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Comparing numbers and percentage on the same excel chart

Your company have experienced tremendous sales growth for the last 5 years and you would like to present it on the chart. In addition to showing the sales numbers, you would like to present the growth rate on the same chart. When you have plotted out the chart, you realise that the growth rate is relatively flat as it is suppressed by the sales numbers which run into millions. A chart like this (below) would not be meaningful at all.

If that is what you are facing, you might be interested to know that Excel is capable of creating a 2 y-axes chart that will be able to present the sales and the growth rate meaningfully on the same chart like the one below, with the left y-axis showing the sales amount and the right axis showing the growth.

Creating such an Excel chart is fairly simple. It is the same 4-step process for creating a chart. The only change in the process is in excel chart selection step. The step by step process is available in this 2 y-axis excel chart page.

Note that this chart is static, which means that it does not change until you change the numbers in the table. If you are looking for a chart that will automatically update with the latest figure, you can consider pivot chart. To learn how to make use of Pivot Chart, attend our coming Excel course "Sales Performance Analytics with Excel" and we'll show you how to do this and many other good stuff you can do in Excel.

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