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An Excel master piece - Excel Calendar

Our Excel calendar has become more powerful. If you have not seen or use the calendar before, I strongly encourage you to download a copy and experience it for yourself. It is a master piece! Basic Excel users can use it as a planner while advanced users can learn how the formulas are applied to create the calendar.

In the earlier version, the calendar template can display the calendar of any year. All you have to do is to click on the scroll bar or over-write the year in the cell as shown .... more

Question and Answer

Question: I have a list of equipments and I am tracking how much do we spent on spare parts of each equipments.all the equipments are in one excel sheet.the fields are as follows, ID, Spare part, company name, sparepart number quantity, price per unit, total (quantity*price) and then date.

I want to make a separate sheet which is a summary that count how much we spent on each equipment separately, so is there a way to tell the excel sheet to look for specific equipment and the spare parts of that equipments and it automatically shows the total adding the cost of all spare parts.

Answer: You can use SUMIF to add up the amount spent on each equipment. It can help you to sum up the amount spend by equipment using the equipment name or equipment code as a condition. Alternatively, you can also use Pivot Table, another great Excel tool for analysis.

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