What course participants say about us


“I need to sum up and count the numbers of projects in my database frequently. I learned to use subtotal, privot table which make my task very easy. Recently, I also require to create 2-axis line chart, this course come in time for me to create using pivot chart.”

Connie Look, BCA

“I've learnt a lot of useful short-cuts that can help me in my daily work To clean up the data exported from the Financial System by removing the blanks/unwanted rows and columns is a very powerful tool that I've learnt from the course. ”

Chen Baorun,

“problem: comparing 2 sets of data and remove duplicate data, learnt the above skills in this course”


“From the two days course it help in my daily works. Also need to practice often to gain excellent in my works.”

Doreen Soh,

“ I have learnt many type formulas and have a better understanding of what can be done by using all these formulas to solve my problem that I face it in office.”

Sng-Ng Lee Cheng, Building and Construction Authority

“Usually I have to spend so much time to sum from different file and different column than can get the answer. Sometime may clink to the wrong column and end up get the wrong answer. From this course, I have get to know actually there are many way to work it out and save a lot of time.”

Julie Chan Nguk Yin, Building and Construction Authority

“Benefited from this excel course as it helps me to tabulate my data in more efficient method and easy ways.”

Connie Look,

“I have learnt short cuts to some tedious excel functions, enhanced understanding of the use of pivot tables. The Query function is also a useful tool to use for sorting out data from different sources that are not arranged in the same order. Also learnt simple macro recording functions that would be useful for doing some repetitive data copying. The course also open my eyes to other functions of excel that I have not used before.”

Meryl Phang,

“learning the tricks in excel (formula and macro) help me save the time needed to analyse the data collected. allow me to work faster and more efficient.”

Tan Kheng Whee,

“Not able to translate data to "on-demand" presentation foer analysis. Problem can be tackled with Pivot table.”

Heidi Neo Chui Er, CPF Board

“Save time when analysing our data. Can just punch in the data and get the analysis immediately.”

Eugene Ong,

“I get to understand better some of the useful tips like conditional formatting, esp. the MS query in pivot table and also helps me to refresh my memory.”

Swee San,

“For immediate actions to be taken, I can convert data into different format (using VLookup etc) and run pivot table for different purposes. Currently I am preparing monthly report. Will consider more tools that learn for all reporting presentation, eg. charts etc.”

Jess Lim Kah Geok,

“The course provided an overview of dashboard reporting which is very good for our monthly report. Will apply it in our monthly reporting stats.”

Jess Lim Kah Geok,

“I deal with several excel database in a daily basis such as board wide temp staff list temp staff recruitment expenses, department headcount and etc and have to deal with queries from internal customers. Attending this course has strengthen my excel knowledge. ”

Cindy Lim Xin Yi,

“I have learnt about formulas, vlookup and pivot which would help me in many ways at work. It definitely helped me to save some time and become more efficient.”

Regina Siah,

“I am required to collate data from different spreadsheets and analyze the huge numbers. This course has taught me how to refer to the different spreadsheets, link them together and use pivot tables to do analysis. ”

Crystal Yang,

“Real case examples was given to practise on the formulas that were taught in the course, which make it more comprehensive of how it can be applicable in our work course.”

Ng Swee Eng,

“A lot of the formulaes taught in this course is very useful and very applicable in our everyday course of data crunching. The solver application introduced in the course was something new and will be very useful too”

Foo Le Ping,

“To have customised worksheets to work on budgets and costings, everyone to work on a standardised copy”

Chng Yi Xin,

“Learnt many new formula which is able to help me re-define those conventional and complicated ones that I'm currently using.”


“Useful functions such as pivot table and chart. Also refresh my memory on functions such as 'if'. ”

Teo Siew Hoon, Defence Science & Technology Agency

“The use of pivot table. In our work, we usually have to extract and present data for management's reporting. The use of pivot table simplifies and speeds up this data extraction and reporting.”

Tan Seng Huat, Defence Science & Technology Agency

“Learnt various tricks in plotting graphs and how we should not stereotyped the possible inputs in the various parts of the formulae.”

Grace Lee,

“The customised example given by my colleague is benefitial as I now know a simpler formula to categorise payments by Qtr. ”

Ang Kock Tiong, Defence Science and Technology Agency

“It made me understand more formulae which helped me to work efficiently. Instead of copying and pasting to the cells repetitively, I can do it in a faster way now. I find it easier to consolidate and present data in a better way too.”

Chong Huey Meng, Defence Science and Technology Agency (Procurement)

“I can now re-organise massive data in a much more shorter time, hence more time and energy left for analysis.”

Chan Yin Wan,

“More tips n tricks. More confident in previously trial-n-error ways. Revision of what was previously learnt. Time-savers are useful.”

Zoe Lim, DSTA

“The shortcuts to doing many of the functions, for e.g. how to change months from dates, subtotals, features of the pivot table, etc..”

Karen Lee Heng Keow, DSTA

“Have learnt more functions and will be able to apply them to save time. Knowledge on MSQuey and Pivot table and charts will help me to deal with large database more effectively now. ”

Loh Qiaoling, DSTA

“Learning of sorting function in a pivot table. Previously, the pivot table are copied to another sheet to perform the sorting. Now, with the tips learnt during the course, it is definitely more efficient and time-saving to use Excel in daily data management. This course really provide me with the insight of functions and pivot table in Excel. ”

Tay Yew Hion,

“Better knowledge on Pivot Table/Chart and shortcuts keys. For e.g, instead of pressing the End and arrow key, normally I'll scroll to the end of the data. After learning the shortcut, it has cut down the time. As for the pivot table, instead of sorting or suming the data in the pivot table, normally I'll paste special the pivot data into another worksheet and begin the sorting and suming.”

Lim Pei Ching,

“Learned some new shortcuts when using Pivot table, ie. format of cell, layout of the columns and rows. Also learned new skills ie. Pivot Chart, which can actually be easily generated from a click. ”

Catherine Chng, DSTA

“Subtotal value to be extracted using F5. In the past used to copy & paste special (values) all subtotal value. Time saved on the extra work.”

Vivian Choy,

“Have learnt more functions and will be able to apply them to save time. Knowledge on MSQuey, Pivot table / charts, macros, if function will help me to deal with data presentation more efficiently. ”

Anna Mak, DSTA

“Problem Faced: Not sure how to analyze raw data and use Pivot Tables. In this course learn about how to use MS Query in Pivot Tables. ”

Khoo Hai Yong, DSTA

“Has helped to resolve problem on displaying info that spread across 2 or more rows into 1. Used to resolve this via manual cut & paste means which is time-consuming and tedious. Now, with the proposed, could save lots of time & effort (depending on data size).”


“Instead of manually checking which half of the month the payment falls into during Qtr 4 of the FY, I have learnt how to use a combination of "DAY", "DATE", "MONTH" and "YEAR" formula to achieve various information required.”

Lee Suet Mui,

“Learn have to cut and paste formula into existing formulas so that there are not so many columns in the worksheet containing different formulas. Gain more knowledge on pivot table on how to manipulate the fields so as to show selected data that are needed for different purpose. Found the query created using the excel spreadsheet a useful way to show data and refresh it as needed.”

Ong Lay Yen, DSTA

“The Go To function is GREAT, especially the visible cells selection. I have been highlighting each subtotal row to do formatting, which can be time consuming when the data is huge. With this function, it really save a lot of time. ”

Chew Leng Khim,

“Visible cells under the "GO TO" function had helped to reduce time in copying and shading of cells. Very good. Implemented straight away. Trim functions and number that represents addn, subtraction, multiplication etc in a formula, better understand the meaning of the numbers”

tan poh sung,

“Understand more formula, knowledge of Pivot table, access, etc. eg. able to use the access table to extract data rather than to maintain a few excel worksheet for different requirements.”

Rebecca Goh Lay Yian, DSTA

“On how to use the MS Query in Pivot Tables. I can use this technique to import data from MS Access directly into excel. This is especially useful if the number of rows of data in Access exceeds the maximum number of rows in excel.”

Lian Si Chin,

“With MS Query, I have managed to compare data from 2 worksheets without using vlookup which is supposed to be more tedious.”

Leo Hee Ming, DSTA

“Function of "Go-To", Simple keys like END, Shift and arrows to cover the entire data cells! ”

Tan Soo Soo Cindy,

“- No longer need to keep rebuilding my Pivotables. - Faster comparison between two lists of information.”

Teo Kai Xiang, DSTA

“With no formal Excel training, I'm not aware of shortcuts and more efficient methods of accomplishing the req'd analysis and data extraction. The course is an eye opener to the capabilities of Excel and unleased new ways and methods I can use to achieve more.”

Ma Fook Loong,

“The excel functions and tips I learned from this course will definitely help me to do my work more efficiently. Eg. use Pivot chart to plot chart straight from pivot table, use shortcut keys to highlight whole spreadsheet, use Macro to record repetitive tasks etc.”

Low Bee Hua, DSTA

“I have learnt how to use different formulas from what I had previously learnt from excel 97.”

Jennifer Lee, DSTA

“Problems of dealing with 1000+ line items data. Maximising the use of Pivot Tables to do data analysis. Creating basic marcos.”


“I learned the function of date, month and year which is new to me and I believe will be quite beneficial to my job in future.”

Ng Lay Leng Cindy, DSTA

“Have been using xls for my statistics compilation for a while, but in a very basic way. After the learning thru this xls course, it would certainly allow me to explore a more efficient way to do the statistics now.”


“Able to use Left, MID and Right functions to extract date. This helps me to sort the date of the data set and to sort the data in ascending order. I am happy to learn about MS Query in Excel and to extract data from Excel/Access and let it auto-update by the criteria set. I can apply this in the monthly reports and keep them updated as and when needed.”

Eve Tay, DSTA

“I had learned advanced technique on how to extract data in a more efficient way using Pivot table, knew quite a lot of features and functionality of Pivot table. In the past, I just use a few commands like vlookup, Mid, left, right to analysise data. After this course, I had benefited with additional commands date and also learn how to tackle exported raw data from SAP where the date is in text format. Thanks !”

Yap Seow Kian, DSTA

“The F5 function is good as it helps to solve the problem of extracting some data from a column to another column.”

Cindy Ng, DSTA

“Understand how to enhance the use of pivot tables and charts. How to use formulas to simplify work. ”

Evelyn Tay Yee Hiang, DSTA

“To convert text to date, as I also download file from MAR, and unable to convert the date to value. Have been manually removing the space in between as function trim unable to apply in this case too. ”

Zann Sim Bee Cheng , DSTA

“Pivot table - i had known more uses for the pivot table and how it can assist me to gather my data and summarise in the simplest manner”

Eng Woei Lin, DSTA

“I am required to perform different computations on a data set to measure the timely completion of activities. The course has taught me new solutions which improves the accuracy of my computations, and reduces the time needed.”

Low Wen Ee,

“No comment as yet cos I have not started using it yet. I will try to use some of the function, ie pivot table, pivot chart for my quarterly statistics report. ”

Tow Sze Ming,

“Learnt some new features of Excel e.g. MS query, etc and some new formulas, which may come in handy one day. Also a good opportunity to refresh some of the Excel knowledge acquired some time back but had forgotten since. The case studies were useful too.”

Patrick Lim, DSTA

“MS Query in Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts are very useful and benefited to me. Last time i used to do the data base query in MS Access, but now with this powerful ad-hoc query tool, it save up 30% time savings. ”

chong mee nyuk,

“I can use the Vlookup function. And as I missed the 2nd lesson becos of medical leave, I did not hv the opportunity to go through all the case studies.”

Lee Cheng Tiong,

“The use of Query to refresh pivot tables is useful in my course of work, with about 70% in terms of time saving. ”

Ho Cheeng Hwi, DSTA

“My training records are more manageable with the knowledge of how to use excel in a more efficient way.”

Celine Low, DSTA

“MS Query, which helps to reduce the excel file size and processing time. This is useful because our data file can be very huge with many columns of data. ”

Yau Boon Fong, DSTA

“its gives me a better view of understanding excel formula easiler. and identifying other colleagues problem which could be applied to my work.”


“- The tips and tricks are helpful and save me time and effort to click on mouse - When making changes to charts created from pivot tables is much easier and require lesser effot than the traditional way of creating it from excel. Just drag and drop. - T”

Jeannie Siew Po Yeng, DSTA

“Learned new functions like using MS query to present reports, how to go to end of data. Gained better insight on vlookup usage.”

Maliga Murosamy,

“The short cuts that I have learnt in the course actually help me save some time. For e.g. I do not have to drag the mouse all the way down to the end with the help of shift+end.”

Edna Wong, DSTA

“Learnt on how to extract duplicate record, filter off duplicate records that's not required.”

Tracy Huang,

“Experienced for myself the power of excel which overwhelms! Sadly I do not use excel so extensively in my workplace so likely I will forget what I have painstakingly tried to understand at the course.. :(”

Valerie Er, DSTA

“Dealing with huge amount of serial number. From this course, I should be able to reduce the time spend.”

Yeo Chee Khiang,

“I have learn to cut short my timing to finish my work. The formulae also make my worksheet look neater.”

Leo Tze Yang, DSTA

“The course has helped to solve the categorisation / grouping of the data so as to generate the report to meet specific requirement, eg. by FY that starts from 1 Apr of the year. The benefit is time saving and error reduction.”

Loo Peng Kwun,

“I have learn the effective method of using Excel and save time in working on it manually using the conventional way of cutting & copying. ”

Desmond, DSTA

“Learning how to make use of F5, Ctrl-Enter really speeds up the processing time of using spreadsheets (in addition to the formulas, pivot table, MS query). Previously, manual methods were used and precious time was taken up manipulating the info when I could have made use to do other stuff.”

Ooi Leng Leng,

“Learned several new formula and functions in excel. Possibly able to apply to the spreadsheets currently in use. Else can definitely be a good tool to posses for future use.”

Ee Wei-Kang Nicholas,



“How to handle data analysis and reporting in a better way. Use of various date functions, basic macros etc. ”

Isaac Wong Kok Hwa, DSTA

“Analysis of price data over different years. Price data are usually disorganized and difficult to analyse the trend. Now with knowledge of pivot tables, it is easier to present and organize the data to see trends.”

Low Yuan Sheng, DSTA

“The dashboard function is especially good to allow mgt to understand the performance of the biz unit at one glance; Adding comments to chart is useful as it serves as a means of reference for presenter of the bar chart; offset formula is very powerful and is a good way to range multi-year data at an instant once the formula is set right.”

Cindy Ng, DSTA

“Learn how to be able to make the worksheet and chart to change according to input value (interactive). Interesting to know how to format chart in different ways to suit our needs.”

Ong Lay Yen, DSTA

“We used to spend 3-4 hours presenting monthly exception report to our management. With the implementation of DashBoard Reporting, it took us less than 2 hours to present to the management.”

Heng Boon Chun, DSTA

“Use of Conditioning Formatting to highlight key data to management. Can be incorporated into management reports.”

Tay Yee Hiang, DSTA

“Interesting course. I have a better understanding of the Offset function.The dashboard is definitely useful for presenting information. Personally loved the "auto-update feature". ”

Prefer not to Disclose

“I can better present my data to the management at a glance and it saves me time in preparing the data with all the new formula i have learned.”

Ng Yee Ling, DSTA

“Every month, we have to pivot a data set (which can vary in rows from month to month). MS Query can help automate pivoting from a raw file to prevent going through the same pivoting steps everytime. Also opened up the possibilities by exploring macros, with its introduction from this course.”

Charlene Yeo, DSTA

“I have learned the uses of some of the functions which i have always come across but have never use them. The sharing of shortcuts also allow me to be more efficient in my work. ”

Ng Yee Ling, DSTA

“The pivot table allows me to pull data from different worksheets without having to copy and paste, which is prone to errors and time consuming. Any amendments made to the source data will also be updated automatically. It gives me flexibility in arranging how the data is presented.”

Rina Wen, DSTA

“Useful formulaes that can help in cleaning up and extracting relevant data in my work. Pivot table is also very beneficial as I can present data more meaningfully and analyse data in different dimensions.”

Tan Li Ping,

“time consuming to perform data analysis at job as well as extraction of data from data pool. the use of formulas, pivot table and ms query will shorten the time required to do these tasks.”

Gwen Teo,

“Thanks for sharing my data cleaning problem at the end of the class and provided a very fast solution. Also found Conditional Formatting function to be very useful.”

Tang Wei Chong,

“Speed test exercise really impress me of what excel can really do. Have really benefited from these simple yet powerful tools that is really time saving.”

Kerlyn Chua, DSTA

“Understand more about the shortcuts for simple excel functions. Learnt about pivot table, examples help to demonstrate the different and vast functions in excel that could be used to solve, sort and tabulate simple data”

Ziyi, DSTA

“I handle large amount of supplier data, their company names, the vehicle types that each company is able to provide, the number/capacity that the company has for each vehicle type. This course teaches me how to use pivot table, vlookup and etc, to help make me work more productively. I'm sure it will help me save at least 60% of the time.”

Wong Shi Min, DSTA

“I've been using pivot table to create annual reports and charts. I've learnt new tips to enable me to do the job more effectively.”

Elsie Fong, DSTA

“I used to perform repetitive steps whenever there are changes made in a project. With the macro, it saves me substantial time and effort to complete the task.”

Heng Boon Chun, DSTA

“From the Interactive Dashboard course I went to, I have created several dashboards for my work and it has impressed my bosses. With the new formulas learned in DRTF, I believe I can develop better reports in future. ”

Ng Yee Ling, DSTA

“Get to understand how interactive a dashboard can be and how it can apply to our daily work and reporting”

Zheng SiHui, DSTA

“Using match in vlookup will save the time in counting the columns, offset and consolidating data from different users. ”

Grace Lee, DSTA

“I think I will be able to help auto populate reports generally used in my work on a monthly basis. This will definitely save time to and allow more time for analysis.”

Cindy Ng, DSTA

“Have learnt how to use MS Query. Very useful when need to extract data from other sources.”

Prefer not to Disclose

“MS Query is useful to me especially when I need to gather data from different database (excel format).”

Prefer not to Disclose

“I have learned many shortcut methods to produce data. The time saved definitely increase productivity.”

Chan Yu Guat, DSTA

“Learnt shortcuts (scroll to the end of data set) that helps to save time. Learnt vlookup, pivot table etc that are helpful in data analysis and also cleaning up of the huge data base in office. Can also apply the merging of different worksheets together which is also very useful because there are many worksheets in office that need to be merged.”

Elsie Wong,

“I have learnt an easy way of preparing reports using pivot table and query from different worksheets and consolidated the different reports together which currently I am doing it manually which is tedious and time consuming.”


“These such as the features of Vlookup, Cleanup and Marco are found useful. . Whereas it would be helping in my current work tasks Thank you well done Lecturers!”


“I believe I'll be able to do my work more efficiently now. Time savings with the use of pivot tables, MS Query and Macros would be particularly useful.”

Ong Onn Shaun, DSTA

“The formulae, tricks & tips learnt in the course have definitely helped me understand using Excel better especially when working on worksheets for project budgeting and resource planning.”

Fan Kim Hong, DSTA

“The portion on separating the data where there are different entities contained in a single column, into individual worksheets in just a few clicks of the button, instead of manually cut and paste.”

Daniel Lee Deneng,

“The pivot functions and tricks are useful and will help me to perform my analysis faster. ”

Julie, DSTA

“I have problem with Excel that does not recognize the date (text format) in the SAP report. I have learnt to use the function in Excel to convert the date from text format to date format by using the Data menu and then Text to Columns icon. ”

Loo Peng Kwun,

“Creating multiple worksheets using the pivot table - fast and efficient --> saves time. The use of macro and the consolidation of data from different worksheets are also very useful --> I need to have more practices in these areas to be proficient.”

Karen lee, DSTA

“The compilations of data information can be quite tedious and onerous. I had come to know that dealings with the extractions of relevant purposeful information for upwards reporting is made so much easier with the knowledge gained from this particular course.”

Yew Kian Tong, DSTA

“The compilations of data information can be quite tedious and onerous. I had come to know that dealings with the extractions of relevant purposeful information for upwards reporting is made so much easier with the knowledge gained from this particular course.”

Yew Kian Tong, DSTA

“I've learnt how to do multiple copying of cells quickly and accurately, as well as how to use more functions/formulas like get PIVOT data, sumifs, conditional formatting, etc.”

Ho Cheeng Hwi, DSTA

“The use of MS Query to consolidate 2 different files together in to 1 file is very helpful. A lot of time can be saved with this method. Better presentation of data using pivot table.”

Prefer not to Disclose

“Learned several techniques that I was not familiar with. Pivot tables are interesting and I feel that this is going to prove to be something I am going to be using a lot of. Will be doing a fair bit of trying out to familiarise myself with the techniques before I fully implement in my work.”

Teo Hui Ling,

“The shortcuts for the speed test helped. Putting the shortcuts in Macro will help me even more. Currently, after doing a pivot, I sometimes need to fill in the blank cells before I can do further data analysis. The shortcuts will save me time and prevent me from making possible mistakes. ”

Ng Choon Ming,

“I have found that the MID function to be really useful, especially when the data is imported from a file that is not native to Excel, instead of extracting only portion of the data painfully which may have been broken up in an awkward manner, such as broken word or sentence, with MID and SEARCH functions together, the data can be extracted with ease when working with VLOOKUP, streamlining the whole process.”

Eileen Bei,

“1. using macro function to do simple routine tasks --> increase productivity 2. using shortcut function keys to do my works faster”

Low Bee Hua, DSTA

“I'm able to create DAX as measure and for Dashboard usage. The tips that I've learnt enable me to design and create dashboard by myself. ”

Julie Chua, DSTA

“I should be able to combine a few spreadsheets together and create more comprehensive charts.”

Celine , DSTA

“Always need to present numbers in dashboard, I learnt how to create interactive charts with powerpivot. ”

Ong Lay Yen, DSTA

“Powerpivot enable to add in new data into the data source and dashboard get updated with minimum adjustment.”

Zann Sim Bee Cheng, DSTA

“I will try to design a PowerPivot which will generate charts that are interactive and more systematic. This will help me to do better data analytics.”

Celine Hsu, DSTA

“I have experienced the powerfulness of power pivot and is eager to try it out with the data at work.”

Ng Yee Ling,

“I have learnt how to analyze and manage large data in a more effective and efficient manner.”


“Learning Macros will enable me to quicken the process of repetitive consolidating of data from 2 different sources.”

Marc Ho Pan-Hao,

“In the past I only know the method of v-look up but with MS Query it will help my report much more effectively. I gain new insight of using table function and understand how table will help in formula.”

Wong Soon Wee,

“Learnt new formuals that help to shorten the work process instead of working the steps manually.”

Sophie Tan Poh Ling, DSTA - Biz Planning

“No problem that I have faced before coming for this course. But have learn something much more which I have not learn yet. ”

Jasmine, DSTA - Procurement

“I learnt more about the shortcuts(i.e Month(); Search; Mid()) and MS Access. As for MS Access, I would normally import the data into Access and create queries within MS Access before exporting the files out to MS Excel. AFter this course, I can work within MS Excel without spending the time to work with 2 applications at the same time.”

Tan Way Chin, DSTA Biz Planning

“There may be a new solution for me to consolidate data from multiple excel files using the MS query. I am currently using macro to automate the consolidation and any new addition/amendment to the new fields will required me to maintain the macro. From the course, MS query may be able to meet the same requirement, if not better, and it should be much easier to add/amend data field into the consolidated data.”

oon boon eng, DSTA/CPD/BSIC

“I am new to Biz Planning. As such, every tool seems useful to me and internalized only upon actual usage in day to day business.”

Matthew Leong, DSTA-Biz Planning

“The pivot table is very useful for data analysis. I also learn several tricks which can save time and speed up work . ”

Prefer not to Disclose

“I do creation of monthly management reports with EXcel and many other reports . After attending the 1.5 days course , I could apply what I have learnt to my reports as it will save the time after learning all the functions etc.”

Sumarne Sumamaili, Energy Market Authority

“YUP thats right , learnt new things , tips & tricks and how to cut short the processing when applying formulas at the right applications.”

Sumarne Sumamaili, Energy Market Authority

“Productivity will increase with the use of PT and some of the tips and tricks that have shared during the course”

Lee Wai Fang,

“We are facing challenge in consolidating the data within very short frame of time. The course provided us a number of good tips on how we can save time by using the short cuts and excel formulas.”

Elaine Chen,

“To create interactive dashboards. The charts currently used in reports are static and rather boring. ”

Lim Chee Ning, Housing & Development Board

“The shortcuts e.g. ctrl +, ctrl -, ctrl+shift+arrow, are very useful. The course gave me ideas on the different possible uses with excel e.g. creating different reports with pivot tables quickly, and presenting nice charts quickly. ”

Wei San,

“I have learned about some chart visualisations. Like the colours of the chart. And some stuff like Data Bars. ”

Benne Tan, IDA

“Helps to miminise manual updates of data where possible. Hope to put it to practice when building the dashboard for senior management.”

Susan Goh,

“I have learnt interactive data to have instant updates. It helps to save alot of time and effort and minimise effort ”

Joanne Chong, IDA

“Every time when I update my pivot table, I will need to manually link it to the latest month of data. With the skill/knowledge learnt, it will be auto-updated and I will not have to worry that I forgot to do the linkage. During this course, I learnt functions, macro and ms query which will be very useful to my daily work. All the steps given is very layman terms hence I'm able to remember it easily.”

Joanne Chong, IDA Singapore

“The pivot table is very useful in cross referencing of data which is important in my area of work.. The dynamic feature ensures that the reports that I generated will be the most updated.”

Phua Kian Chye, Institute of Education

“Have to create tables and charts and consolidate different set of data. This course taught me how to create interactable charts and tables so to save time and create presentable form.”

Simon Yong, Institute of Infocomm Research

“Having limited knowledge and understanding of excel formulas, the course is very enlightening in the way Jason explained the uses of the formulas step by step. Now I think I can make use of Excel more to help make work easier. ”

Low Jin Wei,

“I'm given a huge amount of data and when my boss requires me to pull out certain information, the formulas used, the niffy shortcuts and creation of a pivot table helps to save time and improve work efficiency. ”


“new solution to view existing data - using the pivot table and also new excel functions which can help to save time in future projects. ”


“Learnt to better manage data more quickly and efficiently which is great because I regularly work with large data sets.”


“The course really helped me with smart "shortcuts" which will help me save time. Also, the pivot table helped me understand how to play and manage data in a clearer view and in different perspectives.”

Liz Rosagas,

“The use of SUMIF and other formulas helped me figure out a faster way of checking data tables, which can save me a lot of time. ”


“This course has helped me to overcome the 'fear' of using excel extensively because with new knowledge of tools/formulas/methods of using excel, it will help me generate reports from raw data itself - which is something I have to work on frequently. It does not help me to save time, but also helps me to find a solution without much headaches. ”


“Using pivot tables and MS Query will certainly help me directly in the weekly sales reports that I generate. Taking only necessary data from the reports generated from our ERP system is going to be much faster. ”

Tammy Ho,

“Better understanding of macro. Should be able to read and understand what our suppliers sent us.”

Goh Fong Chian, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“New learnings, though it is a bit technical but I appreciate the learnings that I had specially in giving command to worksheets.”

TERESSA VILLANUEVA, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“Better understanding of macro. Should be able to read and understand what our suppliers sent us.”

Goh Fong Chian, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“New learnings, though it is a bit technical but I appreciate the learnings that I had specially in giving command to worksheets.”

TERESSA VILLANUEVA, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have learnt more about pivot tables and the consolidation of data so that it can automatically be refreshed.”

Ang Shu Wei, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“This course has given me better insights on how to apply pivot tables for data analysis on Excel and combine it with conditional formatting/graphs. Further, I not realize that it's more efficient to prepare all graphs for reports on a single Excel Workbook and later link it to the PowerPoint presentation. It also provided a good refresher on the use of macros.”

Arpita Salagare,

“Almost the entire course did give me a benefit for my daily analysis work. Time shorten definitely!”

Eliz Yap, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“- Shortcuts that would be facilitate my daily usage of excel spreadsheets, as well as tips such as charting from excel sheet that will greatly benefit researchers in general. - One problem I have raised, includes the conversion of (false) percentage sig”

Lee Min, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“Learned more about summarizing data in pivot tables and how to make charts from it. Macro is helpful as I create templates for my team.”

Nick Roberto, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“The course taught me how to simplify and process data faster. Additionally it taught me Pivot Table which will help in my job function.”

Siti Nurulfah Bte Mukthar,

“Quite beneficial in knowing many of the function and tools which we were not aware of. Like Date functions, data consolidation and Pivot table manipulations. ”

Vinay Thakur, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd

“Shortcuts, new tips and tricks to do manual works. I love the tricks with Pivot Table and would likely be applying it pretty soon. Reducing my time to Google solutions as well which is always good!”

Gary Rudy Putra, Ipsos Singapore Pte Ltd.

“I did not maximise the use of the pivot table and charts. Now I can create summary reports better and faster.”

Shirley Ng,

“- Generate routine reports - simplify tasks - explore other macros - how its done - debug and see where is the error ”

Asmah Binte Abdul Wahab,

“The course has helped me to explore new ways to improve efficiency on repetitive processing of data in Microsoft excel. ”


“Jason has given a good insight into the usefulness of using pivot table to present data. He has also value-added to the course by demonstrating how Excel can be used to present the BSC Dashboard information. ”

Winnie Lim,

“Linkage of data which prevents the need for rework on a regular basis. Being exposed to the capabilities of Charting. ”

Sherry Teoh Hwee Hoon,

“I now have more confidence in using functions such as "OFFSET" and' "MATCH" than before. Jason has also taught the use of Pivot table more effectively.”

LEONG HO WAI, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

“use of MS pivot query. This will help me to prepare for the reports needed on a short time frame.”


“The delimited and sumif function is informative. However, I am interested in extracting data from PDF file to excel.”

Koh Bee Leng,

“Learnt about use of the various types of formula and how to combine formula. How to use pivot tables to create reports quickly.”

Melinda Lee, Media Development Authority

“using pivot table, hopfully i can reduce my time to do a summary report and presentation in the future.”

tan guo hao,allan,

“Constant chart update as my line of work requires ad-hoc, monthly and quarterly reporting to higher management and timeliness of reporting is crucial. ”

Lee Jew Jeow, MINDEF

“I have learnt to create pivort tables and use functions like vlookup to develop quick solutions in presenting data in the format I need by drawing data from various databases. In addition, I have learnt shortcut keys when working on EXCEL. ”

Jean Gwee,


Chiam Pei Mian,

“The Goto function enables me to select only visible rows of subtotalled lines which previously I used a roundabout method to extract the data since each subtotal shares same description as the rows it is subtotalling, making sort impossible to filter out only the subtotals.”

Tan Chai Yen, MINDEF

“How to use Pivot Table to sieve out important data and create relationships from the data.”

Tan Kai Ling,

“computation of time in service and computation of time from a start date>>>> solution: edate and datedif, extraction of common infor on 2 worksheets>>>>>> soultion: vlookup. ”


“learn more about excel formula thus reduce time. More organize in dealing with large data.”

Angela Teo, MINDEF

“Have learnt many new formulas and functions especially on pivot tables and doing up summary. ”


“Now I know how to make charts more interactive and fun to do as well as look at. It's like a refresher course from the Hidden Secret of Excel as there are some recap of the formulas. ”

Ng Su-Lynn Michelle ,

“Better understanding of how to create a dashboard, which has been an in-thing in my organisation. I particularly like the speedometer chart and the comparison across FY which would be very helpful in my area of work in finance. ”

Yeo Siew Lian, MINDEF

“Learnt to use excel to generate budget reports and payment tracking. New ideas to better present data.”

Ferarina Sim, MINDEF

“This course has taught me lots of new Excel formula and ways to present data in an attractive and easy-to-understand manner.”

Zhang Jiawen,

“Macros has helped to shorten time spent on re-doing work! Also, F5 is a pretty powerful button to populate/ delete cells! time-saving tips indeed.”


“Learnt new solutions which will help save time related to processing of information with the use of pivot tables. Learnt how to use vlookup which will help speed up my consolidation of information.”

Too Jie Sern,

“Problem : Eye ball thru volumes data (figures) from various sources for data analysis. Soln: The know-how of Vlookup really benefit in combining the data required in 1 worksheet for further analysis. Benefit : Save time and effort from toggle b/w different worksheets. ”

Goh Puay Chee, MINDEF

“There are many formulaes and tools excel capabilities that I am unaware of. Therefore, during the midst of my work, excel functions that I have used are usually the standard ones. The course has helped me to discover many other excel capabilities that could be potentially useful during the course of my work. ”

Jenny Tan, Ministry of Defence

“Got to know about the "Month" function. This definitely save much time compared to current way of "eye-balling".”

Hsu Hui,

“I have to manage many different Excel spreadsheets and data sources. It is very time consuming to maintain and extract data from the Excel files. We also often have to double check our workings many times in order to make sure that we have not added the numbers wrongly. The course has given me many ideas as to how to use Excel formulas to speed up work processes and to make us work more efficiently. Also, as Senior Management has become more demanding in their requests for more regular updates, I have to present data in the Dashboard format every month. This course has helped me to think of ways to minimize manually compiling the report monthly and help me save time!”

Lim Yuan Ping,

“The course has taught me how to present my training data in a nicer way using Pivot Table. Previously I would create individual table for my training data when i need them. But using Pivot Table I can create all the tables and choose the table I want to present.”

Mohamad Raffi Bin Mohamad, Ministry of Home Affairs

“The 'Business Analysis with Excel' course has illustrated the use of the various functions of excel in the practical sense, allowing us to comprehend and appreciate the use of this tool in getting our day-to-day tasks done in a more efficient manner.”

Katharine Ong, Ministry of Manpower

“Learnt a lot of new & helpful concepts to help with the monitoring of statistics and figures using charts, pivot tables and dashboard.”

Patrina Ng, Ministry of Manpower

“I was oblivious how Excel can be used to do statistics. After attending this course, I learnt several new skills from this course. I managed to take away many new skills like pivot tables, vlookup and many other useful formulas. This course is really amazing. Recommended!”

Luo Jiahui, Ministry of Manpower

“Learned some tricks like the waterfall chart and the offset function. It will be come in useful.”

Pek Ming Li,

“After going through the course, I believe I am able to maximise my time consolidating the excel from different excel sheet with lesser time. Solution was also made for the problems I have been facing, and I believe it will assist me in my monthly report for my branch.”

Mohamad Hafiz Bin Mohamad Yusof, Ministry of Manpower

“I managed to gain fundamental knowledge on building macros in excel. I can now build macros to automate tedious data distribution and consolidation. ”

Tristan Chiang Jin Fan, Ministry of Manpower

“I am able to learn more useful functions (eg Top 10 etc) when I used vlookup and also other useful formula like "sumif", "countif" etc. Very useful for my course of work.”

Eileen Tan Geok Peng,

“I've benefitted from the practices and formulas used from the course. I can use it in my course of work.”

Kenneth Ang,

“Better understanding on how I can analyse data and make use of the different functions in excel and it saves time spent to use Excel.”

Sabrina Lee,

“Automatically update values water chart functions key Add Interactivity to the dashboard ”

Chou Yunn Mer Joyce, National Institute of Education

“Jason has helped to shorted my quotation with his vast knowlege of functions in Excel. I especially enjoyed the last day of the class when Jason used a real-life example to share with the class. Thank you very much for your patience Jason! I enjoyed the class very much!”

Chew Ngian, NCS

“The course has helped me to work with Pivot Table in massaging the data that I have. And to learn to work with formulas and shortcuts which I never realised Excel can do. ”

Lau Kuan Chiat, NCS

“Clearer about how to use formulas and pivot tables. Need to use actual data to practise what was taught. With formulas, there will be instances where one will not know that the formula is wrong.”

Kwek Jim See,

“I am given a worksheet of data to work on that does not come in the format I need to work on. I spend many nights, manually "cleaning up". Now I know after attending this course, how easy it is to get what I needed in a very short time. ”

Mark Lee, NCS

“This course really enlighten me a lot on various useful formula that i wasn't aware of before this course. Though in my field of work, i don't need to generate very extensive table to present but i do use excel to help sorting my test data to check results of my testing. ”

Law Poh Geok, NCS



“Learnt the use of some features in excel in managing database, especially in using pivot table to extract data for presentation”

Teo Kheng Hwa, NCs Pte Ltd

“As a IT Presale which I work on costsheet during the solution , it would help me to maniupulate fast to show different figure when the solution changes.”

Victor Sia, NCS PTE LTD

“The skills and tactics shared help shave off time spent during my pre-sales proposal preparation and also during the data analysis in my job.”

Choy Yat Kin,

“Almost 70% of the things I've learnt in this course are totally new to me. A specific problem which I have was unable to extract part of the information from a cell. Didn't know this was possible until I went through this course. It saves me a lot of time by using the formulas, instead of having to cut and paste one by one.”

Patricia ,

“Problem: (Long List of Cost Sheet, Price List, Supplier List, Equipment List) Solution: Using Formulas and examples in the training to analyse data.”

Calvin Chin, NCS-CE

“Ranking method is very useful in my course of work and save me a lot of time & stress and I have learn new things in pivot table and it is very interesting.”

Irene Toh, NCSS

“Would be useful in my future work. Since it has just been a week since we learned the advanced features, have not put it to use yet. But I think I definitely will from next month onwards! It will help me to plan my visits when I do checks on Childcare Centres as I can extract the necessary information as and when needed”

Monica Lim,

“Excel is a powerful tool for designing my questionaire for manpower survey as I can save money on temp staff to do data entry! It helps me greatly in my analysis of data too as I can customise what information to retrieve and how to present my results.”

Ng Hwee Choon, NCSS

“Learned the uses and features of the pivot table and the pivot charts that would be useful for future presentations in my course of work”

Malar Parndian,

“Formula taught were usesful, such as the Countif and Sumif, so were conditional formatting, and Macros. ”

Willy Ong,

“Able to create drop down list for our tracking documents = time savings because we used to key in the data manually. ”

Janice Weng,

“After attended the course, have an basic understand on how to use formula to save time and what formula to use for each problem faced at work. Short cut that I can use in my work which I previously unaware.”

Irene Toh, NCSS

“Consolidate data in 2 different worksheet. Something that I will try out at my workplace. ”

Teo Lizhen, NCSS

“Know the functions of MS query, pivot tables and formatting etc. This is help to speed up administrative work.”

Seng Liping,

“Pivot Tables and MS Query really helped in my need to consolidate and draw out different permutations of raw data in a quick and efficient way. I also appreciated the other tips.”

Joann Chen,

“ was interested to see if I could consolidate all my information that gets reported in my dept. The templates are not the same. I still would need to format the data on the individual reports. But I think using what I have learnt here I could save time using the formulas and all. So perhaps once I have tried, I shall let you know. Need practise first. ”

Patricia Reincastle ,

“Currently we have a long list of scholars under different schemes and we need to extract the information manually for reports.The most useful part would be the pivot table and chart as well as MS Query to generate information as part of scholarships & schemes administration and management. By using these tools I would be able to generate different type of tables that show different trends under the scholarship & scheme that we are managing. ”

Juliana Johari,

“1. Using tracking in the shared files to check the amendments done by other colleagues. 2. Using the various formulas, pivot table and MSquery to process excel is definitely useful in shortening the hours of work.”

Jonathan Chang, NCSS

“Pivot table is very useful to collate and compare data sets. Having a greater understanding of how formulas are formed also would help me to understand excel files that come with formulas.”

Sherlyn Ang,

“Usage of pivot table and MS Query as they are helpful in pulling out data from workbooks with a lot of fields and analyse the data”

Cheryl Phua, NCSS

“I used to compare worksheets by arranging them side by side on the screen, and then screen out the differences. Now I know I can use vlookup. It would really save a lot of time.”

Chiam Mei Si, NCSS

“A few days ago, I had trouble removing duplicates in a name list so the part on removing duplicates was helpful. Time savings tips, pivot table analysis, vlookup.”

Li Ting,

“Learnt ways and formulas on how to extract, present and analyze data in a faster and more effective way.”

Jasmine Chua, NCSS

“It has taught me how to better manage the data so that I can make useful analysis (i.e. using the pivot table to save a lot more time than re-organising the data manually from scratch). It has also taught me more options on how to analyse and manage data, which I wouldn't have known before. ”

Huang Moli, NCSS

“Information on the type of nominations done/ funds received for each 400+ agencies are residing in different files. It is tedious to track and pull out information and consolidate into 1. Also, whenever we need the information, staff have to look at whether there are any updates on new nominations/ funds received. It is very tedious to do so. macros could help solve the issue.”

Siliang, NCSS

“Excel is a powerful software whereby numerous data can be captured in the worksheet. I learn some of the short cuts such as copy & paste functions. I hope to improve and shorten the process in due time whenever I do my work.”

Annie Choy,

“I have to deal with excel sheet data every month to do a monthly report. There were a lot of manual work. New formulas like Countif, Sumif, Match, Offset and features like waterfall charts will help me to count down on the preparation time and present data in a more professional way. Also, I learnt new features of the pivot table in calculating formulas and pivot charts. ”

Yeo Siew Mui,

“No specific problems, but being exposed to the many formulas certainly helped! I have not tried using pivot tables before so I'm sure this skill will come in handy.”

Glenn Yeo,

“This course has enable me to manage and retrieve information from multiple data files and create meaningful tables and charts”

Lee Ker Peng, PUB

“I had a better understanding of the formulas that were taught in the course. Also, an introduction to the use of MS Query, which will be very useful for my work (i.e. archiving and retrieval of survey data from mulitiple studies)”

Christina Tan,

“editing macro which can help to save on manual calculation. for e.g. the average function. ”

Stephanie Tan,

“It is interesting to realise that Excel can automate dashboard and a powerful tool to use for reporting. I certainly will try to automate some of our dashboard reporting.”

Jacqueline Koh, Public Service Division

“Consolidation of data using MS query. Time saving and less error occurrence. Discovered more tips and tricks for pivot table”

Tan Mei Shan,

“Wow. all the shortcuts, and fastest ever way I have seen. Amazing! Esp on the macro, ms query, that can help to auto-connect all the data. ”

Sally Ong,

“I've learnt about pivot tables and macros which I never used before in my daily work. But the knowledge will come in beneficial if I am required to use these functions in future.”

Cynthia Phua, Science and Engineering Institutes

“I am able to sort data in a shorter time-frame, and this benefits during the appraisal cycle as I have a substantial amount of data to handle and accuracy is key.”

Tricia Tan,

“I have better understanding of how to use the interactive dashboard reporting, this was definite save alot of my time in using the manual data input. Analysis the aging report will be more efficiency.”

Loo Guat Sim,

“The course has helped me to simplify the work processes which helps to save a lot of time in doing up reports. It also has taught me how to manage data better.”

Rabiatul Adawiyah Rahmad, Singapore Customs

“Updating of same information to two separate excel files. Jason suggested to have a master list in which only a one time updating is needed. Shortcut keys such as F5 proves to be very efficient in removing objects from the particular excel sheet instead of having to delete the object individually. Pivot table and vlookup will help me in my job when I need to handle reports. Thank you Jason!”

Nor Shafiqah,

“I'm able to set validation functions on my excel database at work, minimizing errors accidentally done by colleagues.”

Siti Farhana,

“The following functions learnt will help to overcome current problems faced/ improve current work processes; MS Query, MAcro, TRIM function, and some of the formulas introduced.”

Kumkum Rai,

“Able to understand vlookup on data. Save times working on data Eg. Able to sort directly from pivotable & the application of macro”


“The course created awareness on the relevant tools that can be applied by the unit which will contribute towards enhancing the unit's capacity and outcomes.”


“a) VLOOKUP will help me to match data across source files quickly. I often received statistical requests to provide additional data that the requestor does not have. This additional data usually resides in a different source file, and all my colleagues have always been using a brute force method to match the data. 2) Consolidating data using MS Query will also save me a lot of time to compile master lists.”

Tan Mei Yan,

“Saving time to input data, learnt shortcuts, more familiar with functions and formulas in excel which are necessary for my daily work. ”

Fathiah Abdul Samad, Singapore Police Force

“For big data files - time saving to find the required records for processing and analysis. Appending of files with different structures - new solution & time saving.”

Ng Siew Wha,

“Course provided relevant solutions in terms of the following areas: Tabulating of elapsed time in terms of dates, merging of repeated cases with the same data file, matching data across multiple worksheets and merging of different workbooks. Use of v-look up and ms-query is very useful. Content was directly relevant to work and managing of data bases.”

Mark Toh,

“1)Case Matching and creating unique identifiers. 2) Creating pivot table for easy analysis 3) Merging of databases and removal of duplicate entries with ease 4) Shortcuts”


“I have been using primitive method to derive the dashboards. This course gives me new ideas to be able to make changes without having to repeat the whole process.”

Eileen Lim, SUTD

“Ive learnt a new way of keeping my database neat and a shorter way of getting the datas well organised by using pivot table.”

Nurhidayah, WDA

“Pivot table to extract information from raw data for weekly report on new cases. Also, tips on some fx formulas that I make use in my course of work. ”

Judy Lee, WDA

“Able to sort data using subtotal and pivot, knowing how to fill up the fields and analysing it in clean and neat manner. ”

Lee Hsui Jane, WDA

“Problem: Filtering a large amount of PES data. Benefits: Time saving, knowing a lot of different shortcuts and solutions to tackle a problem, merging different worksheets into one main worksheet and the pivot table for statistical usage.”

Ong Annie,

“Jason went through actual case scenarios and thus allowed us to be able to be able to directly relate to our everyday work, exploring possible alternatives that would be useful in helping to save time and effort.”


“I have learn that the vlookup and pivot table can save me lots of time instead of manually counting the numbers from the file in doing my statistic of our staff performance. Have also learn new features which will enable me to set new targets”

Romy Faizal, WDA

“I use a lot of pivot table in my work and knowing functions and shortcuts in Excel would be able to help me save time in doing reports. ”

Sakinah Ishak, WDA

“To find the trends (age, gender, edu levels, barriers, etc) for the Long Term Unemployed (LTU) data. Using a pivot table to do a detailed report to find out what are some of the trends or barriers etc.”

Ho Sok Yee, WDA

“Learn to do the pivot table and also the condition formatting. It will be helpful for me in my work.”

Kumutha Gopala Krishnan, WDA

“Ability to create a macro which formats cells so I need not waste time repeating the steps over and over again while working with data.”

Anita Solomon,

“During the course of my work, I need to manage my data in excel. The pivot table will definitely help me in managing my data and it will definitelly save my time.”

Doreen Choo, WDA

“The training on the use of pivot table course has been most useful. With this knowledge, I can now proceed with the re-arrangement of data in my current worksheets knowing very well that I will be able to extract useful information with less hassle.”

Minna Foo, WDA

“I have benefited the MS Query function. I really like the function combine 3 difference sources of data into 1 worksheets. I really impress with MS Query Function and will definitely make use of it when I back to the office.”

Noralizah Bte Aziz, WDA

“creating pivot table, macro to help in report generation, combining data from different sources & putting it in the way my supervisor can understand”

Yvette Yeo,

“The IF Formula has helped to identify and differentiate the different age group under my profile in my database. In addition, I have also learnt quite a few shortcut methods in Excel to make my work / task more effectively and efficiently. ”

Cecilia Ng ,

“Although I have heard and seen how powerful the pivot table tool is from my colleagues but I always have phobia of using it as it looks very complicated. After taking on this course, I have gained more confidence in using it. The trainers are very patient to explain each function in a logical manner. I have benefitted alot from this course. ”

Kristine Huang,