The 5 Essentials "C"s of a Good Excel Course Trainer


A highly committed Excel trainer stands out and sets him/her apart from others. He/she demands of himself/herself the best preparation before the class, is thoroughly clear about the course objectives. He/she takes the extra mile to make sure the participants understand all course content, concepts, and assignments, and continuously find ways to improve his/her methods of delivery.


A well-qualified Excel trainer is knowledgeable and skilful in the application of Excel and demonstrates his/her expertise in the teaching, instructions and the latest relevant industry examples to the class. He/she knows his/her stuff well, and is ever ready to provide answers to queries and assist the participants in solving their problems.

Communicative Approach

A good excel course trainer communicates clearly to the class expectations of participants at all times - in his delivery of course content and assignment instructions. Participants are drawn to his/her confident, friendly style of teaching. His/her willingness to listen and openness to feedback puts participants at ease and encourages them to actively respond, provide feedback and participate in discussions.

Class Management

An experienced trainer knows how to manage a class made up of diverse dynamics, and stays calm and composed even when the most difficult situation or participant surface. As he/she is able to respect that every participant is a unique learner with a certain preferred style of learning, participants also reciprocate by respecting and cooperating with him/her, hence forging a conducive and effective learning environment for all.

Course Effectiveness

An effective trainer is well-versed in using a variety of course material, examples, case studies, teaching techniques and tactics to achieve a time of constructive and interesting learning for his participants. At the end of the day, he/she must be reminded that whichever teaching method is used, the course has to be effective and fruitful for each and every participant, who after all is the most important person in the training business - the consumer.