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A Really Simple but Powerful Personal Budgeting Template - F.R.E.E

I am glad that so many of you find the Excel Calendar Template useful and are using it to mark out important dates. Good news, you can get more good ideas on how the calendar can be used in this Excel Calendar Page.

The overwhelming request for the Excel Calendar has motivated me to share with you another exciting template, this time for personal budgeting. Personal budgeting is more important than what most people realise; everyone must know how to do it the correct way, especially when the financial crisis is brewing so much uncertainty in the economy. Without planning specifically how to spend and save, many people ended up not meeting their savings target at the end of the month or even spending more than what they had intended. And for some, personal budgeting is a totally alien concept; it has never happened. If you are one of these who simply place a monthly saving target in the mind and hope to achieve it without having a clue how to get, you must obtain this unique and powerful personal budgeting template. Read on to find out more about this very useful, free template in this page on budget.

The process of budgeting is like watching a ball game. You want to know how much the team you are supporting is leading or losing in the game. Constantly, you are watching the scores to make sure that your team is widening the lead. Likewise, in budgeting, knowing how much you have achieved on a regular basis would help you understand how far away you are in achieving your goal, for example, saving $10,000 for this year.

Most budgeting templates out there can help you plan the amount to spend and save, but unfortunately do not offer any easy means of monitoring and reviewing our spending habits regularly (e.g, monthly) and help assess if we are on or off our budgeting targets. An ideal budgeting template should make the entire process of budgeting so simple that you can focus on your goal and not on data collection. It lets you enter the data into the template easily, and in just a few simple steps and you're on your way to monitor your actual savings against your plan month to month. We have created a special template to do this. Using the available functions in Excel without any macros involved, this template allows you to enter your budgeted and actual income and expenses logically and effortlessly into the worksheet, without you having to spend hours linking all the cells together. With a few simple steps, your budget and actual numbers are incredibly presented side by side for your analysis. It's powerful and one-of-a-kind. You will not find this template anywhere else as it's specially created using part of a secret formula that we taught to our participants in our Corporate Budgeting Course. You can see how this useful and free template looks like in this page on budget.

To learn how you could easily make use of the template to plan for your future, sign up for our Lunch Time Talk on 3 Feb 09 now! It's free! All you have to do is drop us an email with your name and mobile number to enquiry@synergyworks.com.sg

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Date: 11 Feb 2009 (Wed)
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