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About Us

Why everydayExcel?

We believe that we should excel in at least one thing every day and we use Excel every day. Because of what we believe in, we have moved beyond Excel and gone into Data Analytics, Data Modelling, and Data Visualisation, all build from our foundation in Microsoft Excel. Now we not only offer “Hidden Secrets in Data Analysis in Excel” course, we also offer practical Data Analytics Courses.

Our professional Excel and Data Analytics training courses are specially researched and designed to increase the participants’ SPEED and ACCURACY in analysing business data, managing your daily operations, and generating management reports in Excel and Power BI. The courses are tailored-made for busy managers and executives who are looking for ways to shorten the time spent crunching their data so that there is sufficient time spent on business analysis. The ultimate aim is to help you grow your business profits through powerful analysis which you did not know you are capable of doing.

Why Business Lab?

We believe that the fun way to learn a skill is to bring practical examples into the training. Instead of showing you the theory of a topic, we wanted to share with you our experience in using an app and how to apply it to your situation. We want you to bring your problems to the training and let us offer you creative and simple solutions that you can confidently apply to your business problems. And we believe that each solution is never the endpoint for us. We are constantly trying new solutions that help you work better and faster. 


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