What course participants say about us


“The pivot table has helped to reduce the time spend in incollating, updating and presenting the financial data and reports as required by my boss.”

Sam Bee Yong, Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital

“Example: To filter duplicate donor's name in database. Benefit of this excel course:Easier and faster way to filter duplicate data by using formula.”

Tan Ai See (Ashley),

“Cases were realistic and useful to real life application. Opened up my mind to possibilities of work improvements”


“Understand Macros better. With the knowledge, will be able to save time with current repetitive Excel work”

Timothy Chan Zhao Xiang, KK Hospital

“Using formula and pivot data to analyse data and look at improvement in the operation process.”

Lee Hui Guan, KK Women's and Children Hospital

“learning how to use macro for daily generation of reports. learning how to split the filter function in pivot table to create different tabs for all the fields in the filter.”

Tan Wenqi,

“I have gained in terms of improved knowledge on more efficient use of excel formulas, pivot table and analysis of data.”

Ellyne Setiawan,

“Able to do away with manual data input and report generation. Gain a perspective of excel's flexibility.”

Andrea Chan, Micro Filtration Technology

“Better dashboard overview and presentation of the KPIs. Allows presentation of data by CY and FY more easily in same worksheet.”

Tan Liang Sheng,

“How to maximise the usage of pivot table. How Marco Programming helps in my daily/weekly work. How to shorten the time of analyzing reports.”

Derek Keh Chee Keong, National Healthcare Group Pte Ltd

“The benefit of this course enables me to know about redesigning the format of charts and graphs. Overall this course has enriched my knowledge on formulas, pivot table, vlookup etc. Definitely, I will be able to make my presentation more meaningful and presentable to my management. ”

Kelvin Ng,

“I have to do a lot of manual clean up when exporting data from our company system to Excel before I can tabulate / analyse it. After this course, I'm sure I do not have to waste my time doing clean up anymore!”

Phua Cheng Li, Parkway Hospitals (S) Pte Ltd

“Great way to refresh my skills and pick up alternative methods to utilize MS excel on the job. Having a knowledgeable trainer to ask various questions was indispensable.”

David Lim, Parkway Hospitals Singapore

“Generating hospital bills by percentile. Improving my pivot table knowledge to generate tables and charts.”

Shuling, Parkway Pantai Limited

“Understanding Excel works with numbers, with formatting laid over; how to use many more functions.”

Jacqueline Cheow,

“Learning how to use Pivot table and MS query in generating reports and analyzing data from multiple sources. Cleaning files from SAP to Excel. Also using Macros in generating reports that need to be generated monthly. Even the shortcut keys help me navigate thru Excel more efficiently. ”

Sara Genato, PLS

“discovered the power of pivot tables and charts, thereby allowing me to chart very quickly. having sent 2 of my other staff, i can now know what they can do to extract data and better design forms for feedback survey after each talk or event.”


“I used to spend more time and efforts compiling the volunteers' contribution. With the use of the pivot table / chart function, meaningly reports can now be ready in less than a minute. ”

Agnes Tan , Singapore Heart Foundation

“I have some experience with Pivot table. I am not aware of Pivot Chart so this course is an eye-opener. ”

Tan Bee Huey, Singapore National Eye Centre

“The useful features learnt during the course are:Sumif function, pivot table, solver and conditional formatting as they are very relevant in my work that involves budgetting, revenue projections, product tracking dashboard reporting.”

Chia Boong Kheng,

“Have learnt about pivot table and form creation which will help me to upkeep donor data neater and faster. ”

Patricia Fong, SingHealth Foundation

“Learn a lot of new function which I can use it on my existing donor database. The pivot table is espectially useful when we need to have a quick trend report of donors. It's definitely more time-saving for me.”

Mandy Cheong, SingHealth Foundation

“I have learnt how to create a pivot table and I can drag and move around the variables according to the needs.”

Angeline Tan, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“I know more to use in details of the application that hv been taught in these 2 days course, eg pv table to see the diff perceptively result. Additional features which hv not been used in my daily work eg conditional formating. Even with the as simple of changing the date format also do help to use the excel effectively.”

Emily Chiam, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

“I have benefited quite a lot from this course, like the feature subtotal, vlookup, pivot table and more, it's very helpful in my area of work ”

cindy cheng, Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre

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