What course participants say about us


“I was having issue understanding pivot table and I feel that this training has given me a better grasp of the concept and the wonders of pivot table”

Rebecca Tan, SEB

“I do not use Excel in my work. The new functions that I've learned will be useful when I next use Excel.”

Barbara Chua,

“Dealing with massive data receiving from many sources on monthly basis, as such various excel formulas will assist in making the report consolidation much faster and easier”


“1) duplicates can be prevented using MS Query 2) Save time in compiling data using functions such as go to”

Tieo Weixin,

“I have a clearer understanding now on how the Pivot tables work and I can apply to my daily works.”

Tan Suat Chiew, Angelin, Great Eastern Life

“Vloopup will benefit me tremendously in my current practice of manually do employee data statistics reporting. Will the help of the function, I am able to sort them according to the requirement set by management.”

Joan Ler, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Pte Ltd

“This course has provided me solutions to reduce my time spending in sorting data and presenting the top 10 securities in a portfolio.”

Tieo Weixin,

“This course allow us to create a interactive dashboard with all raw data linked to source database that allow user to present updates with updating of database.”


“The courses provide me with all the solutions to further enhance the efficeny of my data generating using excel in work.”

Darren Tang,

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