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I don’t know what I don’t know (about Excel)

You have no problem preparing the reports every month. But every time you see somebody use a short cut, you feel that you don’t know enough Excel yet. You find learning Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level Excel courses is not going to help. There are too much to learn and probably wouldn’t be using most of the worksheet functions and features most of the time. Yet you hope you can be better in Excel so that you can prepare those monthly reports faster and easier.

If that is what you are thinking, I have good news for you. I used to be like you. I bit the bullet and read as many Excel books from cover to cover, and watch as many Excel videos as I could. There were a lot of repetitions and after learning something new, I need to find out where can I use it. I took me years to master the functions and it is a never ending journey. I am still learning now. But not everything I learnt could be put to use. That I found out the hard way. Having going through this journey, I don’t want you to go through the same journey as me and spent years on it. But you still need Excel and you can’t just abandon it. It is such an important app that help you analyze all the data that is given to you. That’s when I decided to design an Excel course that you can learn all the essential functions for business analysis in just 2 days. 

After attending the course, all you have to do is to apply and apply and you will become an expert in Business Analysis in Excel. You no longer have to spend hours working on that set of raw data that you downloaded from the system. With just a few clicks, the report will be ready for you to analyze and cut down on unnecessary overtime.

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