM formula family. It can sum values based on multiple conditions. In Excel 2003, we have one conditional sum. Although it is easy to use, it is not able to do what you asked. You have to use SUMPRODUCT for this purpose.

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