Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the pre-requisite for the course?

Those who wish to attend the course should know how to do the following in Excel :

  1. Create a workbook and navigate through the worksheets in it.
  2. Enter number and text in a cell;
  3. Save a new workbook;
  4. Enter number/text in a workbook and save it;
  5. Copy and move a cell and a range of cells;
  6. Insert and hide rows/columns;
  7. Insert, edit, copy, and move worksheets;
  8. Adjust the width of a column and the height of a row;
  9. Sort data in a worksheet;
  10. Insert a worksheet, move data between worksheets, and copy a worksheet to another workbook;
  11. Add and modify data and a worksheet;
  12. Format cells;
  13. Create simple arithmetic (+-*/) formula and worksheet functions such as sum;

The most important pre-requisite - Can think logically

Anybody who uses Excel will understand most, if not all the terms given above. If they do not know understand what are presented above, then they should not attend the course. 


Q: Two person took the one minute excel test

Person A gave up totally without any clue on what the excel test is asking for. He does not understand its requirements.

Person B could not complete the Excel test but because of his database knowledge, he knows what it is asking for and could provide the answer using SQL.

Are they suitable for this course? 

If Person A does not understand what is required, then he is not suitable for the course because he will have problem understanding the other case scenarios given in the course. 

Person B will learn how to complete the task in Excel instead of SQL. The key is knowing what is required. We will show the solution step by step. At the end of the course, he will be able to complete the task within one minute using Excel.


Q: I have already attended basic, intermediate and advanced Excel courses. Why do I need to attend this course?

Our course is focused on business application. We do not show you what are the functions that are available in Excel. Even if you know all the functions in Excel, you may not able to apply them in your work. Let me give you and example. Do you know that if you want to remove duplicates in your list, you need to use the if formula, auto-filter and basic copy & paste function and you have your list ready in 15 seconds. 


Q: I have been working with Excel for so many years. There is nothing new in Excel that you know that I didn't know.

That's where you might be wrong. Based on the feedback collected from our participants, those who have been working for years are learning something new from the course. In fact, they saved even more time than those who are new to Excel. Take a look at the chart and do your own comparison. BTW, this chart is created using Pivot Chart. Did you use it before? 

chart - time saved using excel


Q: Which version of Excel is the course conducted in?

The course is conducted using the new MS Excel interface which is applicable for verion 2007 onwards. The new interface does not make use of the menu bar. Instead, it uses Tabs, like those you see on the internet browsers. Here is a image of how Excel 2007 looks like when you click on the Home Tab.


Q: Where are the courses conducted?

The courses are conducted at International Plaza, located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Please see the map below for the actual location.

Excel Course Training Room