What course participants say about us


“I have been working with Pivot table but I don't know how to create. I was so thankful that now at least I can now create my own pivot table which is very essential with my work as I always deal with numbers and I need to generate reports with different settings set up by my manager. Also I learned the use of vlookup and macros. I also learned the if functions which is very helpful when if do analysis of reports. ”


“Pivot Table will able to solve many of reporting problem from sorting to filtering and the one we move the row n column make a diffrence to the report.”

Alvin Cai, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd

“I understand what are the logic behind the formulas, and know how to use more useful formulas for my work. Save time!”

Shernie Yeo Xue Ni, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd

“The course will help me better manage by database and pivot table, learned funtion and forumla that help me with pivot table for presentaiton and also learned how to share my master database with other colleagues.”

Cindy Chew, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd

“The training is relevant and applicable, not typical textbook-driven classroom-type exposition. Although I did not come with specific issues, I could see the applicability of what I have learnt in this course to the various ways I am currently using Excel. From the real world examples brought up by the trainer and participants, I could see ways that I could use macros in my workplace. Macros have been made more 'approachable' in the presentation of the course.”

Song Mei Ling,

“I learnt so many new things on excel, a lot of things that I have never known before, that we can do consolidation in effective way, and during the training I was having so many difficulties in remembering the step on doing coding, hopefully after practicing more later on, I can apply this learning to my job to be more effective”


“Data analysis was done very manually in my organisation. Going through this course grant me insights of what I would never expect to happen in Excel. With the correct way of combining formulas, work previously done in days can be done in minutes.”

Nicholas Soh, Institute for Adult Learning

“Able to use data from different sources. Many short cut available which I am not familiar with or have not use before. ”

Abdul Rahmat Bin Mordiffi,

“Be able to widen my knowledge on Excel and learn new function eg Pivot Table, Formula and Consolidate Data frm Different Workbooks.”

Faridah bte Salleh, ITE

“Countif, relative and absolute cell reference - able now to extract pertinent information information on donors and students when the need arises. Time savings estimated to be around 40%.”

Jessie Lee, Katong School

“1) Vlook up function 2)combine files and data for analysis 3) the pace and content is adequate to increase productivity at work.”


“I think this course is practical and very useful. It will be good to have another course targetted at beginner users with a full day component for practice.”

Gabrielle Lew, Ministry of Education

“Knowing new tips and tricks about formulas enable me to apply in my normal course of work as sometimes, I might have used a more 'long-winded' way to get the data I wanted.”

Sherrie Lim, Ministry of Education

“Currently doing my charts and tables in a very manual way. Now I learnt tricks and shortcuts to save time.”

Sherrie Lim, Ministry of Education

“previously i had to do manual matching of customer and user details. I think with practice (with more time) i may resolve my issue with the use of Vlookup. I also have issues on my form that i have online. The requestors do not follow instructions and i have learnt how i can use conditional formatting to highlight the row to indicate to users not to key in any information. Hopefully that will reduce the complication of the "usage issue".”

Kalai, Ministry of Education

“Learning of new excel functions (e.g. vlookup, pivot table, use of macros) which will greatly increase efficiency. Also, the little tips and shortcuts etc.”

Glenda Quek,

“Will explore to see whether the pivot table will solve the working for the monthly budget report”

Tan Yuet Ing,

“MS query - Pull data from different sources, consolidate and present into a report. Remove blank row/columns in a faster manner.”

Gracia Tye, MOE

“Learn new solutions and time savings especially shortcut function keys etc. Problem of remembering them unless we practice or use often in our work.”

Chan Yuet Kuen,

“Combining different spreadsheets - We need to consolidate Learning & Development Plans from the various sch/depts into a master L&D plan. With the function of adding records from various data sources, we can combine without worrying about the human error of copying and pasting.”

Pauline Chen Tingting,

“We shared our problems at work, which highlighted some of the problems we face but do not realise (except for the most prominent problems). Along the way, Jason shared how to solve other's problems, which gives me insight on how I can improve on my own workflow.”

Tiffany Lim,

“Ideas for new solutions to work situation (however not covered indepth enough during the course to implement). ”


“Ideas for new solutions to work situation (however not covered indepth enough during the course to implement). ”


“I can seperate and find the data I want more efficiently and faster. And I can use more functions to consolidate and shorten my formula.”

Too Li Li, NTU

“Gained insights with the function of merging data of two databases. Pivot charts and tables are also useful tools in presenting reports. These definitely will shorten the time in future when I consolidate database and generate reports. Helpful tips are given throughtout the classes.”

Soh Ee Lian,

“Various excel formulas, such as vlookup as well as the pivot table. Yes, it certainly saves time with good use of the functions and formulas in Excel.”

Eunice , NTU

“Time Saving and a easier way to produce the same result of work, by using the Excel skills that I have learned.”

Megan Chan,

“The course helped me to rethink sets of data in Excel and present them in an efficient manner. This will help me to save a lot of time in updating current database/ worksheets and improving them.”

Valencia Evelyn, NTU

“Finally solve how to consolidate student results in another workbook into the main database.”

Goh Xian Hui,

“I learned many new knowledge about EXCEL and have chances to practice functions that I never use before, such as Vlookup, Search, Text to Columns, etc. This will help me to clean up raw data from online surveys.”

Tzu-Yin Kuo, Vicky,