What course participants say about us


“my knowledge on excel function have increased, such as the mid function, subtotal. I believe that all these function will increase my productivity of my daily job.”

Stella Goo Siang Tey, Creative Technology Limited

“my knowledge of the formulaes are limited before the course. this course has given me a better insight on the formulaes to be used, pivot charts, macros,subtotal and consolidation of multiple workbooks together. ”

Ye_Luyan, Creative Technology Ltd

“1.The macro could help me with repetitive weekly copy and paste data from raw to template. 2. Feature in pivot to split data for into quarterly and monthly saves me lots of time and beautify presentation. 3. Formulae helps me to clean up data faster and work more efficiently. ”

Sophia Tan, Red Hat

“This course gives me an understanding on how to create a dashboard that is interactive and meaningful for my management to read the report and charts and cut down my time.”

Cindy Nah,