Monthly Archives: November 2019

November 14, 2019

We are changing our focus

We have always positioned ourselves as an Excel course provider, although we do not offer basic, intermediate and advanced Excel courses. Business professionals like our courses because we showed them shortcuts and how to save time working with Excel. They learnt how to use a Pivot Table, VLOOKUP and charting.

It is always our aim to help business professionals who attend our courses solve their problem by showing them solution that they could take and implement immediately after completing the course. Most of them love us and we are glad that they did.

At the beginning of this year, we started review our courses, the feedback, the objectives of what our learners hope to achieve and what they learnt at the end. We realised that the root cause of their problem is not about understanding Pivot Table or VLOOKUP. It is caused data source setup, not being able to organize their data in an optimized manner that allow them to perform their analysis fast and presenting a simple report for meeting and review.

With that understanding, we are re-calibrating our courses and focus on 3 core competencies which are the foundation to use business data collected to optimize their business performance. The 3 core competencies are building a scalable data source, setting up a report for fast analysis and generating tables and charts for simple reporting.

And to better reflect what we do all these while, we are changing our training courses to group coaching program in 2020. We want our learners to ask questions and get answers when they come for our programs.

Hidden Secrets of Data Analysis in Excel continue to be our core program which offers business professionals a good solid foundation in building a scalable data source, setting up a report for fast analysis and generating tables and charts for simple reporting. Using this framework, they will be able to analyze any business data they have.

Learning the Power of PowerPivot will be focussing more on reporting so that they are able to update their reports almost instantly.

Learning the Magic of Macros is focussed on building a scalable data source so that it can be used for Fast Analysis and Simple Reporting.

November 13, 2019

Is your team optimized for growth?

It doesn't matter whether you are from small company or a big multi-national corporation (MNC). If your team is spending hours preparing their reports, it is a sign that your team’s performance is not optimized. Generating a report should not take more than 5 mins. The hours they spent on reporting right now is probably taken from the time they should be using to review performance and execute their plans for growth. If you find that your team is displaying such symptoms, they probably lack one or more of these 3 key competencies (designing a scalable data source, developing a dynamic analytical report, summarizing their findings)