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I remember the first time I was working on my first daily snapshot (another name for management report), I had to prepare 31 worksheets to store the data, one worksheet for one day. In each of these worksheets, the products or service must be consistently presented in the same row. It didn't matter whether that row contains data or not. That was how the data was going to be organized, if you didn't know more Excel functions and formulas.

Not only that, the report must be able to organize the products and services by multiple criteria, such as days of the week, weeks, months and has the capability of adding up the numbers to the product category. It was a simple report and it took me hours each time I had to update it. But that was years ago. With what I have gained over the years, I realized that the report could have been prepared much faster, like a few minutes instead of hours! So what is the secret? It is in the formulas and functions.

Having suffered for the lack of knowledge, I would not want you to go through the same process as me. As such, I have created this course to share with you how management report can be created for easy maintenance. So if you can identify with the situation described above, I have good news for you. We are launching this course on 17 Mar 2011. In this course, you will learn how not to be tricked into preparing a report that will suck away valuable time repeatedly just on data entry. You will find out that the report can be interactive for the user and you don't have to do anything at all, except to copy the data into the workbook, which is likely to take only less than a minute of your time. I know this sounds too good to be true, but you just have to discover it for yourself!

Before you sign up for the course, do note that this course is not for basic users whose excel skills are limited to summing a range, working on the autofilter and sorting. You must already know how to use a VLookup formula and create a pivot table. That's the minimum pre-requisite you must have for the course. If not, it will be a waste of time and money for you. If you are really keen to attend this course but cannot meet the pre-requisite, then I would suggest you attend our foundation course "Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis with Excel" first. That will help you reap the maximum benefit for this new course.

And if you already can meet the pre-requisite, another piece of good news - you can get the course at half the price, just for this run. How? Send us your existing report (with fictitious data) together with your registration form. We are interested to learn the different types of reports companies are preparing on top of what we already know. So take a couple of minutes to mesh up the data and send it together with the registration form by replying to this email. Hurry, we will close the registration once we have reached our quota. So act now!

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