Free Online Training on Data Visualization with Power BI

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is to present your data in pictures. It makes complex data more accessible, understandable and usable. In today’s context, data visualization has an added element of interactivity, where you interact with the picture for more details.

Who need Data Visualization?

People who use Data Visualization includes but not limited to business planning, sales and marketing, finance, logistics, healthcare, human resources, and politics. Contrary to normal perception, creating data visualization is not limited to experts. Anyone can create a data visualization, even with a small dataset.   

In this training, I am going to share with you can create data visualization with a small dataset to track the spread of COVID-19 in the different countries.

Who should attend this training?

This training is for these groups of people:

Business Planning Professionals – evaluate the viability of the plans proposed for the company

Marketing Professionals – evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns

Sales Professionals – identifies the top selling products in your area or your customers.

Finance Professionals – identify the profitability of the customers, goods and services.

Logistics Professionals – Tracking the supply of goods and services from multiple locations

Human Resources – tracking the recruitment and retention of good quality employees. 

Learning and Development professionals – identify the staffs who needs to be equipped with data visualization skills.

Why Covid-19 data?

We use Covid-19 data for the training because you do not have to put in extra effort to understand the numbers and it is real data which do not require any sanitization. It is also a simple set of data to use to learn about data visualization.

How is the online training conducted?

We have designed the online training by progressively introduce functions that are easy to implement and add on new functionality as we progress into the training. 

Outline of the online training

  1. Quick Orientation to Zoom
  2. How the training will be conducted?
  3. Layout of the COVID-19 data
  4. Creating the COVID-19 Data Visualization
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. What have you learnt from the training?
  7. What most trainers will not tell you about Data Visualization
  8. What is I2MAP Framekwork and why it is important.

Outcome of the training

At the end of the one hour training, you will be able to complete the data visualization shown below:

Details of the online training

Note: Please note that Video must be turned on during the training. DO find a spot when you attend the live online training.

power-bi-training-1hr-200409-2000Online Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationOnline Training on Data VisualizationAndrea RinaldiAndrea RinaldiAndrea RinaldiAndrea Rinaldi

Andrea Rinaldi

Many thanks: I just want to tell you all my appreciation about the webinar on Power BI I had the opportunity to attend to, few days ago.

Being a newbie in this item it has been a very opportunity to me to learn something of very new and useful. Over all thanks to your so skilled and friendly explanations and I look forward to take part to any subsequent online meeting on this subject you had to schedule from now on, for what I ‘ll be so grateful to be kept duly up-to-date.

 Many thanks so far so good.

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