What course participants say about us


“I had learnt a lot of excel tricks which I have never got to know of and these are very helpful to save my time at work. ”


“Macros is no longer a mystery to me and I am able to implement more complex formula as well as use some of the quick function keys. ”

Ng Seow Yean, 3M

“I used to spend a substantial amount of time through trial and error when creating a chart from data in a pivot table. Through this course, I learnt how to use pivot charts. This has helped me reduce the amount of time I spent trying to work out a nice chart for presentation.”

Hwee Ping, 3M

“Some of the useful tip and function, like Goto, it helps to save time. Thinking process in the course make you apply the technique and excel knowledge that are taught.”

Lai Wan Ning, 3M Asia Pacific

“This course is extremely useful for intermediate users of Excel. Through this course, I learnt to use MS Query and Pivot table for consolidating huge amount of crucial data. It will definitely save me a lot of precious time to focus on other job roles, I would recommend to anyone who would like to save time and still be able to be productive when processing and analysing data.”

Melanie Low, 3M Asia Pacific

“In my daily job, I need to use Excel to compile report to present to my bosses and some of the step I needed to use a longer time to prepare due the basics knowledge that I have. After attending this course, I felt that the compile and generate time have shorten. ”

Anfernee Ang Seng Joo,

“I can now compile different sources from different files without having to spending so much time everyday in compiling them.”

Lee Wei Ting, Abwin Trading Pte Ltd

“In my day-to-day planning function, I have to manage a lot of data, to translate these data into meaning reports for analysis and planning purpose. This course has enabled me to use some useful formulas & functions to get the report I want in a reduced time. ”

Lynn Soon, Acushnet Singapore Pte Ltd

“In my organisation, we need to analyse & present data at a regional level. However, our data is only available in separate tables by country . I learn how to merge data from these files & present them at a consolidated level. The pivot charts are also very useful in presenting our KPIs on a regular basis.”

Patrina Kuek, Acushnet Singapore Pte Ltd

“Had understand on the download and merging of two different files. This will actually save time for down loading reports for weekly meeting”

Irisa Tham, Acushnet Singapore Pte Ltd

“Macro and learning about charts that show most recent results. Help to improve efficiency in repetitive tasks and constant manual updates. Definitely time saving, and hopefully I will be able to explore new solutions in future.”

Jascelyn Teo,

“I need to enter repetitive data when generating monhtly report and it's very time consuming. In this course, I learn to use VLookup to auto complete hence reduce time in entering repetitive data. ”

Tan Hwee Huan,

“Learning vlookup and using microsoft query. It has helped me to organise my documents better.”

Annie , Agilent Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have benefit from the course on the following.. time saving, a good revision, answer my queries of the problem that I have faced in my work. ”

Lydia Yip, Agilent Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd

“We have tons of data back in office and with the new tools learned, hours and hours of long-winded tasks will be eradicated. More importantly, valuable references can be created to imcrease productivity.”

Morhan Karup, Amega Global Pte Ltd

“From what being taught, it seemed that I am able to save time in managing my monthly reports. Only need time to practice after return to office. ”

Zakiyah Binte Mohd Shah, Canon (S) Pte Ltd

“Organising data using pivot table and using macro recording to write macros to reduce repetitive work.”

Celine Cheok,

“It helps me to understand the details of macro better and reveal new things about macro and pivot tables.”

Jase Ng, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have been doing unnecessary sorting and counting, and not certain if I have made careless mistakes. With functions like countif, I can actually quickly obtain data I wanted accurately. I have also not realise that I can do subtotals for filtered cells, and even paste special such as visible cells only. The vlookup, pivot table, ms query and use of macros are entirely new to me. I believe they will help me perform numerous tasks I have spent hours and days on.”

Eric Liau,

“Pivot table will make it easier for me to work on my tabulation and will be more productive, however still need to time to improve.”

fabian chew, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have learned new formula: vlookup which I have to tally the quantity against every products for every month. ”

Rena Quah, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“Understanding the logic behind vlookup & pivot tables. Time saving of shortcuts to "fill in the blanks".”

Michelle Yeoh,

“Using MS query help me to consolidate engineers' monthly report to a overall performance report. Pivot table enable me to create reports from data files.”

Alvin Yeong, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have a better understanding to how Vlookup works and how to do a Pivot Table that will help me to collate sales summary weekly with less effort needed”

Peggy Chin, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“Pivot Table, Date manipulation, Conditional Formatting, VLOOKUP are only some of few things I have learnt that I can apply on my day to day reporting.”

Jessie Hermosilla Cordero,

“Pivot Table and MS Query is indeed helpful. Also the shortcut function helps to save alot of time in my work.”

Michelle Lee, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have problem understanding the logic behind common formulas like vlookup, sumif, pivot table; and how they are beneficial to my daily work. After attending this course I find that correct usage of these formulas will improve work efficiency and save time at work.”

Joalin Yong,

“I had problem with extracting data into charts. With pivot chart, it will definitely save more time, and also be more efficient in my job.”

Yuen Weng Wah, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have understand how to use MS Query in Pivot table can be use to better to retrieve information and retrieving data from multi file into a common data needed. using formula to retrieve data and condition. I believe it will help me to do my daily & monthly compilation faster. ”

Alastair Tan, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd

“Specifically VLOOKUP, this is new to me, as there are times when I would like to group product models, in major two groups (eg. B/W or Colour machines). I usually receive data from databases directly, only model numbers are available. However to study the different number of machines in each group, I can use this as a way for array checking and then enhance the pivot table later. This will save me a lot of time. ”

Yeo Seow Keng,

“cumbersome to combine info from different spreadsheet, learnt how to extract all needed data and put into one file. thus, will save time.”

Janice Tan,

“Have learnt how to effectively use Vlook-up and Pivot Table .This will surely save time and make the reports more viable.”

Kannan s/o Krishnan Singh,

“Consolidation of data for quarterly reports - Time consuming and taxing to input, verify and compare data - will try to use pivot table and chart to help and save time”

Teo Hui Shan Aderyn,

“This will help to easily consolidate the monthly sales reports for different product across different countries.”


“till I attended this course that I realise on the important of using excel that is so I have a better knowledge of using it/”


“I was previously dealing with consolidation reports, which involved a lot of copying and pasting. With this course, I have learnt how to use VLOOKUP to reduce unnecessary data entry, as well as using pivot tables to better organize the data.”

Joseph Chong Say Cheong, CANON SINGAPORE PTE LTD

“Spend a lot of time collating different worksheets at this moment. Can use MS query now. Able to analysis data more efficiently.”


“lost in the if function sometimes, but the way of separate the group first help on formula”


“This course has enabled me to learn more on how to speed up on the excel process especially pivot tables. Enabling me to merge different source of documents into one main file. ”


“Using VLookup to query a cell's contents against a list. Using Pivot Tables to generate summary reports.”


“This course enables me to learn how to fix number formats in pivot tables (which saves me time to keep changing the format after I edit the pivot table) and also to count the number of alphabets within a cell (which helps me to calculate the number of words to key into A-Fusion system so that the alignment for invoice description will look good).”


“Consolidation of data (case 7) - saves time. Auto filter and data range selection - saves time. Macro - minimises tedious repetitive steps.”


“Better manage information / data from various excel sources, allowing better analysing of info.”

Eric Yang, Canon Singapore PTE LTD

“Know about using the vlookup function that I can use for my price list generation. Learnt some short cuts , that is time saving when using excel.”

Sk Ng,

“Report can be combine easily by using MS query. Save time by using Macro to reduce repeating step.”

Tay Yu Siew Selene, Canon Singapore PTE LTD

“Time saving, better and more efficient way to handling data and provide clear detail in more representative manner”

Leong Kok Khuen Alex,

“The speed test, copy and paste function, as I always have raw data tables from system, which needs formatting. The course also provide me with new insights into excel which helps me to think more creative than before ”

Loo Suat Chin ,

“Pivot table. The pivot table will helps me to complete my monthly report effectively which required alots data analysis. ”

Elicia Pong Ka Hui, Canon Singapore PTE LTD

“I have faced the problem of spending a lot of time compiling data which usually takes 2 hours doing repetitive actions. After the training, I can use Macro and other Excel formulas to replicate the repetitive process with only one-click function to do the same job in seconds. Thus, can potentially reduce by more than half of the time.”

Edwin Chen Chia Pau, Canon Singapore PTE LTD



“learning new way of solution like change the range in pivot table which can help in time savings.”

Jamie Tan, Carl Zeiss Pte Ltd

“managed to explore the different function of excel e..g pivot table,msquery, macro will definitely explore the above to see hope the above can save some of my time.”

Rachel Tan,

“Hidden Secret in Date Analysis with excel would help me to be more efficient on my keying data excel area”

Kiki Pang,

“Able to use logic from excel and inbuild into macro. Very beneficial as it enhances my excel skills as well.”

Alexis Xu, Charles & Keith

“Able to use macro to eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks such as splitting data into separate worksheets”


“Learnt: Combining data from different worksheets into 1 Benefits: Problem Solution/Time Savings”

Lai Mei Ling, Cold Storage

“Better understanding about formulas, pivots and shortcuts learnt which will definitely make my work more efficient.”

Joanne Tan, Crocs Singapore Pte Ltd



“From the course, I have learn several formulas which will help me in my daily work. I gain knowledge in preparing summary or consolidation worksheet that really help in saving time.”

Tungku Noor Asiah Omar,

“Trainers are very knowledgeable and were able to understand my problems specifically and help resolve them. The solution of auto refreshing my PivotTables via MS Query will save me so much time by simply updating my database and letting Excel do the rest. Macro function will save me substantial time as well in allowing me to automate a few tasks i do on a daily basis.”

Eleen Lim, DSM Food Specialities

“I have learn how to create a pivot table, MS Query which are more efficient for my work when using this functions.”

Alison Lai,

“The quick tips and understanding of the usage of the functions. Yes certainly we can use for other areas of our work.”

Selina Tan, Du Pont Company (S) Pte Ltd

“Better understanding on using the pivot table and other formulas which was never use before.”

Jenn Hong, DuPont Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“This excel course has expanded my excel knowledge greatly. I am very sure what I learn will benefit me a long way, especially up keeping of the existing data entry.”

Elsa Leow , DuPont Company Singapore Pte Ltd

“I learnt how to use formulas and certain shortcut function keys so that I do not have to do the calculations manually. It helps in time savings and reduce errors. It also gave me ideas on how I can relook at some of my worksheets to get more useful data, e.g. through pivot table. ”

Yeo Pei Lin, DuPont Singapore

“The course has provided a shortcut of doing excel in longway. I gain further understanding of the power of pivot/ms query in excel in a methological way. It is only 2 days and still require lots of practices to fully grasped the higher level of pivot data analysis.”

Margaret Chua, EAC Industrial Ingredients (S) Pte Ltd

“I have learnt to use "Pivot Table & Pivot Chart". Also, I have also learnt to use my time efficiently utilizing tips and tricks discussed during the training course. ”

Kim, Injoo (Angela),

“I am sure it has solve all the time in digging in different files to locate what my boss need and putting them all together. With the new skills though in this course I will be able to complete my job in shorter time. ”

Phoebe Lim, Fusion Cosmetice Pte Ltd

“I will be able to better make sense of the data that I have on hand, especially when it comes to marketing spend and on which brands. ”

Debbie Chua, Fusion Cosmetics

“I have learn new formula to do my monthly reporting file.its help to save the process time.”

Sandy Beh Siew Kiang,



“It has given me insights on how different sets of reports can be derived from one database. More indept understanding of commands and formulas.”

LouAnne Oh, Fusion Cosmetics Pte Ltd

“During this course, I learnt that we can insert column with formula in a pivot table. This will definitely help to save time. Previously I actually create the pivot table then paste value into a new worksheet before I can insert new columns with calculations.”

Shanice Lian, Hersheys Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“It helped me how to simplify the way I maintain the reports, by linking the graphs with the drop down cell and using related functions”

Florianne , HP

“Learn new formulae OFFSET & MATCH Also to create speedometer, to replace bar with arrow in waterfall chart”

Jessie How,

“I have always been clueless about the power of Excel, doing many things the manual way like counting amount in cells and doing manual layouts. To me Excel has always been just another program I layout my reports with. But after attending this Excel course, I realised that there is so much more power stored in Excel to help enhance and make efficient daily work reports that I have to do especially with ensuring accurate details in figures in big amounts. I'm sure as I continue to explore what has been taught, I will be able to save alot more time and stop pulling my hair out while I face my reports again. ”

Rachelle Low, Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd

“I use excel to analyse my customers performance every month. I have forgotten the more advanced functions available in excel since varsity days. These are functions such as vlookup, pivot table. I am now familiariazing myself with these functions in my work - saves me time from getting a colleague who is expert in excel to get the analysis up. Great empowerment on my end!”

Lee Ching Yee,

“Course equip me the knowledge to work with multiple data sources, use formulas and short cuts.”

Sharon Tan Poh Geok,

“I will help me to prepare/cosolidate data needed by my job. It has covers more that what I need to know. Just need more practice and time to apply it.”

Tan Ee Tze, Life Technologies

“Extracting and compiliing data from large number of files into a single workbook for easy perusal.”

Chiang Mei Yee, Life Technologies

“I have a clearer idea on how macros are created and it will help to minimize human error and effort.”

Tew Beng Yong,

“For software requirements and test cases traceability, test & defect reporting and test data anlysis on life science software application testing. To improve test productivity and test efficiency”

Neo Soon Hoe, Life Technologies

“I have learnt how to create template for easier data analysis, to consolidate data from different files and most importantly understand how macro works. ”

Poh Qiu Yun, Life Technologies

“This course provides foundation knowledge of Macro, which allows me to solve the problems with confidence ”

Ma Jing, Life Technologies

“Eg. Camera Tool. It is useful to be use in presenting all charts and tables onto 1 A3 size Due to job scope, other learnings are unlikely to be applied”

Eileen Ang,

“In the past, I used to have difficult times when it comes to calculation and working on the database. This course has greatly benefited me on how to use the formula efficiently & time saving when applying to my daily works. I find it very resourceful and beneficial to me. ”

Whelan Lee, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

“Able to extract information from pivot table and draw chart for easy assessment of the customers using List function.”

Clifford Chua, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

“This course has provided me ideas on how I can better arrange the datas of inventory for better management of the ordering with the help of Pivot table.”

Clifford Chua, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

“Very practical and useful. Not the normal "dry" way of teaching. Very job related example cum solution.”

Kenny Chew, Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

“It gave me hints on shortcut that I can perform. eg F5. The logical steps explained on the formula is very helpful”

Rozali Affandi, MYLA

“Better understanding of how excel formulas work and definitely time savings when running my next report. No more manual pen and paper calculations and headache flipping between multiple excel windows.”

Rafeeqah, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

“time saving on data reporting, making use of formulas to analyse and extract, and report data”

Claire Leong,

“I realised that by using formulas/functions that process can be cut down by a lot. So we can be more efficient. Learn a whole lot of new tricks and tips that I was not aware, l excited!”

Helena Iswanty,

“Learning about MS Query - helps me to merge information from various source files Conditional Formatting - to highlight info like targets underachieved or overachieved”

Renee Ng, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

“consolidation of reports from different region into one file better understanding in using Pivot Table ”

Evelyn Tan, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

“True to the course's title, I discovered alot of gems hidden within Excel. Learnt a lot of tips and tricks to make my reporting and analysis more powerful and comprehensive.”

Jessie Lee, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

“I think i learn the better and more efficient way to tackle data and generate reports. It was an eye opener to learn the shorter and easier way.”

Chelsia Low, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

“1) Understand the way of organizing the raw data so that we can produce any report using the pivot table 2) Using macro to do work which have same pattern file”

Stephanie Ng,

“A very good understanding overview of the excel functions. it has help me to solve problems in the pivot table and also many ways of short cuts to save time.”

Jay Pua, Nestle (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“I am able to cut certain step to speed up the process when generate report. Example the Vlookup and speed test.”

Brandon Tan,

“Speed test helps because we have to deal with lots of raw data and convert it into reports that are in a user friendly format. Pivot charts - secondary axis will help with the preparation of PowerPoint slides. Isolating and dissecting the data into different components to better slice and dice the data, again into readable formats. ”

Melissa Wong,

“how to use the Marco and save the time on having to adjust the text and columns of the files.”

Janis Tham, Nestle (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“This course has taught me how to use easy formulae to cut down on the tedious process when I do my monthly sales allocation. Working smart is fun!”

David Tan, Nestle (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Trainer made an effort to understand our problem and inbuilt into the case study which helps me to have a better understanding on the scenario before proceeding with the macro. ”

Gan Siew Ching,

“Problem faced: How to do grouping for a set of similar data. Benefits: The trainer went through the exercise step by step and I was able to understand the logic is creating the sequence.”


“Microsoft excel is amazing, after using it for so many years, I have a better understanding of the functions of excel. I have learnt how to do pivot table and even MS Query so that I can have a more accurate data. ”

Yvonne Ong, Nestle Singapore

“I will be able to format raw datas into reports showing the monthly and yearly information.”

Bibi Ang, Nestle Singapore (Pte) Ltd

“Clearer now about Numbers and Dates formats, better understanding of Vlookup & Pivot table.”

Julie Tan,

“I am required to generate HR KPI reports which include a lot of parameters like headcount, turnover, demographics etc. I was able to learn and practice the use of pivot tables which will be very helpful in doing the analysis, simplifying and making sense out of the raw data.”

Garima Srivastava,

“no specific example but the vlookup & pivot table are great features that i can use in my data analysis”

Steve Chong,

“Helped me to generate pivot table to analyse data more concisely, calculated averages & percentages faster. Quick tips like the "end" button helped me to navigate data faster.”

Lim Yee Ling,

“Not only does it saves time, but more importantly reduces frustration! Its useful to know the choose, and if commands”

Ting Lee Hoon, NXP

“We use Pivot tables often. This course has help me to use the pivot tables extensively and make charts from the pivot tables as well. Quite often, charts are well understood and convey the essence of presentation. Moreover, charts are also interactive and each time they get updated when base data change.”

Pradip Muchhala, NXP Semiconductors Singapore Pte Ltd

“After attended this course, now I am able to use pivot table and v-look up which definitely will give a lot of benefit to my job.”

Yoppy Tan, Oil Spill Response Ltd

“Problem: Repeating the same set of steps for generating report. Solution: How to use Excel Macro on making repetitive work in a shorter time, in just a click of the running the macro.”

Joanna Xu, Pedro Group Pte Ltd

“I have a few tips in handling data. Besides that, I also learn the usage of the formulas such as MOD, QUOTIENT, MS Query. Jason is very passionate to show us the way to count the calendar month as we have 5-4-4 weeks in every quarters.”

Angie Lim, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“yes, it has benefited cause I now know where to search for what I needed in a much quicker way and challenges I face when I work on excel, pivot or vlookup on ”

Belinda Wee, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“I worked with dense raw data and this definitely help me to reduce my working time and set the standard template for future easy access & analysis work”

Cecile Ho, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“Vlookup - need to find a specific product description or barcodes within an excel worksheet which contains 5 or 6 worksheet. With Vlookup, it has helped to make my search easier!”

Gerlyn Chan, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“I learned how to use the pivot table efficiently in sorting data and dates. I also learn the beauty of MSQ and how it can help me ease the pain of consolidation and merging of inconsistent data ”

Alan Chen,

“Pivot table which can help in my project tabulation. Many tips learned and benefit from the course. Also helped in my commissioning reporting.”

Elaine Tan, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“Managing and reporting of Marcom spending / budget. Usage of Pivot table for reporting. Usage of Sumif function for quick summary. ”

Lee Shu Shan, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“Know of MSQuery. Better approach to execution of delivery for projects. Time will be saved as process are not replicated. ”

Valence Wong, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“Pivot Table, Pivot Chart has already solve my performance trending reporting on a weekly basis”

Tan Yew Ang, Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“Learned everything I wanted to know about Excel with respect to my current needs, skills and knowledge. It certainly will save me a lot of time in the immediate future.”

Zul Nordin, Praxair Surface Technologies Pte Ltd

“This course has taught me how to use the pivot table effectively, and helped me see the benefits of some functions to help me save time in analysing and retrieving useful sales data, and on the use of some functions which I did not know of before. ”

Dawn Lee, Research Biolabs Pte Ltd

“can combine sheets better, can understand vlookup better, can understand more what's possible (even if I don't remember the exact syntax)”

Jeff Buck,

“Analyse sales record of each months and year. By using the Pivot table and formulas like Vlookup and if, it greatly reduce my time.”

William Lin, Research Biolabs PTE LTD

“Using Pivot Table to create charts will save a lot of work especially when data is changing. With this, I don't have to create a lot fo charts when data is changing or when i like to look at the data using chart from a different prospective. ”

Jowyn Ching, Research Biolabs Sdn Bhd


Mavin Ooi,

“learn some new thing with shortcut way. And found out the solution in grouping data in pivot table report.”

New Shiow Yee, Ricoh (S) P/L

“Were facing preparing of the report for internal use and external use problem. Every report will have indicate different data. After attend this aspecially for Pivot table & Macro method, it do helping me on sorting out lots of report. Formula wise are also do helps a lots on shorten my time to rearrange the data.”

Lemon Low, Ricoh (S) Pte Ltd

“Pivot table. From this course, I have learnt additional pivot table functions which I do not know in the past. I can make use of the knowledge acquired on this immediately in my course of work.”

Wendy Voo How Kheng, Ricoh (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Attendance List report has been modified easier to read and saves time with the solution of Pivot Table, and formula ”

Catherene Quek, Ricoh (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Instead of creating few formula to get the final result, I have learned to combine all formula in a cell to get the desired result.”

Lee Siang Yin,

“Setting Dynamic Range and naming this range for pivot table. Currently i am using fixed range when creating pivot table. After learning this, it helps me to do analysis faster”

Tan Yu Min, Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd

“At first, I'm not so good in using pivot table because I'm not sure which details should put in field area, after this course I get more knowledge of that and can more understand of the use of pivot table.”

Phor Chiu Xing (Eunice), Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd

“Time Was Saved For Duplicating Records. New Formulars Was Learnt And Should Be Able To Implement Into Our Existing Worksheet.”

Lilian Koh, Ricoh Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have been doing alot of data analysis. Working on the raw data can be a pain and time consuming, however after attending this course, I learnt the power of excel in the shortest time and will definitely increase my productivity level. ”

Sandy Tow,

“The MS query and the Vlookup is very useful as I often have to work with multiple files. With these 2 functions, I don't have to manually do it any more. Also, the macro is an interesting function i learn. ”

Irene chia, Samsung

“Only solve some part of my work not all. Indeed, is still save some of the time and new solution. ”

Jessica Chong, Samsung Asia Pte Ltd

“Serves as a recap for various areas of Excel such as functions, pivot table etc. Also helps in teaching me ways of using macros as well as combination and splitting of various spreadsheets into 1 or many.”

Astley Foong,

“Managing duplicates in our mailing list / contact list. Managing data from different source files, learning more functions and formula to work smart.”

Jean Huang, Scitific Pte Ltd

“One of the report I have been using manual to do it, by learning Pivot Table, I can try to do this report using Pivot Table.”

Angie Neui Kai Min,

“1) Extra feature learn in Pivot table which simplify our work. 2) MS query that I learn today will definately help me in extraction from raw data and convert it to useful data in pivot table that can be use for sales report.”

HONG YOKE ENG, Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd

“Its great to learn about the hidden function in Pivot Table and I can do more things in my reports. MS Query is marvelous as I can combine multiple raw data source.”

Janice Low, Sennheiser Electronic Asia Pte Ltd

“new solution that can applied to my existing reports, hopefully can minimized the time to complete all my reports.”

Carole Liang,

“Some of the helpful tips learnt include : MS Query for auto-updating of database which is used for pivoting and analysis, text to columns to separate dates, extraction of text from string of characters and lastly learnt some simple formula that could save manual work.”

Irene Lim, Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems Pte Ltd

“The short cuts and some formulas tautght in the course has been useful. However, I felt the course is a tat too short and more in-depth topics should be introduced without course attendees probing.”

Tan Kheng Beng,

“Pivot table for tracking purpose & macro to simplify the changes to be made across worksheets”

Ngiam Geok Ling, Siemens Pte Ltd

“Learn how to manipulate pivot table and pivot chart. Learn how to use MS query to combine different worksheets together.”

Felice Cheong, Siemens Pte Ltd

“Some problems that I've been facing in vlookup for years have been cleared in this course. Thanks Jason! Not forgetting the macros together with the tips and tricks learned which will definitely help me to save a lot time. ”

Andrew Lim, Siemens Pte Ltd

“Has better helped me to deal with excel worksheet that has thousands of lines. Provide more insight on pviot table.”


“I was having very little knowledge on how automate dashboards, but after this course I got the confidence that I will be able to handle a one time template set up and by linking them to dynamic data , I can refresh the dashboard instantly.”

Keerthivasan Swaminathan, SIEMENS Pte Ltd.

“I have learnt the following functions which have helped me to save a lot of time in doing my work: PROPER, SUB-TOTAL, COUNT ETC.”

Tan Peng Chiok,

“MS query - helps to cut down my time to gather the different spreadsheets from the different regions. Vlookup - helps me to pull out the relevant information i need from the raw data.”

Hazel Ho,

“learning about pivot table is very effective for data analysis of feedback forms and survey results ”

Elaine Tan, Special Needs Trust Company

“time savings & cutting menial tasks from multiple file merge, pivot table/ chart creation ”

Winnie Tsui, Stahl Asia Pacific Ltd

“The vlookup, pivot table, macro functions learnt during the course will be very helpful in creating consolidated report by AP region, cost center, etc, mgt reports and for analysis purpose. ”

Stephanie Tan, Starwood Customer Contact Centre (AP) Pte Ltd

“Get a better much knowledge and hands-on on pivot table, Microsoft query and access. This training overall improve my understanding on Microsoft excel and will definitely improve job performance.”

Sally Ong,

“Im basically dealing with the volunteers & donors' database. This course has taught me to save more time with what im doing now”

Kamaljeet Kaur,

“For the donor management, i know how to use the Pivot Tables how to sort the monthly report & I had save a lot of time from finding the answer.”

Choo Ban Seng, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission

“The go to function which can fill up the blank instate of copy and paste is really save a lot of time in daily work. Know more on Pivot Table which I use it almost daily.”

Tiew Chiew Hun, Superworld Electronics

“It help me to understand how to consolidate data from different files into one. Understanding the use of pivot table also help in speeding up preparation of data.”

Adeline Wong, Superworld Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

“More understand on the functions such as Pivot which I have not using for more than 5 years. Also, it's time saving for me to prepare the report which export from SAP system.”

Tan Mui Mui,

“Use of pivot tables and pivot charts. It make charting manipulation easy for presentation purposes. ”

C.A. Lim, Superworld Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

“Pivot table / short cut key / formula such as countif/sumif/etc - shorten my time in preparing data in Ms excel. Get to know how is Macro actually functioning”

Daphne Lim, Superworld Electronics (S) Pte Ltd


JASMINE CHUA, Superworld Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

“doing duplicated tasks in unproductive way. the course helped me to discover how to manage excel more effectively. pace is acceptable allowing me to stay focused. ”

WK Tan,

“In the past, usually used traditional method of cut/paste, filtering and sorting. With Vlookup and Pivot Table, hopefully I will be able to apply to my daily task.”

Lewis Yeo, Superworld Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

“It benefit me on working excel worksheet as I have very minimum of using them during my course of work but will have them in practice. ”

Cheng Mui Leng, Superworld Electronics (S) Pte Ltd

“I would often need to verify my warehouse's WMS records with my office's records. The ability to actually combine the 2 records together for this purpose has significantly reduced the time needed for the task. The WMS records can be exported into a CSV file while my office's records are already in Excel format. And with Vlookup, I could "merge" the 2 files. ”

Frederick Looi, Taytonn Pte Ltd

“Some of the formulas such as subtotal, roundup .... also learn more about pivot tables & ms query. Think can further explore on how to utilise the new knowledge into my existing workflow & reports. Didnt know so much more can be done.”

Veronica Wong,

“Now able to consolidate data from difference work sheets to create my quaterly reports and presentation. Able to create the pivot table and chart and lot of function. ”


“This course provide the relevant knowledge to enable to compile and compare data thru' pivot table, macro and formulas.”

Wei Wei,

“This course has provided me insights to how i can make use of excel functions to prepare easy to read and manipulate reports. Jason has also provide me a fabulous solution to my time-consuming Order Consolidation Process.Many thanks!”

Sharon Huang, The Timberland Company

“Believe this course will greatly help me to reduce my working time on Excel with the learning of pivot table & macro. Freddy & Jason have simulated real work situations and helped me to understand better on how to apply the formulas & tables.”

Sam Siew, The Timberland Company (Asia-Pac)

“better understanding in using excel functions (e.g pivot table, match, index, etc.) which is very useful on my daily basis reports & analysis, more efficiency & more effective.”

Vivion Ho, Timberland

“1) Now, I'm able to do formulas in the pivot table. I don't need to rely on copy & paste - saves time and space. 2) Able to do drop down list & conditional formating that will help me with creating dashboard. 3) Match formula is useful for my current work too. ”

Law Su Yin, Timberland

“Better knowledge in using Excel (e.g. Pivot Table, sum, count, if etc) which I believe will help me to perform on my job more effectively and efficiently. E.g. some of the current reports - use sort function, after the course - usage of pivot table ”

Josephine Wee,

“With the Offset & Match formula it will help save time in terms of looking up of data, consolidation, etc.”

Joyce Chng, Timberland

“1) Macros function can help me execute formulas for margin analysis with one keystroke as compared to how I would have manually done previously. 2) Pivot table can help me manupulate tradeshow orders for meaningful analysis. 3) Little tips that help to cut excel processes that I wouldnt have known if I didnt attend this course. ”


“understand and able to apply a lot of applications that I was not aware of that will help my work.”

David Hoo, Timberland

“This course showed me a few formulas that I didn't know before. I've also heard of other possible solutions to problems that I'll look into further.”

Lacey Hanada, Timberland

“It is REALLY very beneficial, I can't provide specific example at the moment but it will DEFINITELY improvise in my work process.”

Sok Han,

“The course has allowed me to pick up techniques in creating Pivot tables which I did not have previously. Saves time in creating reports that can be automatically populated without manual iontervention.”

Wayne Tan, Timberland Singapore

“Current Situation before this course - Sales analysis by country,business activities,amount,customer name - using manual sorting and sub-total. After the course, can use "vlookup" to fill up data, "pivot table" for sorting more efficiently. Learn new things from this course like vlookup, pivot table, new fx formulas, simple macro, as well as some good tips & tricks which will make work more efficiently.”


“- a) Managed to save time frm formatting the dates and years, which can save me alot of time b) Consolidate all the datas together wihtout constant copy and paste function, simply by clicking on the 1 step button”


“It's help me to upgrade my excel knowledge and have more understanding applied it to my reports.”

He Yuyan, Western Union Business Solutions

“Benefit me by doing quotation & preparing report . most difficult part in setting up rule and some of the formula need to remember .”

Cindy Tan,

“Have a better understanding of the use of pivot table and the use of vlookup which can be incorporated if required.”

Elizabeth Seah,