What course participants say about us


“Managed to get a solution on some of the excel problems faced during finance reporting. Eg. 1) Conversion of date from text to date format, Copy of formula for filtered data without going into hidden cells etc..”

Grace Fong Yee San, Calpeda Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Time savings on clearing up on unwanted data. Improve pivot skills. Learnt new skills on macro to compile data from different worksheets. Save time on work.”

Mabel Eng, Ebara Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have to generate salary reports for the Finance Department on a monthly basis and have learnt how to use Subtotal and Summary which will help me tremendously in terms time.”

Poh Lay Hoon, Hilti Far East Pte Ltd

“Currently still in Excel 2003, hence, will not be able to know the benefits and time saving.”

Geraldine Koh,

“Benefit more on creating formula in order to achieve a better result in the shortest time. However, it needs more times to digest and practice to see a quickest result. ”

DORIS HOO, MKS Instruments (S) Pte Ltd

“I find macro recording comes in handy. It saves time in performing repetitive tasks when working on reports.”

Sabrina Ng, MKS Instruments (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“This course has introduced to me more useful functions in Excel that can improve the productivity in work.”

Brian Chong,

“This course have though me how to link informations from different spreedsheet effectively and correctly.”

Wee Kok Leong, Patrick, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

“Used to spend a lot of time to complete an report, this course help me to understand an easy and faster way to produce report ”

Koh Bong Chee,

“Learnt how to present charts and reports using pivot table which only shows what my boss is interested to see”

Honey Lim, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

“instead of copy and paste, learn the fast way to fill up the data, and the functions help to analysis data faster ”

LIU JUAN, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

“It increase my productivity in getting information I required, especially the pivot files and macro.”

Lee Sok Fun, Tracey,

“Found solution to consolidate data from different workbooks which used to be time-consuming and repetitive.”

Kenneth Ng, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

“Customer Compliant extraction takes alot of time & each month need to spend quite alot of time in consolidating, creating Pivot table & charts. Through this course I learnt on how to make it faster & auto-refresh the contents (MS Query- Creation of Pivot Table & chart) - hopefully i can save atleast 50% or more of the time from currently spending.”

Felix P.K.K, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

“Previously had to spend unproductive time and mundane effort to manually copy down data to blank rows for several spreadsheets, this is my best benefit to learn the shortcut trick of using Go To Special -> Blanks -> "={prev cell}" -> Ctrl-Enter.”

Leng Leng,

“Little tricks learnt such as F5, copy to blanks and many of formulas such as sumif and averageif. These are helpful and definitely save precious time.”

Judy Yeoh, NatSteel Holdings Pte Ltd

“I learnt the concept of date and hour. It's been an issue when working with data downloaded from my company's database. Prior to this class, I had to do manually convert the data, then I could start to work with the assignment. After I learnt the the trick and couple times practice, I am sure I can eliminate this unnecesary data conversion. ”

Hendra Kusumo,

“Facing long time looking for data from onw worksheet and paste on another worksheet. After attending the course I can save time on the process.”

Lee Siew Yan Jeannie, NCS Communications Engineering Pte Ltd

“I have learnt the powerful of using formulas to prepare a detailed price contract in much a shorter time frame by saving about 20% of the time and with much less mistake.”

Sharon Long, NCS Group

“I have learnt the usefulness of pivot table which enable me to consolidate and present pivot chart and data to my management. ”

Marilyn Tan, NCS Group

“Managing data is tedious. In this course, I have learn some of the short cut way, which can actually help me to do my work fast.”


“1) Using Pivot table in more effective way in arranging and presenting. 2) Using Marco to create data faster.”

Lim hui Peng, Singapore Technologies Kinetics

“1) New function learn to improve time savings. 2) Refresh and better understanding of Excel.”

Alvin Kang,

“learning the basics of how to run a macro / split files, plus many other useful little tips on how to save time using excel.”

Paul hazeldine, Special Metals

“Pivot Table would definitely be useful in my scope of work for sales/finance data analysis”

Chang Mei Choo, Special Metals Pacific Pte Ltd

“Cutting down time spent on worksheets with the "short-cuts" and formulas and presenting tables with more flexibility and incorporating more useful data”

Jasmine Loh, Special Metals Pacific Pte Ltd

“Provided working examples that can help in consolidation and segregation of data for data analysis and reporting eg consolidation of data from separated files.”

Poon Chan Hoe, ST Kinetics

“- Learn how to use Vlookup - Get to know alot of formular and shortcut key. - F4, F5 key - Alot more on Pivot table”

Lee Sock Hoon, ST Kinetics

“Learned how to use different types of formula to apply in individual work sheets. Save time to prepare manpower reports Improve productivity ”

Michelle Wong, UE Managed Solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd.

“Problem faced - to compare results of one file to another; course solved - by using IF and VLOOKUP formulas; benefits - time savings”


“I have explored the new feature of new version of excel those never use before in my daily jobs. I hope can give me productive result in my engineering field and business decision making.”

Yan San Oo, Richard, W K C Engineering Services

“Have always find it time consuming to generate the payroll reports as there are alot of manual calculation even though they are in excel sheet. Alot of formulas are not known until this course. For example finding resignee and new employees every month. This is all possible with the VLOOKUP and also the pivot table which make headcount report much easier than I thought it is. Which I always have to count them according to departments manually.”

Shurong, Yongnam Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd