How video ads perform in FB

You have created a video and you would like to advertise in Facebook. Do you plan to advertise in post feeds, video feeds and/or stories?

That depends on who you wish to attract. According to the stats I collected, it looks like post feeds is still gives you more exposure than video feeds. I have also placed ads on stories but there was no impression at all from FB or Instagram stories. That tells me that this stories do not work well for video ads.

If your target group is woman, you should restrict your ads to woman only. If not, you budget will be wiped out by men who are more likely to watch video than women.

Knowing these 2 factors independently is helpful but not helpful enough. By placing the gender and placement side by side (which FB do not offer in their options), you will be able to know that women who watched video are more likely to respond to your ads. This means that spending more on women, place your ads in feed will offer you better returns for your ads. You would be surprise that combining age, gender and placement will offer you the best returns. Target wrongly and you will be throwing money away.

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