What course participants say about us


“Generally, all the issues I faced during daily work has been addressed. Ie, formatting of date, count if , sum if function. There are also new functions learnt, i.e. F5 shortcut and I also gained though understanding of the functions used (and not blindly follow). ”

Tan Ching Ching, BNP PARIBAS

“A lot of manual work has to be done every month for reporting. Macro will be able to help save time by automating a lot of the manual processes.”

Goh Qing Fu, CIMB Bank

“MS query will reduce the time that I need to redo the whole spreadsheet whenever I got a new updated file. ”

Wong Shi Mei, Citi

“I need to distribute data and the macro will help cut down the time to prepare those files”

Loh Wen Jun, Citibank

“Better understanding on the syntex of VB and how to edit/ debug the macro. Able to record and write macros to bypass daily routine actions.”

Yap Huilin,

“Given indepth understand of VBA, specifically Looping and how to better take advantage of recording marcros.”

Chen Yongchang,

“Identifying Duplicate and removing via different ways such as advanced filter,remove duplicate icon and MS query. I also learnt several timing saving methods to save up on repetitive work. The course had truly shown me some of the hidden trait secrets in getting massive data consolidated and presented in the most efficient way. ”

Liu Li Hui, CitiBank

“understand the logic behind the dates - able to save time converting the date on a whole rather then manually changing it to the correct format.”

Tay Wee Liang, CITIBANK

“better understanding on how to use Pivot Table effectively. consolidating more than 1 worksheets into the same excel file without the need to copy & paste all the time. using shared file function to share my daily updated MIS tracker with another back up colleague.”

Cynthia Quek Soo Ping, Citibank

“through the pivot table and vlook up lesson, understand the dynamics and thus reduce time in having to do trial and errors while fighting against tight timelines. ”

Susie Lee,

“As highlighted at the start of the course, my main objectives were to learn: 1) How to create a macro and what can a macro do for us. 2) How to create a lucky draw using excel 3) How to use macro to spit the fields into various files. In this case, perhaps due to time constraint, not much time was spent on macro. I have only managed to learn a very brief overview of Objective #1 and Objective #3.”

Michelle Wong, Citibank

“better understanding on how to use Pivot Table effectively. consolidating more than 1 worksheets into the same excel file without the need to copy & paste all the time. using shared file function to share my daily updated MIS tracker with another back up colleague.”

Cynthia Quek Soo Ping, Citibank

“Learned how to use the more advanced formulas and use of pivot table for stat report purposes.”

Gracelle-Ann delas Alas, Citibank

“I have learnt how to use formulas such as those relating to dates, Subtotals, MID and Search which help to fasten my speed in retrieving required data. Also, I have learnt how to use pivot tables/MS query in analysing the financial data.”

Tan Serene,

“This excel course has helped me to understand the use of built-in functions, a quicker and more accurate ways to select records, merging two lists into one and the power of pivot table.”

Josephine Sh Tan, Citibank

“The macros greatly enhance the speed of daily activities which are extremely effort intensive, especially repetitive routines. I'd probably knock off several hours a week!”

Benedict Sim, Citibank

“I had no experience in creating macros for my job before but I believe what I have learnt would save me a lot of time at work.”

Daniel Naden,

“Consolidation of multiple files , segregation of the files and preparation of dash board.”

P M Rao, Citibank

“this helps me to automate the data rearrangement on the data extracted from my GRR systems for various analysis”

M.R.Ramesh Babu, Citibank

“New Solutions. I deal with massive excel files day to day. I think I will be hugely benefited with this course. Though it will take time to create it but it will be one time pain and lifetime gain for everyone.”

Sanjeet Kaur, Citibank

“This course have given me a deeper understanding of Excel as well as helping me discover new and useful formulas and functions in Excel which may benefit me in the future. ”

Billy Ong Wei Qi, Citibank

“This course has given me a better understanding on how excel can provide lesser time consuming methods to complete my everyday task, which would usually take maybe 30mins but with the knowledge gained from the course it would only take me 5-10mins max.”

Tan Garcia Ignacio, Citibank

“Whenever I need to pull some column fields from big data files with lots of columns, I always need to open those big files, search and copy out, with MS query that I learnt from this course, I will be able to extract my information much easier and conveniently without having to open the big data files.”

Tan Yong Pin (James), Citibank

“Details inventory report can be generate easily using the pivot table and pivot chart. By using of MS query, consolidating data having different template is not an issue anymore.”

Koh Kee Teck, Citibank

“I have a better understanding of how to better use the pivot table to help organise my data. Previously, my experience with using Pivot table was more of a "trial and error" experience but now I know how I can use the pivot table to work exactly to my advantage. ”

Lau Khia Ling, Citibank

“I have learned some formatting and formulas that will help me a lot to do my work easily such as the conditional formatting and combining of formulas in one formula. ”

Marvin Marcelino,

“Before the course, I was not very clear about the functions and logic of using Excel. I was not able to understand how certain functions worked, thus it was difficult simplifying huge data sources. I feel that the course has given me many ideas and ways which I can utilize Excel much more efficiently in the future.”

Samuel Chien, Citibank

“The course helps me to be more familiar and hands-on with excel functionalities and it would really help me for my day to day operational jobs and also for the management reporting.”

Sunil Sadasivan, Citibank

“learnt how to construct complex formulaes, greater understanding of pivot table and most importantly, learnt MS Query to aid in my MIS reporting”

Andy Koh, Citibank

“(1) Able to link the concepts back some of the work that I'm doing daily, hence would foresee some time savings. (2) Even though I used Excel very frequent in my daily work, this course provided some new perspectives & useful tips to do certain tasks during my daily work.”

Ang Siok Hoon,

“Very useful formulaes and quick keys to resolve tasks that would otherwise have taken a long time.”

Grace Lee, Citibank

“learnt about pivot table and macros and data analysis. It was clearly explained to us and the exercises were relevant for us to understand the topics better. ”

Mabel Yap,

“I learned how to do a Vlook which is something very new to me and am sure with the knowledge on Pivot table , it will provide me more assistance in the monthly reporting. From the 2 days training, I hope I can increase my work presentation and efficiency in time management especially in running an report.”

Suzanne Chng, Citibank

“learnt something new such as the conditional formatting, macros and MS Query and might help to become more efficient at work. ”

Melanie Tanzil,

“Pivot tables, conditional formatting, various functions. It helps to reduce report preparation time.”

Wong Limin, Citibank

“consolidate data from different worksheet help in combining different report together as one.”

Ng Kee Seng, Citibank

“Will try and develop a macro in the help of the regular fulfillment files and the analysis of existing data. Will need to hands on the specific area first before able to analysis if the macro can achieve the time savings.”

Cynthia Foong, Citibank

“This course has enabled me to refine the macros already created to improve its effectiveness.”

Tan Huizhi Ivy, Citibank

“I am a relatively new macro user and this course benefited me by "showing" me answers that I once do not know how to solve.”

Marcus Chong, Citibank

“Use excel on daily basis. Potential to automate frequently used file formatting, calculations and file saving/naming.”

Nancy Yeo, Citibank

“Encountered problem when generating files using macro. After attending the course, I am able to edit the macro in such a way where the regardless where the file is the file path will not caused any error to the macro.”


“Able to understand more details about the steps in creating a macro. Another option that can be considered if there is a need.”

Aileen Soh,

“Macro recording & macro programming. Currently, not using macro & limited excel capabilities. This open up to a new area of excel that can be used for some reporting automation”

Cheng Meng Wai, Citibank

“This Couse is very useful for me, it can save alot of time & increase the accuracy of data while reducing the manual work on the daily excel transfer.”

Goh Boon Tseet (Eugene), Citibank

“No specific examples. Basically gained knowledge on how macro works. Hopefully able to apply what I learnt in my daily work.”

lau sze wan, Citibank

“I have achieved my goal of knowing how MACRO works. I am able to write very simple MACRO to assist in my every day's work”

Michael Soh, Citibank

“This training is very helpful for me as I am modifying budget excel files & I use different ways to filter & formatting which I only do using pivot and so using the record macro & modifying the macro I will be able to save time in filtering, modifying files, etc. Thanks!”

Sherry Ann Centeno Escalante, Citibank

“For large database that I frequently work with, I can now use macros to automate repetitive tasks for time savings in my data analysis. ”

Koh Zhenchang, Citibank

“It gives me the basic understanding of macros and how to link the macro to worksheet. from here, I can open my colleague's excel file and view the macro codes and try to analyse further.”

Lim Kiang Guan, Citibank

“Understanding macro codes on an in-depth level. Thus able to read and modify any existing codes”

Claire Choo, Citibank

“The preparation of excel file to clients can be very manual and prone to human errors. With the basic knowledge of knowing how to use macro, it can enable me to come up with macro that can help to copy and paste functions into different cells accurately under a new worksheet. It will reduce human errors and time spent and ultimately increase work efficiency.”

Jeanette Lim, Citibank

“The loop function enables to eliminate the double/repetition functions that need to perform within a same workbook.”

Cheong Weng Kuck,

“To solve problems of doing repetitive tasks in excel by creating macro (looping command). Also, it helps to save time to do it manually.”

Lim An Na,

“Excel cell with color codes and other automation tasks with Macro recording is very useful. I can use this for creating my weekly / monthly reports in few minutes, which usually takes hours.”

Rahul Udayshankar Sinha, Citibank

“0 experience in macro.. but within 2 days, I am able to understand how to create and modify macros.”

Edwin Tan, Citibank

“I handle large chucks of data at work and this course has enabled me to incorporate macros into my existing processes to simplify processes and increase efficiency and productivity.”

Kelvina Kwong,

“Learning the steps to record a macro is definitely beneficial for me to use it in some of my daily routine job scope.”

Tay Zhenning Errick, Citibank

“The writing of the macro using VBE is rather useful as it shortens the time if this were to do manually step by step instead of using the macro.”

Tham Pui Wah,

“There are several reports that are done on a periodic basis and the steps are repetitive. With this course, I will be able to shorten the running time of these reports.”


“Being able to split the data into different workbook/worksheet, help reduce the time taken to copy and paste several time. ”

Shi Mei, Citibank

“This course has taught me some basic knowledge on excel, so that I can make minor improvements to the existing ones we have.”

Serene Chia, Citibank

“Unable to understand existing macros and having trouble in troubleshooting them. More confident in troubleshooting and to bebug existing macros.”

, Citibank

“I have learn some of the Macro skills and this will help me on my daily work. Which can help me to save more time. ”

, Citibank

“I've learnt to use Pivot Table more efficiently and gained more knowledge on the various functions which I can use for future reports. In addition, I've benefited from learning MS Query to combine selected data from different sources quickly.”

Jennifer Elvara Lim, Citibank

“Yes, I can faster copy and paste the whole worksheet. Work better understanding with pivot table and MS query.”

Nur Jannah Lee, Citibank

“Using Vlookup -to look for solutions with faster speed instead of sorting and filtering in the past.”

Michelle Teo Chui Hong,

“I have learnt many formulas which I don't know and it will help me a lot in saving my time working on data. Have knowledge on creation of pivot table, will be able to run report faster and more efficiently on monthly basis. Will be able to match data and save a lot of time. ”

Karen Tay Poh Tin , Citibank

“Previously I have problems preventing others from overwriting certain cells with formulas. The trainer has taught me ways to prevent such incidents from happening.”

Tan Wan Teng,

“Had problems with formulas and excel shortcuts. This course enabled me to learn the various shortcuts that I can make use of in my daily work and hopefully this can allow for greater efficiency. Learnt a new function with pivot tables. ”

Yang Xinting, Citibank

“to extract specific data from almost identical data. Solution: used text to column and macro to record the steps. timesaving.”

Kong Edmund,

“Time Savings on the short cut to link files, and learnt vlookup & Pivot table which I did not try before.”

Tan Bee Teen, Citibank

“Problem Statement: Sorting, Charting and Top values for the large set of trade volume data received for 17 countries across APAC Market. Training course really helps me to understand vide range of concepts for pivots, sorting and collating large sets of data which in turns help me to achieve the desired business goal more efficiently and will save around 10% of my total time.”

Amit Kumar Kewalramani, Citibank

“The pivot table charting is very useful, as I can present customers the charts with more info/data included”

Ting, Ya Chen, Citibank

“Refresh my excel and some knowledge of the vlookup, using formulas and some data sources. ”

Chan Km Kuan, Alice, Citibank

“I have been facing problem with Vlookup and removal of duplicates function. This course helps me to benefit to perform those functions easily on to my day to day work working on the spreadsheets.”

Suresh Kumar Dhandapany, Citibank

“Being a basic user of excel, am very amazed by the functions. Will definitely try out the formulas at work.”

Pameline Ong,

“It introduced me to charts which is very beneficial for my department where there is constant pressure of creating charts and reports for Senior mgmt. Very good wish it could cover more with little bit more duration.”

Sanjeet Kaur, Citibank

“Automation functions that I've learned will sure help with time savings, manual error, etc...”

Janet Pascual Magundayao, Citibank

“(1) Extensive use of OFFSET formula for spreadsheet modeling; (2) Methodology to derive Speedometer and Waterfall;”

John Ong,

“The course is very useful for my day to day work for creating project reports and status update”

Rahul Sinha, Citibank

“I have been using Vlookup for most of my excel work. From these 2 days courses, I have learnt the Match & Index, Sumif functions, which I should apply in my daily work.”

Tan Lee Sim,

“Useful to generate clear reports, charts and pivot tables with dynamic content which I was doing static most of the times.”

Dhurjati Narasimham,

“To create interactive charts, creative manipulation of charts presentation. using of offset commands.”

Loo Yong Sing, Citibank

“The initial part of the course is rather slow and there seems to be a bit of a rush at the end of the second day. The difficulty level of the training actually is higher at the end of the training which will require more time/”

Justin Kwan,

“some excel tasks that takes time for me to create... with the new things I learned, this will save me time... ”

Alejandro Cruz,

“I was facing issues on presenting a dashboard of the demand of projects, resource capacity and the continuous utilization. With the knowledge from the course, I am confident of not only being able to generate a dashboard, but also be able to automate the work involved, preventing revert when the reporting content changes on a daily basis.”

Arun Panta,

“[1] Match and Index formula would replace some of the VLOOKUP works. [2] I could reduce the unnecessary tables, as I was thinking I need to make tables when applying VLOOKUP. [3] Can reduce formula to one set by including another formula inside, I believe IF else will a lot reduced. [4] May be able to make sustainable excel doc without creating new tables, etc. [5] Offset formula is very strong, not yet fast enough to apply though, I'm going to practice more. [6] Also learned the importance to keep original input value to be kept to few inputs, this will maximize automated reflection. Did not realize it is such strong effect.”

Kudo Keiko,

“I can do vlookup with more confidence now. I understand the MS Query function and its various benefits. I now know and understand how to consolidate data of different formats from different workbook/files.”


“Excel knowledge taught in this course has given me adequate skills to create a solution to my everyday problem of copying and pasting data into selected cells, where after this course I can actually figure a one step solution. ”

Jeremy, Citibank

“Before attending this course I was using the excel functions using trial and error method. Now I have the knowledge of the usage of various functions like vlookup, math functions, pivot tables etc and it will really help me in my day to day activities involving reporting and data analysis.”


“I feel that I have benefitted quite a lot from this excel course as my objectives were to learn more in depth about Excel such as the various formulas to help, not only in my work, but also for my own personal use; pivot table and basics of macros.”

Lim Cheng Noi Valerie, Citibank

“After I attended this course, I will be able to eliminate the tedious manual work using the basic excel formula. Learning the several short cut keys will definitely aids in saving time. I'm glad that I have learnt the Pivot table and MS Query. It will be useful for me as a sales person to analysis my clients data based on weekly, monthly and yearly.”

GOH PEI LIN, Citibank

“I have learnt how to create pivot tables and also macro to help save time on work. Formula creation and how they can help me extract the data I want.”

Amalie, Citibank

“I have learnt quite a few time saving shortcuts. For instance, (1) efficient copying and pasting methods, (2) efficient way of arranging bulk information (3) useful formulas to tabulate bulk information. Learn the basics of PIVOT Table and writing Macro.”

GOH KIM GEOK, Citibank

“the trick and shortcuts will surely help in completing the report faster. The lessons learned in using MS query to consolidate report will also be beneficial.”

Nedilyn D. Lapuz,

“Better understanding on functions, macro, tables and pivot table. Will save a lot of my time after this course.”

Myat Su, Citibank

“While I may not have mastered it, at least I think I have an understanding on how pivot table works. With some practice, I am sure I will do this better. My knowledge of excel has never been good but this course has definitely given me insights on the use of excel and I have learnt a number of short cuts which I never knew before”

Christine Chan,

“Prior to attending this course, I was having difficulty with creating graphs from pivot table. Now I have a better knowledge and definitely equipped with all the skillset and therefore increase productivity.”

Faustina Mary Lim, Citibank

“I have leant new ways of cutting on time while doing data analysis. Leant new and shorter ways of doing things that I was doing earlier.”

Deep Joshi, Citibank

“this course will help me to generate report / analysis and preparing capacity plan forecast report. We manage thousands of servers and find out server with high cpu/memory issue to operation/business.”

Subrat Nayak, Citibank

“Time saving - things that were done manually in the past can now be done via the formula and suggestions taught in the lessons. This has greatly enhanced my knowledge I have about Excel and that I can apply them in my daily work scope. ”

Shereen Ng, Citibank

“1) After attended the course, I know how to compute age, length of service with using excel formula. 2) I have more understanding on pivot skills as well so that it could actually help me in faster retrieving the results from database. 3) I learn more about Countif, sumif, counta, subtotal and all other formulas.”

Wong Li Peng, Citibank

“Formulas will help me to more effectively create and update compensation worksheets for comp planning, do headcount reports more effectively with subtotaling. Everything is useful except MS Query but it's a very useful tool to know. ”

Jennifer Wong,

“MS QUERY & MACRO combined, will definitely help to source & filter relevant data on weekly & monthly basis. tens of steps can now be automated & auto-refresh-ed within 2-3 steps.”

FENNY HO, Citibank

“I have learnt a new function of "F5" which is beneficial to me. No existing problem yet but it will definitely be an alternative way to solve my problems going forward.”

Lau Sze Wan, Citibank

“Many shortcuts are available in excel which I was not aware of. After this course, I will be more efficient when updating statistics for my call centre. ”

Phoebe Ang, Citibank

“I learnt new formulas and tricks. Allow me to think of different ways to handle my data. Gave me the ability to look at issues from a different perspectives.”

Yeo Kok Wee, Citibank

“My problem has been resolve by knowing how to work on pivot table. This sis very useful for my daily production.”

Ong Boon Hong, Citibank

“Problem faced: Formula to create simple entries Learned more formulas that can be applied Time saving, do not need to create entries from scratch.”

Heng Hui Fen,

“1. merging huge files and data for distribution in smaller size files 2. tips for faster way of navigating with pivot tables 3. better understanding of the formulas therefore easier to troubleshoot when getting error”

cris daga, Citibank

“I have gained a deeper understanding in the functions taught. Vlookup especially, and learned a few shortcuts in data analysis and presentation. I believe these would be useful to improve the efficiency of my dept's weekly and monthly report.”

Gerry Perreira,

“Unable to do mail merge on my word format template and my data in excel. Jason has gave suggestion to solve this and if worth trying as this will save the some time to correct the template one by one and also making sure accuracy is there without typing.”

Rachel Wang Ting,

“Merging of huge data from various sheets---solved by MS query Breaking up pivot into various categories without having to repeat the pivot--using report filter Basic macro ”

Kriti Gupta, Citibank

“I am doing pivot tables and vlookup in all my reports. All the skills are taught by my colleague and can be very limited. In this course I am able to pick up new skills and use them to enhance my reports. eg learning new functions in pivot table that I can apply in my daily work”

Amy Seow, Citibank

“Through this course I learnt how to use conditional formating,which is very useful for my work as I need to do comparison between 2 different months and identify which item is unique so I can make necessary amendments to my files. In addition, know new functions of excels which I have not used before but would be benefitial for me like MSquery, which allows me to extract data from datasets like another excel file or access file.”

Toh Qi Min, Citibank

“I learnt about different ways of using vlookup, and the subtotal function. I found it useful in presenting data that I use in my daily work, in a new and more concise manner.”

Rachel Chia , Citibank

“helps to resolve some problems encounter in my work during my preparation of quarterly reporting”


“Better knowledge of formulas what would enable me to manage my database better for analysis Increased familiarity with pivot tables. This would result in time savings when performing analysis Introduction to new application ie Microsoft query. More frequent management reporting possible through automatic updates instead of manual updating reports”

Lim Li Xuan,

“Throughout the course, I have discover many secret tools which I have not come across and these tools can be use to enhance my BAU After the course, I have many idea to improve my BAU using excel”


“I came with the intention to know more in depth about "vlookup" formula; and I'm glad that I had my doubts on this topic clarified.”

Eunice Ou, Citibank

“Quick tips to remove blank easily. Best tip was the speed test to copy the data in every blank cell”

Renee Yong, Citibank

“The course helped me understand excel better and enhance my abilities to manipulate data for reporting, preparing import user data for Cisco Call Manager.”

Lee Kuan Bing, Citibank

“I have learnt many new shortcuts keys as well as new functions of excel such as Pivot table and macros which I do not have any prior experience of using these functions in my daily jobs. I'm sure these skills will come in handy.”

Tang Chiew Hong, Citibank

“This course had given me a very good general concept of how macro works, although I don't usually use excel, especially macros during work.”


“The understanding of the specific codes would be very helpful with writing and debugging the codes in Macro.”

Helen Lim, Citibank

“My objective in attending this course is to understand how to a macro, what's behind it and what are the basics of doing it. Thru the course, I was able to achieve it although I still need more time to understand it. However I am happy that I could write a simple macros.”

Daniel Arado,

“As I have already worked on a bit of excel VBA functions in work, this training has helped me refreshed on the knowledge that I have. So far I haven't reached my new solution to be applied on work as scenario is a bit complicated because of external application. But overall the training pace for me is good.”

Priscilla Co, Citibank

“macros learned during the session will enable me to complete analysis and matching off large amounts of data in a shorter time period.”

Nivedana Jalan,

“This course has given me a better understanding of excel macros (foundation). This course has given me ideas for debugging of macros and creation of macros to shorten the time taken for my daily task on hand. ”


“Problem - Manual generation of weekly reports Solution - Automate generation of weekly reports Benefits - Time saving”

Emmanuel Valenzuela,

“Able to understand macro codes in writing macros in excel, new solutions in the daily processing in work”

Irene Koh, Citibank

“My day to day work has already benefited from this course. Very helpful and gets back to basics. Experience and knowledge shared like this can't be searched on Google.”

Ronnie Hugo, Citibank

“since I'm "zero" knowledge in Excel macro, I would say that this course is very interesting in many ways. Learning how macro work and how fast it works.”


“Problem: Extract ad Compare Date Solution: The course teaches us macro to compare the date easily and more conveniently Benefits: Time saving”

Joycelyn Cheong, Citibank

“Finance has a lot of data consolidation and reconciliation on monthly. With this macro courses, it will surely help in reducing the production time.”

Quah Chun Han,

“I think I have a higher chance of better automation of existing process which can potentially save a lot of time, considering I have huge databases.”

KOH LYE FONG, Citibank

“I can easily create/prepare now the reports with minimal manual intervention or manipulation daily. It will save me a lot of time preparing daily as I can create a better template now with more information & in better look.”

Jun Ferrer, Citibank

“The course has helped me to learn new functions that can help with preparing report to management. Functions that will help me create better dashboard, more dynamic and more efficient.”

Shinta Lestari, Citibank

“The formula such as Offset, Match, etc will help save time for future dashboard reporting's once they are set up at the initial stage. The charts and comments can also be linked up dynamically.”

Lynda Ng, Citibank

“1. Quick tips on how to use excel more efficiently (how to selective choose cells) 2. Creating good looking dashboards which are interactive. ”

Gideon Loh,

“The course made me realize that there are a lot of tools I can use Excel ton improve productivity and efficiency. Although my current job role encourages basic Excel usage currently. ”

Kik Leng Yeam ,

“Had learnt new solutions to present a one pager dashboard. Trick on camera usage in excel.”

Terence Tan, Citibank

“The interactive Dashboard ideas are creative and useful for presentation of data and also minimizes the effort if it is done correctly. The idea can be implemented in many of my reports.”

Anthony Wee, Citibank

“Learnt alot of new tools on excel that are very useful for data crunching. Lesson was well conducted. ”


“In general, it benefited me attending this course, I am able to learn some complex formulas which can be used to work. The only thing is I should practice more often so that I maximized the power of excel. The instructor has patience in explaining even small details in imparting his knowledge.”

Joel Hipolito,

“Have to generate monthly charts manually every month. Formulae shared from this course can save time in generating monthly charts.”

Stanley Tan, Citibank

“Learn how to present charts in a visible way although there is limit in space constraints. Using offset to dynamically handle data”

Loh Wen Jun,

“I have gain more understanding about excel and the benefits of using formula and this will eventually reduce the manual work.”

Chia Wai Meng,

“I learned some new formula which I hopefully can use in my work such as offset, match and get pivot table. The camera function should also be useful.”

Vichelle Guirao, Citibank

“Increased efficiency by reduced duplication of work. Better understanding of Excel overall.”

Tabrez Muchhala,

“Acquired some shortcuts on certain tasks, e.g. time saved on copying and pasting for large amount of information. ”

Sezanne Tan Boon Hwei, Citibank

“Though I thought that this course would be more advanced in the conceptual knowledge, it seems this is designed for some basic users. I enjoyed the course and learnt some additional functions which will be quite helpful. Thanks a lot!”

Aseem, Citibank

“Some of the things learnt from the course can be used in my daily work, and this really help to reduce the time taken to finish up each of my every assignment”

Kah Yee, Citibank

“By leveraging on the new excel skills learned during this course, I can save lot of time and improve my reporting capabilities to impress the manager and audience of my presentations.”


“Time savings. Getting to know more shortcuts e.g copying of same data under different sub header, inserting duplicate sheet Solving some queries I face e.g tracking changes, removal of empty rows affecting the size of the file Creation of pivot table ”

Irynn Liew, Citibank

“This course really enhanced my excel knowledge and now I can use this knowledge to prepare the different project reports. This will also help me to cleanup the raw data files effectively which we receive from different vendors for a project.”

Anand Shah,

“Learnt how can pivot tables be used more efficiently and effectively and how to generate charts from pivot tables.”

Anna Yang,

“Learnt few new technics to use the excel worksheet effectively in my daily use. Vlookup, Pivot SQL, Macro functions and other new commands are learnt from this course. ”

mohamed Noor Nasar, Citibank

“able to perform a v-lookup, pivot table, if formula, this will help me to generate summary for P/L for the senior management.”

woo wai chee, Citibank

“Learned allot of shortcuts and and commands that would help me with manipulating the data extractions that I do on a daily basis. The vlookups session was good, especially the dollar signs and where to put a dollar sign in order to freeze specific fields. Plus the logic behind vlookup actually helps me to understand how vlookup works”

John Waison Chin, Citibank

“I found the vlookup and msquery very useful - should help with my BAU work especially analysing data”


“The MS Query allows me to create a report where it auto generates the report whenever there's a revised data source. Time saving.”

LINDA TAN, Citibank

“Errors happen during vlookup and values do not appear in results (possible errors - numbers to text). During this course, I have learnt and hopefully this will solve future issues. Additionally, Jason also helps us to solve one issue using macro programming. ”

Phyllis Tan,

“Made me consider relooking into how I do my work to achieve maximum efficiency. Most useful to me are: How to maximize the use of one formula instead of manually adding rows/columns. How to replicate pivots in few seconds for multiple categories. Basic Macro.”

Evelyn Rosales,

“Learned many shortcut buttons, MS Query-generating separate report and chart for presentation. This would eventually save the time and be more efficient in works.”

Tan Kim Wei, Citibank

“Shortcuts in Pivot table such as having the tabular view instead of manually editing the cell name. Extremely useful formulas such as text to column and search. As HR personnel, I need to look at massive data every day. With the skills learnt on pivot, I will have a clearer report in terms of the no. of headcount in each specific department. This will help in my headcount reporting too. ”

Karen Tan, Citibank

“With the pivot table, I will be able to produce summary report within a shorter time, without having to use function like copy, paste and summation and count. Believe timing can be saved up to 30%”

Lim Siew Hong, Citibank

“MS Query functions, which auto refreshes pivot tables from data source Subtotal functions, help me summarize data faster”

Merry Ramlie, Citibank

“the course covers problem shooting, explanation is clear and resolve our daily work excel problem.”


“I am not a user of Macro at the moment. However I was always interested to learn about macro's as most of our business functions are using excel day in & out. This course gave a overview of what Macro is all about and the depth it serves. This may be a launch pad for me to do my own studies and enhance/develop my Macro skills further.”

Karthik Selvaraj, Citibank

“Know how to read the Macro program and able to perform simple amendment. Not sure how much time can be saved at this stage. ”

Ding Lay Ming, Citibank

“Learnt how to automate the process of comparing data from various worksheets/workbooks Learnt how to create functions in excel ”

Mark Xie Zhiqing,

“I managed to get good guided practice in VBA, as well as learnt some functions that I didn't know before. ”

Nurhakim Husriady, Citibank

“Using recorded macro to simplify some daily task and reports will help to save time. Understanding macro codes to understand and crack macro codes”

Ariel Woo,

“The macros that I learnt will help me to apply on my daily work which require to massage huge database from countries. It is time savings. ”

Andrew Seow, Citibank

“Edit of current macros program to get the data I need. Get new ideas to automate manual process in my department.”

Koh Kee Teck, Citibank

“Sorting a list of data and then split to multiple excel workbook - Time saving and new solution. Creative ideas to set up macro for our daily work process.”

Kenenth Khoo, Citibank

“It is a refresher course for me and if have clearer understanding from this excel course. ”

Ang, Ivan Wei Ming,

“I was actually tasked to design a macro for my team for a dividend check before if attended the course. I managed to complete it but it has many limitations. Through the course , i have realise and understand that there are several approaches to an issue and how to improvise my previous macro. It definitely will save up alot of my time in the course of my work.”


“Am able to establish a stronger base for my excel knowledge. Exploring into recording macros on action done out of excel.”

Tan Hongkiat, CitiBank

“Learning how to effectively use loop, "for....next" function and combining macro and loops ”

Chan Mun Wei, CitiBank

“I'm able to use the new knowledge in my everyday work. Being able to record macros and run them together will enable me to cut on manual processes and reduces the amount of human error.”

Desmond Chiang, CitiBank

“Learned how to write macro, will help me read existing macros and create new one the will stream my work process”


“Learnt the basic concepts of deriving a Macro. Helps in deciphering general codes for current Macro, and possibly enhance / create a simple yet effective macro in future. ”

, CitiBank

“To make more efficient and fast Macros for working within different worksheets and workbooks.”

Mridul Chauhan,

“Learnt some basic macro formulas applicable for daily usage, which will save some time off manual tasks.”


“learning about MS Query and preparing summarized data for reporting, using formulae to minimize maintenance and preparing interactive dashboard for management reporting. ”


“The course gave more insight on how to create and analyse the data and project in the meaning ful format.”

Jayaraman Priyalalitha,

“I can now present data and statistics to other organization groups is well presented manner which is easier to understand and less time and effort to prepare”

Glenn Yang Ong,

“Monthly cross sector business reporting - from different sources. The knowledge from dashboard should ease the monthly updates, so increase productivity - and hopefully also enable more collaboration with Country Leads in the region.”

Michael Yap,

“This course provided techniques on how to (1) use MS Query for a specific report we are using, which will result in time savings; and (2) create an interactive dashboard, which is a new solution that we have not tried to some reporting requirements”


“learning to create the dashboard end-end. this will help in project tracking, mgmt. reports.”

Mark Hiu, CitiBank

“This course helps to save time in doing reporting of the data with several new formulas used without having to change the data each time. Also, learn the new ways to present the data in an interactive ways.”

Lim An Na, CitiBank

“Better knowledge of formulas, pivot table and macros. Gave me further understanding of what i already know and why errors were made before that I couldn't figure out why. can input usage of more formulas then before to aid in higher efficiency of current BAU processes . Pivot table and its uses can be used in projects if needed macros can be extremely useful and i intend to further explore more of its uses to aid in both projects and BAU.”


“Very useful functions learned in this course for me are: Counta, Countif, Substitute. These new functions learnt will help me save a lot of time.”

Serene Loh,

“this course has helped me with the data mining ability by giving me the technical ability to use Vlookup and creating a Pivot table, thus resulting in time savings and better productivity when analyzing the different RMs' client portfolios.”

Tan Shu-Lin Aaron,

“MS Query helps me to collapse several files into 1 excel quickly and easily for my analysis. Time savings for me.”

Amelia Shoo, CITIBANK

“This course will be useful for our team as we have a lot of reports to do every month. One of which is the batch trend analysis whereby we are monitoring the team's efficiency as well as the customer satisfaction in meeting the batch SLA.”

Maria Theresa Delgado, CITIBANK

“This course helped me to understand the ways to create charts and reports in much easer and beneficial way. will be able to present the output in faster way.”

Satish Krishnadasan, CITIBANK

“I have learnt a few new functions of excel such as vlookup, pivot table etc which can be useful when I have a big amount of data to organise. Other functions such as Averageif, countif etc also help in saving time during data input.”

Alene Quek, CITIBANK

“Know how the vlookup work. As of now, my quarterly maintenace file was using vlookup function, I just need to follow the step by step instruction given without knowing why and the meaning of the function.”


“I find that the Vlookup is very useful for my current daily MIS report, especially when I need to compare numbers on two different worksheets. ”


“Managed to pick up some useful tips and tricks in the class which can help me cut down the time in processing data.”


“I've learnt pivot table and macro. I used to think that these 2 items are very complicated, after this course, I believe that I will be able to use these functions in my course of work. I've also learnt that i should not restrict my formulas by hardcoding the ranges, so that I can easily 're-use' the file with minimum updates. I never knew excel could be so interesting.”

Goh Chung Mien (Wu Zhongmin), Citibank

“Had problems understanding the basis for most of the formulaes in excel. After going through the course, I've gained better insights on how to utilize the formulaes I have learnt and apply them at work. ”

Chan Tu Rong, Citibank

“By using the MS Query, which helped to load the various source files into 1 common place. With the SQL query, i can select few fields and set the criteria. with few clicking of buttons, i can see the end result. ”

tan lee sim, Citibank

“Learn how to convert data in different format to formatted date Picked up new knowledge on the use of MS Query (something new altogether)”

Chia Yishan,

“After going through the course i can save time from excel task by using Macros. And simple formula i learn can help trigger me to create formula in my job to save time too. ”

Lim Wei Guo,

“I have learnt how to record a simple Macro that can aid my daily reporting of numbers. MS query is a very powerful tool that can allow multiple consolidation of sources. With all these new skills, I can better manage my time to learn more macro and be more proficient in my Excel.”

Huang Siying,

“Have learnt MS query which helps to shorten my time in consolidating data and also learn new functions of pivot table”

Poh Pey Jin, Citibank

“Learn to create simple macro to shorten some time for misc stuff, in addition to learn more way to pull data from the microsoft query and update it without manual updating.”

Claudia Lim Xue Yan,

“Learn new functions which saves time to cleanup data, ms query functions to create tables ”

Madelene Ng,

“1. MS Query may be helpful to avoid re-creating the same/similar pivot from the same source to show different countries analysis. With parameter set, one excel would be able to cover different focus which may come up during presentation. 2. Usage of Ctrl+arrow key or Ctrl+Shift+arrow key would speed up when handling Excel especially when data size is large. But need to practice first. 3. Deleting unnecessary empty rows to reduce file size will be very helpful as we tend to get such excel being distributed. 4. Creating new tabs with different selection option is also going to reduce time of duplicating pivot tables. 5. Date in pivot can be auto split to year, mon, day. This will also shorten the time to create different type of pivot when such is needed. 6. Pivot - number format effects to overall pivot table is very good. 7. Hiding tab, unhide - did not know. I can now stop creating extra excel with summary page only for senior's view. 8. Will find the repeating task to replace with macro, that should help a lot. ”

Kudo Keiko,

“Had problems understanding the basis of formulas and functions, but after attending the course, I've learnt to apply more formulas in my daily work, which results in higher efficiency due to lesser time spent on eyeballing and manual data entry.”

Tang Si Qi,

“Unable to work out conditional formulas (e.g. IF). This course has helped to clarify the process.”

Louisa Lam,

“Learning how to record the macro allows me to see the code use it to create macro. Learning how to read the code of the macro instead of just using the macro created by others”

ng pei ling, Citibank

“understand marco better. in terms of recording n editing.. problem to remember how to apply the variables and formulas”

bridget neo, Citibank

“This course improves my skills on Microsoft excel and this will definitely benefit me when in work when I have to perform high volume of excel data comparison.”

Jonathan Tung, Citibank

“I have learnt how macro really works and it has given me an understanding on how to edit the codes and create a new macro from a scratch.”

Mohammad Shahnan Mazlan,

“Learn how to do vlookup, pivot tables, consolidation of data sources. This would save me time when preforming data analysis.”

Poh Din Kiat,

“Learned how to create more pivot tables in same sheet, summation from various pivot tables, creating graphs with secondary axis, recording macro, also combining multiple workbooks using Microsoft query. ”

Shirley Oh,

“File consolidation which I used very frequently. This will reduce the duration that I need to physical cut and paste for Data comparison”

Au Eong Kah Hwee, Citibank

“learned alot in pivot which enhanced my self-thought knowledge of it; specially with Query”

Anna Rochelle ponce salde, Citibank

“Before this training, I've totally no idea what pivot table or vlookup are. Now with this skill, this will allow me to understand more on the formula in those macros i use and see everyday. Time savings wise, I can see myself focusing more on other aspects of my work rather than staring at the excel spreadsheet to find my figures.”

Phyllis Tan, Citibank

“To consolidate workbooks to compare data, simple formulas here and there to benefit daily use of excel - helps to save time and improve efficiency.”

Gwynna Ho, Citibank

“The basic macro will help with saving time doing repetitive manual data entry. Finally understand how to use the pivot table better.”

Cybill Foo,

“- Time savings in my daily work. - Helped to improve my presentation skills to the Management. ”

Janis Chee,

“Yes, the course was very useful and I could learn many functions which can be used in daily work.”


“Not only have I learned the skills to create an interactive dashboard, I have been exposed to many excel functions and formulae very useful for my daily usage. The MS Quey function is especially useful.”

Kang Jun Shen, Citibank

“wonders of Excel in Dashboard creation. Able to use it on my team resource management in terms of project resource usage, more efficiently.”

Chin Sut Lee, Citibank

“learn to design interactive dashboard which will require you to have basic excel knowledge. Also need to remember many commands.”

tan aik chuan, Citibank

“I learn how to do conditional formatting properly which I struggled with previously. There is really a secret of how to do this properly. I have also learnt how to use MS Query which I will definitely use and save a lot of time in my day to day work. ”

Lye Chern Jone,

“I have learned the basic editing for Pivot Table and a new tool called MS Query, Thank you Jason for the clear presentation!”

Wu Kunshan Kelly,

“Learning how to use the Vlookup and Pivot table function will help me to extract various MIS at work. That will give me a better insight of the sales volume of my team.”

Jaz Teo,

“Issues with tracking the expiry of the certifications of our sales staff. This course taught me how to set the expiry date which can help save alot of time and will be more accurate as compared to manually tracking.”

Wendy Ng, Citibank

“Learnt how to use VLookup, a better understanding of how the various formulas worked, pivot table tricks”

Lee, Mary Siou Peng,

“this course has achieve my objective in leaning new application for the purpose of shortening the tedious process of sort, auto filter by applying MS query and using pivot tables/”

gabriel boey, Citibank

“I have learnt new properties of pivot table which i did not know previously and I can record the repetitive steps into macro to be more efficient.”

Ethel, Citibank

“Pivot tables that can presented in monthly, quarterly and yearly is easy and fast rather manually create from scratch in excel and use formula to sum up. Sumifs formula is useful to know to obtain answer with multiple variables. Expanded my Vlookup knowledge using subtotals. Use of Autofilter to highlight certain cell to differentiate from the others.”

Jamie Lim,

“Got to gain knowledge of how to create macro so as to help me to become more efficient at work and to lighten other team members workload.”

Amanda, Citibank

“combined formula creating tables + pivot merging multiple excel into 1 worksheet and prepare a consolidated reporting formatting with condition”

Roulette Ligsay, Citibank

“cant really give eg as i still yet to try out, hence cant advise the time savings. But i know it is very powerful if i am able to write macro”

jasmine liew,

“able to learn more about record, read, debug macros. will help me to understand how macros works in my own work file”

Melanie Tanzil,

“Aide in improving the current process in extracting and organizing the data and saving the time required.”

Au Hui zhen,

“A good foundation on Macro Basics and Hands on Experience will enable us to think differently on how to automate routine activities at work. Once automation is achieved, the work can be handed over to junior staff to execute. With the seniors review, the report can be published with minimal time spent.”

Panta Arun,

“have to deal with alot of raw data pulled out from databases, macro enable me to save time in extracting them into the format that i wanted. ”

Lau Khia Ling,

“manage to understand how a macro works in excel. it can help me in my work in the future.”


“There are a lot of manual work procedures in data extraction for my job. Through learning macro, it will helps to save time and do work more efficiently. ”

Khoo Li Ching, Citibank

“All excel analyzing jobs (load data, comparison, manipulation) which used to be done manually could now be solved by creating macro to run automatically”


“Began to understand the basic fundamentals of macro and how repetitive task can be automated by using the macro. Leant how to troubleshoot should macro fail. By using macro, it reduces the human eye ball checking which can lead to human error.”

Toh Qi Min,

“I Learn that I am not able to do a range for Vlookup which I have been using. Learn more new formula and to created Pivot table.”

Ong Siew Chin, Citibank

“Learn many tricks and shortcut keys. Especially useful is MS query which is very helpful in my current work course to combine information from different workbooks which I'm current using copy and paste method.”

Ray Ching, Citibank

“Learnt a lot of short cuts and how to convert certain cell formats into another form so that formulas or macros can be ran. ”


“Have learnt quite a fair bit of hidden formulas. Brand new exposure to MS Query and Macro which I believe it will be able to apply in my work one day. ”

Kimi Wee Jia Wen, Citibank

“It enlightened me more of what Excel can do in my daily work especially in MS Query so that I can send Pivot tables in small size to users.”

Peter Lai, Citibank

“Have learnt more formulas eg, sumifs and subtotal function. It is definitely helping me to shorten my work process.”

Serene Fam, Citibank

“weekly, we'd gather forecasts from individual sales folks. I believe with the shortcut keys and formulas I've learnt, I'd be able to create a table to consolidate and analyze the monthly numbers moving forward; more efficient.”


“I came to this course wanting to learn how to write new macros and edit existing macros. After 2 days, I had learn to work basic macros and understand the logic behind my existing macros that I am using. This course had benefit me well.”

Neo Ying Qiu,

“There has been some error with the existing macro that I am using which I am not able to debug myself. Through this macro session, i will be able to debug the problem in the macro. ”

Liaw Lay Peng, Citibank

“provide insights to enhance existing macros and to start writing new marco as per individual needs”

Lynn Liew, Citibank

“ This course allows me to have a better understand of MACRO. It will save time spent in prepare periodic reports and clearing huge data more easily.”

Luther Quek Bing,

“Segmenting data from a single source into segments. Save time and effort from manual work, which can be prone to error as well.”

Sebastian Lim,

“Learn the different codes of macro Helped me to understand more about coding so that I can edit the old macros that we are using in our daily production as well as to create new one to streamline our processes.”

Heng Hui Fen,

“Conditional Formatting for Pivot Table which comes with icons/colors will help me a lot in analysing data”

Wang Lijun, Citibank

“I have learnt more about the uses of Excel and Formulas which can help in more efficient tabulation and extraction of data.”

Erica Tan,

“- Learn the usage of Conditional Formatting. - Creating pivot charts and updating them - Learn simple macro - Learn the usage of MS Query”

Kuek Su Yin,

“I have learned more shortcuts (which will help me work much faster in large volume worksheets); Learned how to tweak my formulas that save lots of disk storage; learned more on pivot tables - how to make it more presentable and more effective”

Melissa Jose,

“This will help me in the following areas: > report generation ( Resource planning/Incident monitoring) using pivot tables, importing from other data sources > test case preparation using macro recording > Data analysis for test case preparation”

Jesusa Borlongan,

“This session would help me to prepare report more efficiently, instead of currently using excel manually ”

Jillyn Sim, Citibank

“A hands on training on using pivot table for data analysis and ms query in pivot tables will save me time. ”

Tan Shi Han, Citibank

“The course has provided me with lots of ideas on how to improve the efficiency on dealing with data”

Aloysius Lim,

“Creating Pivot charts, Using Macros to create Pivot tables, Consolidate Diff files using MS Query was the best part of the course for me”

Rahul Udayshankar Sinha, Citibank

“Formulas, hot key and macro. These simple functions will help to improve my productive in work (lesser manual work).”

Edward Tan Chye Boon, Citibank

“Get to know the new way of creating Pivot Table as was taught using the Classic method. Also learn the basic Macro recording.”

Chan Boon Kwang Victor, Citibank

“The course covered most of everyday use features and definitely will enhance productivity if used . ”

Anjali Kaushal, Citibank

“shortcuts on data selection, data consolidation & tricks to cut down on the working on excel”

Hiu Mark, Citibank

“The course gave me a detailed explanations on VLOOKUP which will help me analyze my clients data more efficiently”

Angela Sun He, Citibank

“I have learned more about the uses of excel functions and will apply it when I need to analysis reports.”

Agnes Lim,

“I've learned alot from Jason many tricks and tips on how I can manage my time more efficiently when I've been tasked with work files.”

Alison Ng, Citibank

“Excellent, through these training and practices it give me more ideas to better manage my data. it will help me save lot of manual work and time”

Irene Koh, Citibank NA Singapore

“I have learnt many shortcuts and understood a lot of formulas. most beneficial is helping me with my certification spreadsheet. ”

Melissa Tay Puay Har, Citibank Singapore

“Understand the structure and function of macros. Will be able to understand and edit files”

Josephine Wee, Citibank Singapore Ltd

“Didn't know about MS query before and it will be helpful to use it to consolidate data, using it to consolidate the budget for all cost centers”

Ann Foo, Commerzbank

“Heard from my staffs talk about vlookup & pivot table. No clue what are they talking about. This course is an eye openner for me. It help me learn new knowledge. Coursemates share what are the problem they encounter during their course of work & the trainer help us to solve & enlighten us. Let me appreciate what excel can do.”

Low Jee Chye, Credit Counselling Singapore

“Should be able to provide statistics quickly. a) Client database is larger and larger. b) Hard to find groups of client by age group/income/debt volume, etc.”

Raye Haw, Credit Counselling Singapore

“1) Case 3, where we created a 2 series column chart, and the Offset and Match were useful and it is something new I learnt. 2)This course will benefit me because I have a better idea of how to create Excel workbooks in a way which allows me to change values on multiple worksheets by changing a value in a drop down list 3) The camera tool was also helpful as I am able to change the display on a different sheet when I make a change to a cell which contains the data.”

Daniel Tan, Credit Suisse

“As a beginner, I joined this course to learn the basics of Macros and was not sure whether I will be able to understand and write the Macro. But now after the course I am very positive that I definitely will be. In simple term, end result is more than my expectation.”

Keshwa Shukla,

“Fantastic. this is a very enlightening course. Helps resolved my curiosity of a long time. will definitely helps in my job .”

Doris Goh,

“Now understand the principles of Vlookup and have solved my disabilities that i was facing. All benefited the exercises, esp on pivot tables, which i intend to use immediately and widely.”

Therese Miranda, ING Bank N.V.

“To create pivot table & chart and know how to manipulate the figures appropriately. I started off with very basic knowledge and the 2-day course proves a bit taxing for me as I don't do very much on financial analysis. But I have now acquired some knowlege to click and look for the right function keys which come in helpful to handle my current work.”

Koh Choon Noy,

“Hope to spend less time doing really time-consuming manual data processing, with more confidence to try to use formulas and other short cuts. First time really learning about the use of pivot tables. ”

Audrey Wong,

“v-lookup function allows me to make use of different data generated from different systems.”

Kiah Ngee Chia, ING Bank N.V.

“Pivot table to consolidate data for analysis and duplicate function to check for data integrity. To perform V Look Up functions in an effective manner. ”

Kelvin Sim,

“Cant think of any now but it definitely will help in the future when face with big data sheet. With the training and reference given to us, believe task can be perform more confidently.”

Ng Lee Wah, ING Bank N.V.

“The match formula help me to do Vlookup easily insert of changing the column in each lookup. ”

Lee Tarn Cheng,

“This course introduced data management techniques are very useful in my work, which involves management reporting of industry adoption.”

Tan Yan Wei,

“I have alot of problems using the formulas and the functions in Excel but this course has really helped me in understanding them. I believe I'll be able to get my work done much faster with the information that I've learnt here. I have found many new solutions to the Excel issues that I encounter daily and I feel more confident about going back to work on those Excel Files. ”

Kay Padiernos,

“1) To highlight selected cell in a quick way 2) Not familiar with the function in MS Excel version 2010”

Janice Chua,

“Learnt many new ways that Excel can be used in most of the ways that more advanced database systems are used”

Goh Lian Teck,

“Like postal code when exported to excel, always missing the first "0" digit. Problem solved after attending the course. Using concatenate formula. The amount of time is saved.”

Peggy Chong,

“Many of the functions I learn from this course will help me to improve the daily report and dashboard that I created. It was give me an idea how I can present the dashboard more professional way which will impress the senior mgmt., ”

Daniel Kwok,