Analyze Any Data

Analyze Any Data with PACE

It is easy to analyze data with Excel if you are willing to do lots of copy and paste. But we are not talking about this method because it takes up a lot of time and the process is very manual.

To be able to analyze any data, you need to make sure that your sources are created in the correct way. That’s right. The layout matters A LOT! That’s what we mean by prepare. If you are not able to get the layout right, then what you do in the next step will simply because more challenging. 

Now, there are new functions in Excel that can change your existing layout to the right layout. And once you learn about P, the ACE simply follows perfectly. Check out the 2 courses that use our PACE framework

Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel

If you are a basic user who use lots of auto-filter and sum, this course will gear you with the right concepts and impart to you how to analyze your data in the Excel Pivot Table way. The course is designed to help you learn the selected worksheet functions that help you prepare your data. Every single worksheet function serve a purpose so that you are overloaded with unnecessary worksheet functions like a typical basic, intermediate or advanced Excel course. With PACE, you learn the right rules to analyze your data. Check out the course details here 

Data Analytics and Data Modelling

If you are already using VLOOKUP and Pivot Table but still unable to analyze some or all your data, then this course is right for you. By upgrading your skills to learn how to do ETL, DAX and Measures, you will be equipped with the right skills for Data Analytics. And the good news is you don’t have to struggle with a new App to learn ETL, DAX and Measures. They are readily available within Excel. By getting rid of the obstacle to learn a new APP, you can focus on the more important process of Data Analytics. And once you have acquired the skills, you will be in the right position to apply your data analytics skills to any other data analytics app. Check out how you can get started with Data Analytics through Excel here.

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