What course participants say about us


“I'm not sure of how to use excel 2007 as it's new to my organisation. Now when i've attended this course I hv known how to use all the formula and apply them. ”

Ng Su-Lynn Michelle ,


Katherine Khoo, DP Architects Pte Ltd

“Learnt how to create pivot table and pivot charts.Might be able to use them in my future reports.”


“I understand how to use pivot table and many useful formulas, especially by using those formulars helped me a lot already! ”

Klaus Ye, GS - IT

“This course able to help me to indentified the formula how its works and function. It will help me to apply to my works and minimize my time to finish.”


“Time savings in some short cut formula learnt, eg. copy + key, arrow down key, camera function, formating within pivot table which shortens the database finetuning and housekeeping for my sales reports. ”

Teo Mui Ling,

“I learned some new application eg pivot table and new shortcut. It's very useful in the daily job.”

Yip Mee Kuan, JMS Singapore Pte Ltd

“This course is very useful for me as it showed me the most efficient and productive way to slice and dice data to prepare management report. This course is also very interesting especially when it used real life case studies to illustrate how excel can help me in business analysis.”

Jaslyn Tan, John Wiley & Sons

“Though i have been using excel for many years but some of the simple function that was not known to me eg like the 'end' function. And also pivot table, i also have been using it but din know that within the pivot function, it can group things like the qtr, year, month etc, and before i knew this i have to manually type in the data.”

mary kwok,

“Use of "$" symbol to fix formulas. Saves time and effort. Use of MS query to consolidate data so that pivot table info is more accurate. This helps with the reports and analysis I have to do on a regular basis.”

Colleen Ang, Juniper Networks

“The ability to now do VLookup and Table Pivots along with the Tips & Tricks; the importance of $ sign usage.”

Alan Tan, Juniper Networks

“My usafe of Excel was very basic and many times, I'd do manual counting of sorts after the basic level of sorting Excel information. Learning how to create and manipulate pivot tables, formulae and macros will really help tremendously for both work and personal efficiency. ”

Lim Bee Kee, Juniper Networks, Inc.

“Save time in counting for the names under the Needy Family Programme, which has many duplicates, time saving in updating the Database for Donors, and with the new learned short cut save more time in working with the excel. ”

Klodet, LFC

“Pivot table. Now I can tabulate info in one spreadsheet to obtain results in different manner.”

Magdalena Kiong, Mandate Advertising Industrial Pte Ltd

“My present use of excel is quite limited but I will most likely be able to use some of the formulae & functions that were taught in the course”

Rebecca Lim, Musical Theatre Limited

“The 1st part is very beneficial as it encompasses scenarios that i have faced before in my work. Examples - pivot table, vlookup. As such, i feel that this course has made me more knowledgeable in excel (provided with regular practice). However, the 2nd part is more complex and i found myself getting lost.”

Catherine Seah Geok Choo, N.A.

“I considered myself quite an experienced Excel user until I met Jason Khoo. He's the one who showed and taught me many new things and aspects of Excel that allow me to easier and faster manipulate data. Although I have experience in working with pivot tables I was able to pick up quite a number of useful "tips and tricks" of this Excel Master. Moreover he showed me the power of MS Query in consolidating data from different workbooks. I highly recommend the "Sales Performance Analytics with Excel" workshop to anyone that has a need to get the maximum out of Excel with the least effort.”

Ronald Schepers, N/A

“Useful tips on Function keys, MS Query, Consolidation fronm multiple sources. Good case studies and exercises. ”

Lee Li Siang,

“The use of vlook-up, MSQuery and Macro will be very useful in my work. Jason's explanation of how to apply these to my current work area gives me the confidence to try them out. He has a newsletter and will help us out in our query outside of these training session as well.”

Limm Kiat Heng, Nadathur Fareast Pte Ltd

“I have learnt and understand a lot more of excel functions and formulas. With this understanding I should be able to use excel more efficiently.”

Shirley Ow, QBE Insurance International Ltd

“Pivot table. Indeed, the course is very beneficial. There are a lot of hidden function in the excel that I don’t know before attending this course.”

Idea Lahan, SMO

“i have learnt many things thru this course especially usage of formulas but unfortunately am really blurr about excel. sorry mr jason but anyway thanks!”

diyana abu samah,

“Still cannot determine. Whilst I have learnt some new skills, I have yet to figure out how it can be applied to my work to increase productivity”

Jerene Chew, TEP

“Able to organise my data in excel more effectively in Pivot Chart and also gain more understanding in entering formula in excel.”

Douglas Hoo Hean Ee, T-est Pte Ltd

“Understand the Vlookup and Pivot tables that can enhance my work and make myself more effificent.”

Jean Yeoh, WBL Corporation Pte Ltd

“Understand the power and benefits of Pivot Table and Ms Query. This would help me save time in generating report for my manager.”

Sandre Soon,