What course participants say about us


“How to analyse and generate report using pivot table. How to add a columns from another file. How to 'calculate' age or length of service from DOB/Date joined.”

Joana Tan, Alzheimer's Disease Association

“1. matering the use of dates, calculating the age... merging 2 lists into one, analysing donation, pivot table etc... 2..I will more confident to use in my office”

Mrs Florence Yee, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church, Management Committee

“The vlookup and text to column functions have help me tremendously in my daily work. I managed to save 90% of my time from doing what I used to do before attending this course. ”


“- Efficient highlighting of large range of data - "Never knew cool things are done with these:" - Filter - VLOOKUP - Pivot Table - Nice to learn: data cleaning using IF() - Be impressed and convinced with Excel's capabilities: e.g. Calen”

Tang Yong Han,

“I am really glad that i came for this course, as it is very useful and interesting course that will definitely help me in my daily work.”

Lim Chen Guan, Ken, Caring Fleet Services

“None really as I don't really use Excel to this extent at work. However, this course gives me the knowledge of what Excel can do so that when the need arises, I may utilise it better.”


“I have benefitted from the following functions: Managing the mailing list, Merging two lists into one, Removing duplicates in customer database and Consolidate Data from multiple workbooks. Having now understood how these functions work, I will be able to be more effective in managing and handling the mailing of our institution's monthly e-newsletter.”

Sue Anne Kuek, Caritas Singapore Community Council

“The functionality of Excel that can assist to track business performance and achieve growth.”

Soh Leng Leng, CF Singapore

“use of the various time saving short cut , esp the workflow on budget and accounting using structure field with pivot table.”

Soh Eng Khiong, Action For AIDS Singapore

“1) Use datedif formula to do a simple count of staff ; 2) use countif to find out the number of birthdays in the month- this will help HR to prepare the birthday vouchers for staff; 3) vlookup formula is a powerful tool at work to extract data from a large data pool 4) pivot table is defintely going to help me in my quarterly Income & Expenditure reports I believe that the knowledge I gained in these 2 lessons is going to help me to work smart. ”

Anne Phan, All Saints Home

“Many of the formulas learnt here are applicable and truly speed up of data links in a secure & faster way if we are consistant in our data entry. ”

Angie Ng Siew Lan, Assemblies of God Community Services Society

“Ease consolidation of databases between outright donations & GIRO donations. Plan to apply pivot table in database compilations.”

Sharifah Anuar,

“I have been facing issue and hardship when doing data collation and entry for the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund. Hence the tip and tricks have assisted me in solving many outstanding issues. ”

Daren Sim, AWWA

“The formulas and the flexibility of pivot table are especially useful in computing statistic report in my course of work; as well as managing the data of various group of people such as Clients and Volunteers.”

Lim Sio Leng, Bethesda Care & Counselling Services Centre

“problem that i faced was sorting of information in the excel file. After this course, i could sort datas better. E.g. Sorting out the different categories of subsidies granted to students in bccsc's student care centre”

Sandy Chua,

“I think the methods taught during this course is practical and useful for the work I do. I'm able to better understand which formula I can use to get the results that I need. And this would definitely save my time. ”

Cecillia Teo, Beyond Social Services

“Gain more knowledge on applying the different functions and formulas in Excel to my daily works. (eg. Donor Management Mailing List, Financial Asst Master List)”

Khoo Mui Kiang, Beyond Social Services

“I have not applied what I learn from the course yet. But I believe it will definetely help me in some ways or others.”

Shirley Leong, Bio-Care Grease Control Pte Ltd

“The training is more suitable for the applicants who are often use the programme in getting specific information such as worksheet. Many technical terms such as & " F4 F5 and formaula for analyse purpose. ”

Theresa Yeo, Bo Tien Welfare Services Society

“Learn to use formulas like count, if, sum & etc and also the pivot table like could help to save time and new solution to produce reports in future.”

Geraldine Yap,

“I learnt that Ecel has many more functions that I'm not aware of. It opens my mind in exploring more and thining of how I can make it of it to collect data. I'm not familiar with Access (which we use for data collection and many members don't have this software). So I'm hoping the knowledge gained here will help me do data query and improve my productivity. I want to cut down the time needed to collate data and oresent it in good visual presentation too. I think I should be able to do that now. I would like to know how to import data from Access and use Excel to collate info.”

Ivy Low,



“Import External & DataPivot Table, Pivot Table with MS Query have solved my problems. It safe a lot of times, i just need to spend the times for the first setting then i may able to view the report anytimes.”

Irynn Ng Gaik Pei,



“Alot to learn....good experience and hands-on training. Have to keep on exploring the system and alot of trial and error...”

Lena Yow, Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty)

“to work more effective and efficiency, how to create a pivot table, mail merge, database sort, better verse how to use excel, time savings, new solution.”

Emily Wong, Care Corner Family Service Centre (Queenstown)

“I learnt how to use vlookup to exact details from one spreadsheet to the other. And to use MS query as my client database is keyed into Access. I will need to exact data from Access to Excel and anlayise them for my Centre Manager. Learning these functions will allow me to save time in exacting the data and more them to analyse the data.”

Pamela Goh, Care Corner Family Service Centre (Queenstown)

“Learning to use the pivot table in Excel has inspired me to explore a more efficient way to manage staff leave and training. It also taught me how to generate necessary reports from relevant databases easily without spending too much time. ”

Janel Loh,

“I have learnt to use Pivot table and MS Query to keep track of students' particulars and databases. To do it in columns would save time and space. It is also easier to keep track of the children who belong in the same family.”

Eileen Lim,

“Pivot table is useful for reporting of data; vlookup is also helpful when using multiple databases.”

Audrey Ling,


Hafizah, Centre for Enabled Living Limited

“Gives me understanding on the usage of concept and formula. The course has definitely empower me to work more efficiently with Excel. The reporting and analysis will definitely be much faster in the future.”


“Learnt quite bit of 'shortcuts' and formulas so that i can effectively use excel in my work. able to consolidate few worksheets and workbooks to work together.”

Mansha Vasnani, Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home

“Pivot Table - which I can use this to generate my monthly report - trend of donations received & it can be updated automatically at regular interval, so I do not need to generate the same report all over again”

Goh Chiew Mon, Children's Cancer Foundation

“I'd learnt the faster & simpler way to count the subtotal, omitting the duplicate records and making use of pivot tables to churn out statistics and graphs. This allows me to tabulates & submit my reports with less difficulties, which may takes me 1 to 2 days to sort the same databases. I would be able to do more details/complicated analysis using formulas and pivot functions and spend lesser time sorting the records.”

Jenny Lai, Children's Cancer Foundation

“I think the course is very interesting. As, it not only refreshes my memory in excel. At the same time it also provide me an opportunity to explore further in excel. Such as, it help me to complete my task in a faster ways and able for me to meet my dateline.”


“I attended this course with very basic knowledge on use of excel, I face problem when come to using of formula. Nevertheless, it gave me the feel of the various uses of excel (benefits that I gained), and in order to use excel in a creative way, it is myself that need to put in effort to go through the notes with hands on practice.”

Lim Boon Hock, Chinese Heritage Centre (NTU)

“The formulas taught to us such as substituting, sum product and the use of pivot table will be useful to help my data managment colleagues. As for myself, I found the method for calculating age to be most useful as now I am able to get more accurate age of my residents base on the cut off date. Other than the above, there are the extra tips that help us with our daily use of excel.”

Jean Goh, Christalite Methodist Home

“Pivot table is particularly helpful because I can use it to consolidate data from multiple workbooks to analyze data for my training program. Presently I'm working on different workbooks to generate the data.”

Huang Limei Rachael, Cornerstone Community Church

“Updating my database records with more usable and relevant functions in EXCEL. Able to present data analysis in easier than before.”

Soh Wai Leng, Cornerstone Community Church

“Managing dates- months, financial years. Vlookup function (managing multiple sheets). Managing large groups of information in an organized and 'searchable' manner. The functions learned would greatly help in managing our partner and programme participants' database in addition to providing us a preliminary overview of behaviours and trends.The pivot chart function is also especially helpful.”

Chong Su Li,

“1. using all the formulas taught - i used to do manual calculation. 2. creating pivot table - better representation of reports”

Anusiah.T, Disabled People's Association

“Combination of function/feature e.g. remove duplicate, fill up the multiple cells with the same text other than the usual copy & paste. Substitute and many others. Pivot Table - if select the whole spreadsheet will not be able to perform grouping”

Soh Wai Chee, Dover Park Hospice

“I used to key in the donor data manually and now I have learnt that Excel have alot of function and formula to help me”

Cindy Tan, Down Syndrome Association (S)

“Learnt how to clean up data and do pivot tables and charts. Helps save time in doing donor campaigns and generating reports.”

Anne Lim,

“A better understanding of the use of Pivot Table and VLOOKUP will enable me to produce the result faster.”

Paul Sim, Eagles Mediation & Counseling Services

“- merging two workbooks together (i.e. 2 donations database from various years) and using Vlookup, pivot table as well in management functions.”

Florence Lang,

“Learning the pivot table has helped me to understand and learn how to consolidate information and statistics and present it in so many different options.”

Linda Sy, FaithActs

“Simple things like the copy function which helps save time. It's practical in doing financial reports with the pivot table/chart.”

Ng Soo Bin,

“This course has been helpful as I use Excel in my daily work. For example, I can now use the subtotal formula to do counting from a list. I can also create more professional looking forms from today's lessons. ”

Seet Lay Peng, Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd

“The fast way to fill up cells instead of the usual method i use of copy and paste. I would be able to implement what i have learnt to prepare my data spreadsheets. Especially the vlookup function! ”

Chan Kam Leong, Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple

“I like the macro program that was taught. The Excel knowlege acquired on using pivot table and database management is very relevant to my preparation of statistical reports in my organisation. Nonetheless, I am praying very hard that I would be able to apply what was learnt in my actual work delivery. Ha! this will be a challenge! Thanks anyway, to the trainer. Think both he and his assistant have been most helpful and patient to ensure every member of the class follows the lesson flow and are not left behind. It will be great if there can be a beginner's course and if the course can incorporate some handson practices in enhancing applications. ”


“I find the whole course very interesting and it is indeed a powerful tool to lighten my workload. I have yet to explore the learnings in my work, but I find the pivot table & ms query most helpful and relevant. I believe the donors profiling will also help me retrieve specific data more efficiently. ”


“I had helped my colleague to create formular for Statistic report. Previously they are doing manual sorting. In this way, saving our time.”

Samantha Sam, Gracehaven - The Salvation Army

“Found the interactivity of the charts and minimum maintenance very useful. Also understand more the working of dashboard charts that I have been reading from my regional office. Some of the of formula parts were a bit difficult to follow especially the formula logic.”

Patrick Tan, Habitat for Humanity Singapore Ltd

“The Pivot Table and Charts are very useful in my day to day application. I have a more in-depth knowledge after class. ”

Stephanie Chok, Halogen Foundation Singapore

“Through the advanced formula that I have learned from this 2-day course, I'll be able to save a lot of time in producing related reports. I am amazed to find out that there are a lot of commands especially formula in excel that I have to utilize in order to be more effective and efficient. ”

Villamin Arnel Abas, HCA Hospice Care

“Link files data and creating of pivot tables, charts is beneficial in data, statistical reports”

Angela Tan Yam Choo,

“Macros and all the functions taught will shorten a lot of processing time for analysing data. Organisation and management of data becomes more easy and efficient. It is helpful in exploring more aspects of Excel. The applications will open up more avenues of doing work.”

Anson Yoo, HighPoint Community Services Association

“able to identify data and analysis huge data download from system faster and easier. short cut and tips taught helps me to search and identify information faster”

Lee Choon Chuan, International SOS Pte Ltd

“I've never been a frequent user of excel, and I've always found it tedious. But now that I know how it can help me in the statistical analysis part of work, I think pivot table will be very relevant in my work scope - especially in making better sense of the twitter analytics -- which was previously done using Microsoft word, rough paper and a calculator.”


“To improve my Excel knowledge, and found that no only to the donation manegment, it also help the Nursing side. But I think I need more pretice, and look for more course to study.”

Chia Siang Luan,

“Learning the usage of pivot table and charts for consolidation of raw data for reports. Formulating formulas in Excel for practical usage in reports.”

Zahara Ibrahim, Kidney Dialysis Foundation

“Understanding the usefulness of pivot table, subtotal function helps me to create better reports.”

Steven Chong, Lakeside Family Centre

“I have a problem on routinely transferring and dividing into several worksheet which is the same as what has been taught for the countries”


“What is being taught was totally new to me. Never used these formulas before; first session was struggling but second session your approach of waiting for every one to be on same page before moving on to next step was very good. So far I had used only the excel functions for spreadsheets in budgets & monthly finanacial reportings. Vlookup & Pivot Table/ Charts are especially helpful for more informative presentations.”

Tan Ng Hee, Life Community Services Society

“This course has taught me how: 1) to merging colums 1,2 & 3 together 2. Filtering 3. Selecting of records 4. Consolidating data 5. Pivot Table. It saves me a lot of time and definitely been useful in my area of work.”

Antoinette Wang Lee Lee, Life Community Services Society



“This course has taught me that the classifying of data is important as it will affect how we are able to create table/charts from there. It has also tell me about how to create pivot tables and pivot charts. This has enabled me to create tables/charts easily and also quickly.”

Ong Hui Zhen,

“I have to prepared lots of financial information and reports to the CEO and BOD, the function, formular, and pivot table will help me to plan and organized the report in a faster and better style.”

June Lee, Ling Kwang Home for Snr Citizens

“Learn to present the data in a more organised way, to use the pivot table in the correct and effective way, this will save me a lot of time to present data for reporting purposes. ”

CHOU HUEY HUEY, Lions Home For The Elders

“The course greatly improve the time spent in trying to remove duplicate names for mailing list, totaling donors based on dates. Pivot table also help to make the tabulating of report & donor listing much easier.”

Poh Hwee Keng, Make-A-Wish Foundation

“Will try to use what I have learned to improve data managment of donors and volunteers. (This is not my area of work, but data is power, so it is good to know!)”

Catherine Ho, Make-A-Wish Foundation

“Learning Pivot table and pivot charts enable me to use excel to help my organisation analysis trends in Fundraising patterns”

Christopher, Man Fut Tong Nursing Home

“This is definately an eye opener for me. With the lessons on Excel formulas, pivot table and summarized macro training, i believe that it is very useful in the real world application.”

Eileen Tan,

“The power of excel helps me to work with the formulas, using pivot tables which I have not been utilise this function in the past when comes to generating reports for MC. Excel also enhance my skills in combining 2 or more worksheets into one, and increase my efficiency in generating reports up-to-date when necessary.”

Angeline Lim, MCYC Community Services Society

“How I can translate budgeting and utilisation templates into a database format to allow pivot-table processing without manually copy and paste. This was a perennial problem in 2 organisations that I faced.”

Mave Soh Hean Teng, MCYS

“I think a lot of the problems and issues that we face at work are the result of not categorising or recording the required information properly in the first place before proceeding to create spreadsheets/charts and attempting to analyse the info. Assuming that this has already been done, I feel the pivot tables would be a good and concise way to display and analyse the information that we have at hand.”

Shahril Safawi, Mendaki

“I've learnt a number of ways to be more efficient with Excel. Formulas and features I did not know before but learnt will help greatly.”

Jocelyn Tan,

“This course will help me to be more efficient and effective with my work. Eg. Will be able to provide the management more accurate and more timely data with the shortest period. ”

Anna Lee, Methodist Welfare Services

“Can provide a better work sheet for office use. And also to generate a better report for mgt meeting.”

Lee Hui Hui, Metta Preschool

“It definitely appliceable and useful for me to apply the lessons learned to manage the store records back in MFT Nursing Home.”

Ong Hock Chye, MFT Nursing Home

“VLookup :- help me to understand on how to use this function to get specify data from the 2 worksheet. learn more on the formula - be more effective & efficient.”

Junainah Slam, MINDS

“I am able to update the age instantly and group the seniors age and sex easily. Able to extract data from excel and merge with microsoft words.”

Wong Kok Foo, PBM, Moral Seniors Activity Centre (Toa Payoh)

“Doing consolidation by automating the process of transferring data across many tabs and many files.”

Mave Soh Hean Teng, MSF

“Have learn new methods which is faster than the traditional methods of doing the excel sheet such as the filling up the data sheet faster. ”

Abdul Rahman Lum, Muis

“This course benefit by savhing my time to transfer 3 files to 1 database and I can will try to do pivot table for all the Giro donors. I have been using Excel a lot this past years but don't know that I could much with it.”

Diana Nekmat, Muslimin Trust Fund Association

“I have learnt Excel Tools, eg, Offset, Pivot Table, Speedometer, and especially so in formulas that will definitely help reduce time spent to do reports.”

Tan Pei Ling, NACLI, People's Association

“Conditional formating and creation of a survey form using the functions in excel are very useful for me to do my work more quickly. Conditional formating because it is very useful in performance tracking.”

Alicia Chay, National Council of Social Service

“I have managed to equip some excel tips which helped me in saving quite alot of time when collating information in excel and formatting the data. Definitely have a better understanding in MSquery which I could do some self-exploring into the feature and try to apply it for my reporting assignments. ”

Lyndy Zhang, National Council of Social Service

“I've always encountered VWOs who have problems maintaining a central database when I conduct my checks on them as part of my job. Through the Excel course, I've learnt abt linking databases so that the administrator at the VWOs would not encounter too much problems (saves time too!) in collating data from the different workers.”

Siti Rohana Hamson,

“I have learnt to use pivot chart instead of manually filtering the data, this will save 20% of the time in my Excel tasks.”

Yvonne Teo, National Council of Social Service

“I face challenges when managing massive raw data. This course allows me to better manage these data with much ease and convenience. One of the most useful tool I've learnt is pivot table.”

Dawn Chen Wenshan, National Council of Social Service

“The formula to pull out the months and to calculate the financial months are very useful as it saves a lot of manual work of typing one by one. Pivot table and MS Query will also be useful in updating information. ”

Chew Hwee Shan, National Council of Social Service

“Productivity at managing large number of information about funding and programme evaluation statistical reports”

Lawrence Tng Ping Guan, National Council of Social Service

“summarising of data using Pivot Table and MS Query. It is very useful for users who requires to process reports with massive data from various workbook. ”

Regina Lim, National Council of Social Service

“In computation of fund raising data esp. in financial year or for a particular sector, the formulas that I learn in this course makes the computation faster.”

Eric Hu, National Council of Social Service

“The subtotal function is so useful. I used to filter the data, cut and copy the cells to a new workbook and look at the serial number to count the total no. of cells. It was too time-consuming. Now, I can do the count in a matter of seconds. Also, complicated data can be made so meaningful with the pivot table. And the small tricks, such as combining the F5 function, a formula and CTRL enter can help me save time in populating blank cells with the header information. This will save me lots of time!”

Wang Siliang, National Council of Social Service

“The course has opened up new possibilities in increasing efficiency at work, especially since I come into contact with quite a bit of statistics and am required to analyse trends. ”

Cheryl Wu,

“Hope to use excel as a database. However, I will need to practise frequently to apply the techniques that was taught especially with the "searchif" function, pivot table and MS Query.”

Wu Moy Li,

“I have learnt more field in the Excel such as the use of AVERAGEIF, Pivot Table and recording of Macro report. They will make my analytical work more efficient and accurate.”

Christine Law, National Council of Social Service

“This course helps me understand how to automate and synchronise the numbers and manage as well as report the data without manually keying in figures every time. It can save me a lot of time when doing quarterly or yearly report.”

Joy Chen,

“Excel course was able to address some of the issues faced at work and provides time & cost saving solutions.”

Mak Jia-Min,

“I used to have very limited knowledge of excel and its functions and thus only kept to its basic functions such as trying to organise data (and would panic if there is an error showing). This course allows me to explore other functions that would help me in the organisation and analysis of data. I am more confident in using excel. ”

Marlina Bte Mohd Isa,

“I have a better understanding of V-Lookup and Pivot Table which I was not very confident of using it previously. As I often need to extract data which is normally incomplete, I am able to use V-Lookup to compare 2 separate worksheet. I have picked up a handful of formulas which will certainly helps in my data computation.”

Peh Mei Qi, National Kidney Foundation

“Thank you for this Excel course. The learning point to streamline data reporting with increased efficiency and accuracy using the functions and formulas to apply in the processing of data for regular reporting. So that i can do away with the different format of manual reporting and analysis that is so time consuming.”

Ho Lam Fong,

“coming up with the chart that sticks together :) this is useful for month to month comparison. Also useful is the one monitoring budget utilisation”

Valerie Siew,

“It would help us in cleaning up the list of registered NPOs in our database with the raw data from the different Ministries.In addition, it allows one to mine the profile of corporate volunteers who have approached the Centre. ”

Evangeline Goh,

“I never knew Excel was so useful. The little tips such as shortcuts were really useful as well. ”

Angeline Kwong, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

“I am tasked to come up with some activity based costing report. The use of pivot tables and other skills picked up at the course will come in handy.”

Harrison Tan, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

“Have been doing summation manually, or by using simple formalae. Knowing how pivot table works can help save at least 50% of my time spent on providing information to the auditors. ”

Lim Shuxian,

“Recently, we had our annual walkathon and 20,000 donation pledgecards were issued and we had to capture certain information about the collectors. The course has helped us to quickly sort data from the returned cards and saved us a lot of time (certain amount of donations qualified the collector for a free token of appreciation).”

Warren de Souza, New Hope Community Services

“We are still exploring ways to be more efficient. Functions such as sumif and countif are useful tools to count records instead of manually. Datedif is also good to measure the length of stay of the residents.”

Leah Tan, New Hope Community Services

“I'm more aware of the things that Excel can do. Has not applied the knowledge yet but it helps me to 'design' the master data file in order to facilitate easier generating of reports. ”

Tan Wee Long, New Hope Community Services

“It is beneficial to my current scope of work. my current scope of work requires me to manage and provide reports on volunteer maangement.”

Jimmy Lim, NKF

“Will be able to create a central database to process all volunteers, donors and even clients information as they some switch their roles or may having two roles at any one time.”

Choo Jin Kiat,

“my knowledge on excel is very elementary. This course is beneficial to me because it aids in my work alot as I use Excel for payroll, donors and volunteers management. I learn how to use pivot tables and many formulas. I also learnt useful 'tricks' which i never knew they exist before. Thanks!!”

loh lona, pave

“The course is able to allow me to effectively sort my information from my database which I usually take longer to sort. Allow me to devise new template on my data mining as well.”

Cheryl Wee, People's Association

“As I need to deal with hundreds or even thousands of data on a weekly basis, this 2-day course has simplified the way I work with the data. A tedious and inefficient way of analyzing and sorting data is already a history for me. ”

Ray Xue, People's Association

“Able to save time in 'massaging' exported data from donors database. Good tips & tricks for my daily usage of Excel. ”

Fairuz, Pertapis

“Everything that ive learned here was completely new as i hardly use excel. It's kinda hard to catch up with the pace as the formula get more complicated. I guess i need to practice more on it.”


“I have learn very little form this course some useful formula which is relevant to my work. I wish this course be given more time to learn.”


“Instead of doing manual glance to compare and spot the difference/error, i can use the formula to do the checking and exacting info out for me in much shorter time. Knowing how to apply the formulas with a better knowledge has help me to save a lot of time and help me do generate out reports easily!”

Chua Khim Noi Judy, Rainbow Centre - Yishun Park School

“Definitely this course has helped me to save some of my time in doing my office work. As an administrator i do not really use excel as often as my other staffs. But after this course i have learn some basic formula and keys. I will try to apply what i have learn on our membership listing and donors data-based.”

Sarah Ang Hui Beng, Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore

“If familiar with formulas, its a wonder what it can be done. But the formulas are very brain straining. Confused about which one to be use.”

Lily Tham,

“Problem enlightened - How to set up Pivot Table so that it highlights trends (e.g. donation trends)”

Robert Ong, RSVP S'pore

“at present - i maintain separate worksheets/books of clients profiles, clients by presenting problems, clients by languages/dialects spoken. Now i know that they can be combined into 1. ”

Doreen Goh, SAGE Counselling Centre

“Better overview for pivot table and pivot chart relating to monthly receivable reporting. Equip in better formulas for quarterly gst reporting. Better solution towards monthly ageing analysis dada extration.”

Leonard Lim Lin Gee, SATA COMMHEALTH

“i am doing my monthly report for my department, i need to get the clinic and companies revenues evry month , i actually use it since then but there are more functions that u havent discove.....by this trainig i learnd more about the necessity and uses of Vlookup and pivot table it gives me more details the uses of it.”


“Converting revenue worksheets from various medical centres into Pivot Table for easier analysis. Better understanding of using vlookup formula to extract information accross different worksheets.”

Leonard Lim Lin Gee,

“Every month, a revenue report from the medical centre are presented for me to review my sales from the medical centre. Analysing the data is tedious as the data are presented in a very raw manner. After taking this course, I will be able to come up with a good summary report using the pivot table.”

Shenny Ng, SATA CommHealth

“Pivot Table and the use of Pivot Chart to present data. Time saving, and definitely easier to modify how data can be presented according to needs”


“I have learnt to use pivot table and vlookup formula which are very useful to me in data analysis and data consolidation.”

Lim Yin Han, Sathya Sai Social Service

“Discover that we are able to do so much more with Excel esp with the pivot tables. This course teach us to better manage our database, save a lot of time and frustration. ”


“Reporting and revision of data now can be done more efficiently. Merging of data from different people into a single report is also now possible when I didn't know it before. ”

Maureen Lee , SCWO

“Formulations, PES reporting, removals of duplicates, Pivot table usage saves time so much and able to generate reports and work more effectively and efficiently.”

Puveines, SINDA

“I am having problem removing duplicates for mailing addresses as well as summing up donation from donors who have donated for a few years.Now i have learnt to use pivot tabbles to solve this problem and use other formulas to go about doing my work faster.”

Valliappan, SINDA

“Handling lots of student databases with problems facing duplications and formatting of data. This course has helped me know new functions that would help save time and present data in a neater way.”

Suguna Nadesan, SINDA (Singapore Indian Development Association)

“Basically the tricks and tips for general use of excel sheets. And the formulas were very useful. I've had problem consolidating and organising raw datas from counsellors with their different headings and such. I've learnt the easier and less tedious way of consolidating the datas to a master copy.”

Shazryyana, Singapore After-Care Association

“I will be able to apply the functions learnt to perform tedious summation of the money donated and extract relevant information instantly which can reduce up to 50% of the time spent on administrative tasks.”

Go Kim Emm, Singapore Cheshire Home

“i was thinking about building a catalogue, even a library management system, and at least now, i am assured excel can be a good starting point. ”

Goh Yee Ling, Singapore Council of Women's Organisations

“vlookup and and pivot table has definitely give me more ways in writing my report. I used to manually count the various but similar data required and that would have taken almost half of my day.However I believe I can save a lot more time by using the pivot table. ”

Nur Ain Mustafa, Singapore Council of Women's Organisations

“It has improved my thinking of how excel can produce reports with database format. I will try to use this knowledge in my course of work.”

Eunice Thanaletchmi Magalingam, Singapore Disability Sports Council

“Was facing problem in finding duplicates but the problem is solved now after attending this course. There is a shorter way in finding the duplicates. Thank you. ”

S Mishaalinii,

“I think learning of pivot table has really helped me a lot. I will be able to organize and analyze any data, donation, or even financial information. A lot of shortcut methods were taught whichwill help me to save time”

Faridah Begum, Singapore Indian Development Association

“Improved productivity and efficiency by enabling faster information extraction and reporting.”

Lee Sue Yen Lisa,

“The course enabled me to learn things that I've not known previously on Excel. It also thought me interesting ways to present my presentations.”

Azmi Bin Mohsin, Singapore Sports Council

“In particular the use the "offset" function will be very useful. Previously I have used a combination of v & h lookups. If I had known more about it earlier it would have saved me a great deal of time in work I have already carried out.”

Matthew Wylde, Singapore Sports Council

“Benefited Through Learn Of Vlookup And More Pivot Table Functions Which Help In My Analysis Work. Get To Know Something On Macro Which Previously Got No Knowledge In.”

Wong Chai Ling,

“The MSQuery function would definitely help to reduce time collating data from different sources with different formats that changes constantly. PivotTable has helped me to do graphs more quickly by using the readily available data.”

Rosemaniah Jamalludin, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“Learnt about the various functions of excel. Assisted in time saving for managing database.”

Lim Ai May,

“Now i'm doing my agency's report for the funders. So usually i'll take more a week to do the repport. So with this knowledge i think i can do my report more faster with all the formulas and shortcut.”

Anu, Society of Moral Charities

“I have learned short cut and A LOTTT of format in excel. good course to attend and to shorten the time to crack our head on how to do this do that. eg printing certain session, envelope export printing,upper lower capitals changes etc..”

Wendy Loh,

“was unsure of deleting duplicate data's on large scale and also of useful formulas to make our daily work on excel more easier. after going through the course, it was very enlightening and useful and was well presented by the two trainers.”

Vijaya, South West CDC

“Help to save time in preparing monthly reports. With new knowledge gain, I could apply in the job into work assign to me in the future.”

Ng Lee Fong,

“Learned to make use of the different formulas and functions to shorten time in cleaning up of data. Also learnt data presentation in a more efficient way.”

Ng Kiah Yin, South West CDC

“Learnt shortcuts, functions and pivot tables which will definitely resulted in time saving and new solutions to preparing sub-schedules in excel format”

Adeline Kueh,

“Am not aware of more functions and what excel can offer. In regards to applying to work, I have not found any time to try but I do think it will definitely be of much benefits.”

Chin Lee Foon,

“Clarity on the use of formulas will help me to identify mistakes. Pivot table is definitely helpful for reporting and data analysis.”

Veronica Goh,

“Further shortcut keys with safer way to counter checks which is very helpful in term of efficiency and "security" too. I like how the lesson is conducted in the way it gets you to think how you want the output therefore how you would want to start your data and not just teaching you the steps and and formulas. I will definitely encourage my colleagues from Finance and HR to attend this course.”

Nellwyn Shareen Loh, St Luke's Eldercare Ltd

“Proper use of formulas & Combining Formulars. Getting rid of duplicate addressees. Use of pivot tables for financial analysis.”

Adrian Lim, St Luke's Hospital

“I joined the class to learn more about what kinds of formulas exist within Excel and how it can help me manage my data and generate reports. I wanted to apply this to my mailing list, donor database and volunteer management. I've learnt many tips on how to organise information, how to be more efficient at handling, sorting and identifying information, using pivot tables to generate reports and using formulas to handle large amounts of data. It'll definitely save me lots of time.”

Candice Kang, St Luke's Hospital

“I use Excel routinely in my work. However, analysis tools are used only as and when required for reporting. The database for managing HR training, volunteer management, donor database are still very much in formulation and transition. This course would help me realise the potential of the software for me to consider better ways of gathering and analysing data. ”

Jeannie Lee Siew Chin,

“ability to identity and delete duplicate entries will help me save a lot of time when preparing mailing/contact list. ”


“Gives me a better understanding of countif and sumif and MS query in excel. I guess unless i start applying it than i will encounter problems but at the moment no specific problems yet. I would like to practise on MS query in excel starting with basic queries as i can see in the days ahead i may use it to extract profile of demographics.etc.”

Mary Phua, St. Hilda's Community Services Centre

“i was having problem linking my database to my attendance sheet, however after attending this course, i was able to use VLOOKUP to solve the problem. This will save me alot of time to consolidate my attendance sheets and a more accurate report. ”

Adeline Lee Pei Ying,

“This course has provided insights in using the different functions of excel which I have never come across. I believe it will help me save time in data entry, and also present data in a clear and efficient way.”

Tan Yuwen Connie,

“The course is very beneficial, especially MSQuery, Pivot Table and the other functions of Excel. I gained valuable knowledge on the usage of the more advanced tools of Excel and has applied them to various areas of my work.”

Esther Tan, The Bible Society of Singapore

“If I will to learn this course earlier, I should be able to save time when I was told to re-organise a table that was exported from a database. I was asked to divide the list of contact into different group and catagory.”


“I have learned alot from these course.There are so many ways and methods which are so much easier to create reports.It is very effective and efficient. ”

Ranjit Kaur, The Helping Hand

“I have learnt alot from these 2 days course. It is very helpful to my daily work. I am surprised that I never knew that there are so many ways and functions that Microsoft Excel provides users to be able to speed up and work more efficiently & effectively. The Pivot Table is really useful & benefit me most. ”


“new solution and function available in excel that we can tap on in our operational work -- to gen reports.”

Rina Chia, TOUCH

“The pivot table and the MS Query are very useful tools which I can use to manage my elderly database, volunteers database and tracking income/receipts, expenses and budgets.”

Yong Yin Hoong, TOUCH Community Services

“Able to incorporate use of formulas and pivot table in daily assessment operation and excel reporting”

Sandra Chan, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“technical introduction to the function of excel helps me in improving/cleaning up existing database”

Wong Li Peng, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“Trick of printing out a pdf file: publish a print copy Faster to do a pivot table & chart”

Julia Poh,

“Improving on the understanding of functionality of excel to improve productivity for the finance team.”

Leong Lai Cheng, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“Difficulty in designing and organizing excel data and the use of formulas to help with calculation, and analysis. Learning the correct way to enter data, understanding the principles behind excel, to be able to do basic troubleshooting. I really appreciate the effort in trying to understand what is unique in our work settings, and helping us to streamline our processes.”

, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“The knowledge of use of pivot table and and MS query enables the reporting of statistics to be more efficient and accurate. The knowledge of many shortcut keys are useful.”

Ariel Wong,

“Time saving in churning out report and data entry with new learned formulas, query and macro.”

Kathleen Seet, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“Learnt new & useful stuff :- 1) MS Query (for live & updated data) to do stats. 2) No need to use super complicated formula in excel 3) Macro ”

Ariel Foo, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“have been using pivot table with half into. In past, transfer pivoted data into excel for modification”

Carolyn Gan, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“It has helped me in organising data in a more understandable way, using pivot table & MS query.”

Rachel Yap,

“By knowing the wonders of formulas, they ease my generation of report and collation of data.”

Wong Wai Ling, TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“The different fomulas that I have learnt have helped me speed up in extracting data. I find the pivot table is extremely helpfu. ”

Joanne Yap , TOUCH Community Services Ltd

“It will help me in managing the data we have collected from participants at our events e.g. streamline marketing materials to publicise to the right audience, collating feedback, tracking trends, etc. Also in planning and presenting of budgeting and tracking of expenditure.”

Phenelope Ng, TOUCH Family Services

“The different formulas learnt will be able to assist me in my work. save time and decrease chances of human errors. Pivot table is useful and will be able to assist me in churning out logsheets and registers”

sandy, touch home care

“Learnt many new things on the use of Excel. Pivot table is really useful and time saving for tabulating client info and their profile. Thank you for coaching so patiently :)”

Tang Huey Ming,

“I have found a shorter and easier to access and gathering data for PES Report. I have also learnt about pivot table.”

Margaret Lee Siew Kem, TRANS CENTRE (Bedok)

“Pivot tables, and some other functions would enable me to analyse and make use of my database more effectively.”

Mansura Sajahan, Transient Workers Count Too

“Pivot Table and VLookUp will come in very useful in my work. It will allow me to be more efficient in a shorter time. Its fantastic.”

Christine Scully, Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)

“Use the pivot table more efficiently... shifting around the fields for different presentation of reports.”

Jenny Su, Trinity Christian Centre

“Learn to create a pivot table, it's very powerful and i will be able to save a lot of times of doing manual work in order to extrat data ”

Joanne Lim, Tzu Chi Foundation

“Rfresh memory on forgotten excel functions and learn new function which are very applicable to work.”


“It takes while to select a whole list of information, but after learning the (end, shift, arrow down) method, this will save me time to select an entire list of information esp if the list is very long.”

Clara Goh, World Vision

“I'm now able to manage different databases with multiple fields; lessons on vlookup and pivot tables are especially helpful in my area of work. I can now analyse giving patterns and profiles of donors and churn out performance tables and charts easily! Beyond this, the many formulas taught are very helpful and will help reduce alot of manual workings which i used to struggle with. Appreciate the relevance and practical applications in this whole course; glad it's not the academic excel training.”

Lynette Lim, World Vision

“The various formulas that can be tapped on. The training on Pivot table and MS Query is very helpful.”

Stella Soh, World Vision International

“It saves time when ever we encounter difficulties in matching of Donor credit card number, profiles, and do reporting of our income and supplier pivot table.”

Michelle A-de Ramos, World Vision International

“Since i have been using sort function all along everytime my supervisor needed a list of expired members, or different types of membership categories, by learning the pivot table and formulas has helped me to save time and be more efficient at work.”