Free Excel Calendar Template

Powerful Excel Calendar Developed using only formulas

How do you like to have a powerful calendar that could be customised to your needs? A calendar that allows you to

  • put in your own pictures;
  • highlight important dates product launches, customers' birthdays, a travel itinerary, duty roster, key dates for board meetings so that you will not missed them out in the midst of your busy schedule;
  • let anyone with a computer to open and use;
  • work on dates that goes beyond 2009 with a click of a button;
  • print on any printer;
  • use without having to spend a single cent on it.
Excel Calendar

This Excel calendar is created by John Walkenbach, a Microsoft Excel expert. It is developed using formulas (no macros at all) and works in all versions of MS Excel, including the new Excel version 2007.

With permission from John, I have added functionality to the template to highlight the public holidays in red just by entering the dates into the worksheet, and have demonstrated how this can be done by putting in the public holidays of Singapore. The formula is intelligent enough to mark out Monday as a public holiday if that public holiday happens to fall on a Sunday. Take a look at 9 August 2009, Singapore National Day and you will know what I mean.

If you live in another country, all you have to do is to replace the list of public holidays with yours. I have also put in my excel course schedule in the calendar so that you could see how I use it to highlight our training schedules for next year. Since it is an Excel file, you can create multiple calendars by saving it with another file name. You can create a calendar for office use, another for personal use, etc.

If you like to own a copy of this wonderful Excel calendar, fill up the form given below. It will be delivered to your mailbox almost instantly. If you don't need one now, you can download it first and play around with it later. It's going to show how much more you can do with Excel.