What course participants say about us


“In the process of creating a new contract that requires data for collation. Lesson on forms showed me how to do this. Also interested in how to use MS Query, but have yet to test it out.”

Sherrie Ang, Abacus International PTE LTD

“The problem I am facing is how to use Excel effeciently and effectively. I use a lot of basic funtions of Excel in my daily work, for example "sorting data","matching". Sometimes I only do it mannually as I don't know all those short cuts and formulas. With the simple formulas I can sort the data and present it in a nicer way than before. I really think it is amazing.”

Dong Li Jia, Lithan Genovate Pte Ltd

“With shortcut tips (F4/F5 keys), manipulate data using pivot and ms query assist in the reporting role. Also speeds up the process instead of doing it manually previously.”


“Does not know that continuing updating the data base file can direct update the data in pivot table and the ways of showing the pivot charts. This course has open up my view points on how to use data to show different types of readings (with helps of other excel formulas). Steps of streamline data is now faster and the data could be more meaningful and faster to show the analyse data.”

Angee Tan, Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

“I was having a hard time adding new rows into budget excel template, as it will has huge impact on the formulas, Jason went through extra miles to explain how to overcome that problem although that was not supposed to be covered in this course.”

Felicia Cao, Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

“I am able to generate weekly reports quicker with the solutions provided. Time savings - approx 20% of what I used to spend.”

KAREN ONG, Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

“Vlookup function and pivot table help me to save times when doing my work. Everyday i have to export 2-3 sets of different data from SAP system.Each data have some different fields and same fields. By using VLookup, i could combined/matched all three sets of data easily and fast.”

Lim Soon Wah, Janis,

“Refresh, emphasize and explore in greater depth on the functionalities of Excel. Drill on some of the basic functions but not too sure on how to use it more effectively and productively.”

Henry Sim, Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

“V-Lookup: I have a better understanding of how vlookup works. It can help to look up values in multiple worksheets and present them in one worksheet. Macro recording - eliminate the need to repeated formatting of weekly report.”

Joy Ang, Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

“Problem I faced is performing the same manual formatting on the weekly open order report that we need to submit our customers on every week. With the knowledge of macro, I'm able to let the macro execute the task with just one click on the icon that I had set on the menu bar. So, it helps to save some time.”

Alicia Tan, Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

“1) Pivot table. Can search particular key information required, such as one P/O# with many invoices & sum up for each P/O when matching the payment from customers.2) End Key 3) Remove duplicate in the list ”

Ong Bee Kew (Chloe), Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd

“I can apply what I've learned in the course to generate variouse daily and weekly report more efficiently. ”

Kiyoko Horiuchi,

“Pivot table - To sort useful data in a short time (result in time saving and better management of large data)”

Jennifer Tan, Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.

“The Formuale OFFSET is very useful and powerful. Jason has managed to teach and guide this "complex" formulae, such that I am quite confident to use it now. I will be using this for my spreadsheet, to capture the range once new data is added, and subsequently plot it automatically to my Dashboard.”

Lim Hong Soo, PCI Limited

“the focus on the application of often used formulas and the use of Offset with drop down menus and charts is appreciated. It better manage the amount of data in shipping and level of service.”

Caleb Tan,

“De-duplication of customer names are now made so much easier. We used to highlight them in different colours and manually identifying them and removing it. It took days and with the new Excel formula, it just took seconds to have it done. Pivot Table and Charting is a dynamic way of summarizing data into useful charts and make things very visible for marketeers, especially when they don't think in grids.”

Amie Choy,

“I have learn how to insert conditional formating to my current spreadsheet to help me to highlight those cell that is i wanted. Besides that, the pivot table can help me to work more efficiently.”

Cecilia Chin,

“I find that the Vlookup & Pivot Table are very useful, Hopefully, I can use it for presentation of the financial history records & budgeting.”

Janet Png,

“problem - interpreting data into an analytical format. down know how to create forms. lack of knowledge on formulas thus spend time on manual logic. course helped to understand formulas to save time.”

Josephine Ho,

“The course is very useful and easy to understand. Many manuals steps can now be automated!”

Karrie Cheung, Whyze Solutions Pte Ltd